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The best deals and discounts on SUVs

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Mar 31, 2017

If you’re looking for an SUV, then we’ve found the best deals available.

What is an SUV? See our full guide

Many cars on this page have four-wheel drive, which can help get the car moving in slippery conditions, but many of the cars are also available as cheaper two-wheel drive models, which are often available with a similar discount rate. Fitted with winter tyres, two-wheel-drive cars can also drive safely on snow.

We’ve divided the guide into sections for lease deals, as well as new and used cars, which you can also pay for with monthly finance. You can click below to jump straight to the section you’re interested in:

Best SUV lease deals

SUVs for under £250 a month
SUVs for under £300 a month
SUVs for under £400 a month

Best used SUV deals

Used SUVs for under £10,000
Used SUVs for under £15,000
Used SUVs forunder £20,000
Used SUVs for under £30,000
Used SUVs for under £40,000

Best new SUV deals

New SUVs for under £20,000
New SUVs for under £25,000
New SUVs for under £30,000
New SUVs for under £40,000
New SUVs for under £50,000
New SUVs for over £50,000

All of the featured cars offer a high driving position, and extra interior space compared to a conventional family car - the key ingredients of a sport utility vehicle (SUV). Many of them are also classed as crossovers. If you want to understand the minor differences, then you can read more in our guides to SUVs and crossovers

If you’re not sure whether it’s worth paying more for four-wheel drive, then our Four-wheel drive cars explained guide will help.   


Best SUV lease deals


SUV lease deals for under £250 a month

Dacia Duster

SUV lease deals from £160 a month, including VAT

Lease deals on the cheapest Dacia Duster start at just £160 a month, including VAT, which is less than some superminis.

But you could argue that the best-value SUV is actually a £195-a-month Duster because this petrol-powered model comes with four-wheel drive. This gives the car the abilities that match its rugged looks, so muddy fields and boggy tracks need hold no fear.

Inevitably, for this price, the specification of the car is fairly basic, so you’ll have to wind your own windows in the back, put up with steel wheels (unlike the more expensive model pictured) and drive to your own tune, as it doesn’t even come with a radio. That might be a good thing if it’s going to have a tough life. But you can upgrade to a higher specification for £15 a month. Diesel Dacia Duster lease deals start from around £230.

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Dacia Duster 1.6 SCe 115 Access 4x4
Monthly payment £195.29
Initial rental payment £1,757.61
Length of lease 47 months
Total payable £10,740.95
Mileage limit 8,000 miles per year
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Hyundai Tucson

SUV lease deals from £199 a month, including VAT

With a bold design, plenty of space and monthly leasing costs starting (just) under £200 a month, including VAT, the Hyundai Tucson makes plenty of sense as a family car, especially with the economical 1.7-litre diesel engine.

Even the entry-level S trim comes well-equipped, with Bluetooth for wireless phone connectivity, automatic headlights that switch themselves on when it’s dark and a digital radio.

But for an an extra £9 a month, you can lease a Hyundai Tucson SE Nav with more features, including a dashboard touchscreen with sat-nav and a reversing camera.

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Hyundai Tucson 1.7 CRDi Blue Drive S
Monthly payment £199.39
Initial rental payment £1,794.51
Length of lease 47 months
Total payable £10,966,45
Mileage limit 8,000 miles per year
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Volkswagen Tiguan

SUV lease deals from £218 a month, including VAT

If you like the Volkswagen Golf, but are also keen on the idea of a higher driving position, then the Volkswagen Tiguan is the ideal SUV for you.

From the straightforward and solid interior, to the precise, smooth steering, it feels like a Golf from the driving seat, but offers a better view of the road and considerably more boot space. Leases on diesel models with sat-nav start at £218, including VAT, which includes a 10,000 mile-a-year allowance.

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Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0 TDI 150 SE Nav 
Monthly payment £218.40
Initial rental payment £1,965.60
Length of lease 23 months
Total payable £6,770.40
Mileage limit 10,000 miles per year
More details

Best used SUV deals


Used SUV deals for under £10,000

Vauxhall Antara

Typical example Vauxhall Antara 2.2 CDTi SE  Age 2012 / 40,000 miles  Price £9,000 - £11,000
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On paper, the Vauxhall Antara is the ideal SUV if you’re on a budget. It’s got a high level of equipment, strong diesel engine and four-wheel drive (although some versions only have two-wheel drive). On the road, its bouncy ride and noisy engine become apparent. But if you can live with that, the Antara offers lots of SUV for little money.
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Dacia Duster

