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There's the mini one, the family one and the one with the big boot. But no seven-seat Ford SUV

BuyaCar team
Jul 25, 2017

Choosing the Ford sport utility vehicle (SUV) that's right for you mainly comes down to a matter of size: there's the option of the small Ecosport, the mid-size Kuga and the larger Edge.

All of them have a high driving position, varying specifications and five seats. If you did want a seven-seat Ford, then your only current choice is one of three people carriers: the Grand C-MaxS-Max or Galaxy.

All of Ford's SUVs have been designed to look rugged, which is a throwback to the days when SUVs were designed to go off road. Now they are engineered to be at their best on the road, offering comfort, quietness and agility in corners. That's why the EcoSport and Kuga share mechanical parts with the Ford Fiesta and Focus, which makes them more crossovers than SUVs.

The Kuga and Edge do come with four-wheel drive, which gives them more grip when accelerating on icy roads or muddy fields, but you may well get stuck in challenging conditions that a Land Rover would waltz through.

Both the Kuga and Edge are are also available in Ford’s upmarket Vignale trim, which offers more luxurious materials inside the car and improved customer service, including the collection of your car from your home when it's due for a service. Their steep prices reflect this, although there are some large Kuga Vignale and Edge Vignale discounts.

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Ford EcoSport

The Ford SUV for urban dwellers

Best Ford SUV for Town driving
Not so good for Extended journeys, off-roading
Configure a new Ford EcoSport from around £13,600 (save up to £3,500)

Thanks to its chunky looks, high stance and nippy but economical engines, this SUV, which shares its mechanical parts with the Ford Fiesta, makes an interesting alternative to traditional city hatchbacks. Rivals such as the Mazda CX-3 look and feel more agile in corners but as long as you choose the smooth EcoBoost petrol engine, the car won't feel too tractor-like. Downsides include the awkward, side-hinged tailgate and no sixth gear.

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Ford Kuga

The Ford SUV for small families with a sense of adventure

Best Ford SUV for families with a sense of adventure
Not so good for driving enthusiasts
Configure a new Ford Kuga from around £18,500 (save up to £5,900)

One of the most popular family SUVs, thanks to a roomy interior, good level of standard equipment, and a choice of two or four-wheel drive. The Ford Kuga has also been recently updatd with a chunkier exterior design and improved technology. All but entry-level Zetec cars now include the Sync3 entertainment system, which uses a sharper and clearer dashboard screen, as well as improved voice technology

The optional four-wheel drive system is activated when your wheels start losing grip, but the car remains in two-wheel drive mode at other times, which helps to save fuel. Most versions are comfortable, with light conrols that are a little vague, making it harder to drive precisely.

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Ford Edge

The SUV for growing families

Best Ford SUV for family weekend escapes
Not so good for Town driving or twisty roads
Configure a new Ford Edge from around £29,000 (save up to £6,750)

This genuinely spacious, family-size SUV would be even more practical if there was a seven-seat option. It would certainly be easy to fit an extra row into the huge boot. With standard four-wheel drive and the choice of two powerful diesel engines, it's an ideal tow car, and will roll along quietly on the motorway.

It doesn't feel very powerful, though and accelerates slowly. It also leans in corners. Despite the high level of standard equipment, including voice control and a rear-view camera, prices are close to far more luxurious SUVs from Mercedes and BMW.

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