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From the small Q2 to the seven-seat Q7 and new Q8. The full guide to Audi SUVs

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Jul 25, 2017

If you're looking for an upmarket sport utility vehicle (SUV), then the chances are that Audi has one for you: you can get small, medium and large ones; versions with seven seats; high-performance models and efficient hybrids. The range is due to expand even further next year.

The line-up begins with the small Q2 and Q3. Although they are available with four-wheel drive, these are really crossover road cars, using the mechanical parts from family cars, but offering the higher driving position of an off-roader. 

Then there’s the new Q5, which went on sale this year. It's more of a classic SUV with off-road ability and plenty of interior space for the moments when you can load up your car with surfboards and take the rugged route to a deserted beach, or when you just need to get your kids to school through the snow.

Top of the range (for now) is the seven-seat Audi Q7, which is available as a plug-in hybrid, capable of driving on electric power for 25 to 30 miles.

At the other end of the spectrum, the SQ5 and SQ7 bring high-performance engines to the two largest SUVs. There's plenty to choose from: as long as you're happy to pay a premium.


Audi Q2

The mini Audi SUV that’s big on quality

Best Audi SUV for Driving in town and on twisty roads
Not so good for Long distances on versions with larger wheels
Configure a new Audi Q2 from around £21,250

There aren't many rivals to the diminutive Audi Q2, which bring's Audi's design and quality feel to the small SUV market. It's smaller than a Mini Countryman, and roughly the same size as a Nissan Juke or Renault Captur.

These last two cars don't come close to the Q2 in terms of quality or spaciousness: it's surprisingly roomy, given that it's shorter than a Volkswagen Golf, with reasonable space for two adults - or a hefty child seat - in the back.

However the Nissan and Renault are also considerably less expensive than the Audi, which starts at more than £21,000, making excellent rivals, such as the Mazda CX-3 and Honda HR-V seem cheap.

The Q2 is powered by a range of nippy but economical engines including a frugal 1.0-litre, three-cylinder petrol. At the other extreme is a sporty, four-wheel drive version badged quattro.

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Audi Q3

The compact Audi SUV for small families

Best Audi SUV for Town as well as motorway driving
Not so good for Going off-road
Configure a new Audi Q3 from around £23,500 (save up to £5,250)

Think of the Q3 as a tall family hatchback. It has space in the back for two tall adults, a bigger boot than the one in the VW Golf, and is narrow enough for city driving. Added to this, the Q3 is well built with a typical Audi design inside and outside.On the move it’s comfortable and quiet.

It’s not cheap – you can pick up a similarly-sized Renault Kadjar for £8,000 less – but it’s roughly the same price as other alternative cars such as the Mercedes GLA and BMW X1. There’s a broad range of responsive but frugal engines, as well as a choice of two- or four-wheel drive. A high-performance RS Q3 version is no longer sold but readily available as a used car. 

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Audi Q5

The mid-size Audi SUV with four-wheel drive as standard

Best Audi SUV for On-road driving in all weather conditions
Not so good for Off-roading
Configure a new Audi Q5 from around £37,250

If your budget can stretch to an Audi Q5, then it makes the ideal family car. It's spacious inside with a reasonably large boot, and makes long journeys as relaxing as possible, with a smooth ride on motorways, little road noise and light steering that lets you direct the car precisely.

Inside is the latest version of Audi's pared-back dashboard. It's dominated by a large screen, which is controlled by a dial that's easy to use without taking your eyes off the road.

It's a good all-round package, as long as you're not looking for excitement or distinctiveness, and you can cope with the biggest let-down: at sower speeds, the Q5 crashes uncomfortably over potholes and speed bumps. A Land Rover Discovery Sport and Mercedes GLC are much more comfortable.

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Audi Q7

The large seven-seat Audi SUV

Best Audi SUV for Long distance driving with a full load of passengers
Not so good for Narrow streets
Configure a new Audi Q7 from around £46,000 (save up to £4,500)

The Q7 is Audi’s answer to luxury SUVs such as the Volvo XC90 and BMW X5. It’s a large, comfortable car that feels stable and manoeuvrable to drive.

It can seat seven with some luggage space to spare and is packed with technology including Audi’s online Connect system. This turns your car into a WiFi hotspot, can find the cheapest nearby petrol station, and stream internet radio.

There’s a seriously quick version badged SQ7 that will accelerate from 0-62mph in 4.9secs, which is faster than Audi’s TT sportscar, as well as a plug-in hybrid called the Q7 e-tron, which has an official fuel economy figure of 157mpg.

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Coming soon

Audi Q8

The hi-tech, performance Audi SUV

On sale 2018

With a brutish grille that's set to cause heart palpitations when it appears in your rear-view mirror, the Audi Q8 is designed to show that it's no shrinking violet.

Fitted with high-performance engines, and with a smoother, more flowing design, the Q8 is meant to combine the acceleration of a sports car with the space of a large SUV.

The concept above gives a strong indication of how the production version of the car will look when it goes on sale next year: expect a luxurious interior and high price.


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