Typical example Dacia Duster 1.5 dCi 110 Laureate 4x4  Age 2013 / 15,000 miles  Price £9,000 - £10,000
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It’s cheap as a new car, so it’s no surprise that the Dacia Duster is a bargain when second-hand. A three-year-old diesel-powered Duster costs less than £10,000, even if you choose a high specification Laureate version, which has electric windows, mirrors and air conditioning. Opt for an Access model, which didn’t even have a radio as standard, and you’ll be able to afford an even newer car for less than £10,000.
More details in the Dacia Duster buying guide

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Used SUV deals for under £15,000

Land Rover Freelander

Typical example Land Rover Freelander TD4 GS  Age 2012 / 60,000 miles  Price £12,000 - £15,000
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When new the Land Rover Freelander was the best car of its type both on- and off-road. As a used car, it’s no less capable but considerably cheaper. It may have been replaced with the Land Rover Discovery Sport in 2015, but you’ll be waiting some time before used prices fall to the levels of the Freelander.

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Kia Sportage

Typical example Kia Sportage 2.0 CRDi KX-3  Age 2013 / 40,000 miles  Price £13,000 - £14,500
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You can identify four-wheel drive versions of the Kia Sportage by their ‘KX’ badges, and there are plenty of options available. What’s more, you can choose a KX-3 model that’s loaded with options, such as heated front and rear seats and a panoramic sunroof, for little more than the cost of a more basic version. Whichever version you opt for, it will have a spacious interior and will probably still be covered by Kia’s seven-year warranty.

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Ford Kuga

Typical example Ford Kuga 2.0 TDCI 163 Titanium  Age 2013 / 25,000 miles  Price £13,500 - £14,500
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There are plenty of Ford Kugas costing less than £15,000 but if your budget is at the upper end of this scale, then you should aim for one of the more modern versions, which were built from 2013. You can recognise these from the large triangular grilles that sit underneath each of the headlights. Models fitted with four-wheel drive only use the system when grip is reduced: the rest of the time, the engine only powers two of the wheels, helping to save fuel. The most powerful diesel engine, with 163 horsepower (also written as 163PS) has four-wheel drive as standard.
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Used SUV deals for under £20,000


Typical example BMW X3 xDrive20d SE Auto  Age 2012 / 50,000 miles  Price £19,000 - £23,000
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BMW liked the look of the BMW X3 so much that it barely changed the design when it updated the car in 2014, which means that you can buy a four-year-old model for less than £20,000, which looks little different to a brand new car, and still has luxuries like leather and sat-nav inside.
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Volvo XC90

Typical example Volvo XC90 D5 Geartronic  Age 2013 / 60,000 miles  Price £18,000 - £24,000
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The car’s design may have dated to the point of being retro, but the previous-generation Volvo XC90 is still a safe, tough and practical car, with seven seats fitted as standard. Three-year-old models tend to be luxurious and well-equipped, with sturdy build-quality for many more years of use.
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Used SUV deals for under £30,000

Range Rover Evoque

Typical example Range Rover Evoque 2.2 SD4 Pure Tech Auto  Age 2012 / 50,000 miles  Price £20,000 - £24,000
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The popularity of the Range Rover Evoque has meant that waiting for secondhand prices to drop has been a lengthy process. But they are now around the £20,000 mark, making this stylish SUV more affordable than ever before. Even standard specification Pure cars have a luxurious interior with leather seats. Go for Pure Tech to add sat-nav.
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Audi Q7

Typical example Audi Q7 TDI Quattro S Line Plus  Age 2013 / 50,000 miles  Price £28,000 - £32,000
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If it’s space you’re after, then the seven-seat Audi Q7 has it in spades. With the rear seats folded, the boot is enormous. Raised up, you’ll be able to carry five adults, with two children back in the cramped rear row. If your budget goes up to £30,000, then you’ll have a wide choice of S Line models that come with a long list of luxury extras.
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Used SUV deals for under £40,000

Volkswagen Touareg

Typical example Volkswagen Touareg R Line 3.0 TDI 4Motion Auto  Age 2016 / 10,000 miles  Price £36,000 - £38,000
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You can buy Volkswagen’s biggest SUV for less, but a budget of around £35,000 will get you a nearly-new SUV for £12,000 less than its brand new price.
This is for R-Line models with leather seats, panoramic sunroof, heated steering wheel and motorised bootlid. Brand new, they have a list price of at least £48,735, but in their short life, they have already lost a quarter of that.

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