Lexus SUVs 2019: full guide and latest deals

The full guide to sharp-edged and hybrid-powered Lexus SUVs

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Feb 26, 2019

Lexus is the upmarket brand of Toyota, designed to compete with the likes of BMW, Audi and Mercedes, in terms of quality, while offering better fuel efficiency and comfort.

The fit and finish of interior materials is at least equal to the German brands and high-end options such as a Mark Levinson sound system are available. Lexus has a long-established reputation for reliability, regularly topping owner satisfaction surveys.

Every Lexus sport utility vehicle (SUV) is available as a hybrid model, with an additional battery and motors in addition to a petrol engine to boost fuel economy.

The battery is charged with energy normally wasted under braking, and by the engine when it is efficient to do so. The motors then power the car at slow speeds and assist the engine under acceleration. It's particularly frugal in town, where you're frequently changing speed, and also cuts carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, bringing cheaper company car tax.

There are currently four Lexus SUVs, which have the high driving position and interior space of a typical sport utlity vehicle (SUV), but aren't really designed to go off road

The smallest, the UX, is roughly the same size as a BMW X2 and Volvo XC40, and designed to be sporty to appeal to young families. The larger NX is similar to a BMW X3 and Audi Q5, providing more space and prioritising comfort over a sporty driving feel.

The biggest Lexus SUVs are the RX and RX L. Both come with spacious interiors and large boots to rival the BMW X5 and Mercedes GLE. The RX L is slightly longer to accommodate a third row of seats, enabling it to carry seven occupants.

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Lexus SUVs


Lexus UX

✔  Best Lexus SUV for small families

Less good for grown ones

The UX is the first Lexus SUV that could be described as fun to drive. That’s because the sporty-looking UX feels more like a car from behind the wheel, as it changes direction fairly nimbly, without feeling that the weight is pushing the car in a different direction. It doesn’t lean much, and the steering gives you a sense of exactly how much the wheels are turning.

As with the rest of the SUV range, the UX comes as a petrol-hybrid. There’s a four-wheel-drive version, which provides more grip when accelerating but is expensive and brings little additional benefit in everyday conditions.

The UX’s interior is exceptionally well finished, with materials and fixtures of the same quality as models higher up the range. Unfortunately, the car’s shape reduces space in the back, where the feeling of being cramped isn’t helped by the windows being small and the roof sloping down around you. Boot space is at a premium, too.


Lexus NX

✔  Best Lexus SUV for company car drivers

Less good for sporty performance

Latest Lexus NX deals from £17,995
Finance from £239 per month

The NX is among the more striking-looking SUVs, and feels well made too. It’s quiet in most conditions, with a smooth engine and a comfortable ride on motorways.

That sense of calm disappears on more twisting and bumpy roads, where the NX crashes into potholes and jiggles over bumps, When you steer, there's no sense that you're turning the wheels, so it can be difficult to work out exactly how much you need to steer in each corner.

In common with other Lexus models, there’s no diesel engine. Instead, there are two petrols, one of them a hybrid, and there's the choice of standard two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive.
Lexus NX buying guide


Lexus RX

✔  Best Lexus SUV for comfort

Less good for driving enthusiasts

Latest Lexus RX deals from £22,450
Finance from £344 per month

The RX is another striking dinstinctive-looking Lexus, which stands out from the relatively conservative BMW X5 and Audi Q7. The level of comfort and quality inside is impressive, as is the technology and sound insulation.

But like the NX, it's not as good as alternatives on twisty roads, where it feels big, bulky and lethargic. Rivals also offer efficient diesel engines where the RX makes do with either a standard petrol engine or petrol-hybrid. This last one emits low levels of CO2 for such a big car, so will appeal to company car drivers.
Lexus RX buying guide


Lexus RX L

✔  Best Lexus SUV for large families

Less good for carrying adults in the back row

Latest Lexus RX L deals from £29,999
Finance from £397 per month

The RX L is a seven-seat version of the RX. To accommodate the extra chairs, it’s 110mm longer at the back. It’s not a huge increase and means the extra seats are only roomy enough for children. To help matters, the middle row seats have been raised slightly to provide some extra legroom behind. Fortunately, getting into the back row is straightforward: you just push a lever to fold and slide the middle row forward, allowing you to squeeze past.

An Audi Q7 is slightly bigger back there but at least in the RX L, the rearmost passengers enjoy their own air conditioning controls thanks to the car’s new triple-zone climate control system.


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