Best SUVs with the biggest boot space

These are the best SUVs with the biggest boot space

BuyaCar team
Aug 31, 2018

Kia Sorento

Whatever your family requirements, the Kia Sorento will probably fulfil them in comfort, all for a reasonable price, and decent specification.

You might want a five-seat SUV with a huge 660-litre boot, to accommodate most of the baggage that a family might need. Or perhaps you require much less boot space, and seven seats. Alternatively, maybe a van-like luggage capacity is more important.

With seven rows of seats and the ability to quickly fold down the two rear rows, the Kia Sorento is all of these cars.

The rear two seats are only really suitable for children, but adults will be comfortable in the middle row, which slides forwards and backwards to increase legroom or boot space.


Land Rover Discovery Sport

Land Rover’s “small” Discovery isn’t that compact: not when it has the option of seven seats. Admittedly the rear two spaces are cramped, but the 281 litres of boot space remaining when all seats are in place is more than some larger SUVs.

Fold those seats down and capacity increases to 981 litres if you stack to the roof. That rises to 1,698l when the middle row is folded too.


Honda CR-V

There’s a huge choice of used models available on the market and, as the car is about to be replaced by a new version, prices are keen too.

It’s excellent news if you;re in the market for an SUV with a big boot because the CR-V has acres of space behind the rear seats: 589 litres in fact, which expands to 1,669l when the back seats are folded down.


Lexus RX

Practical and frugal: the Lexus RX might have an electric motor and batteries to accommodate, alongside its petrol engine, but there’s still space for a 453 litre boot, which expands to 924 litres when the rear seats are folded down.


Volkswagen Tiguan

The Tiguan’s boot is huge by the standards of a family crossover. Slide the rear seats forward and you can fit 615 litres in there. That’s before you fold the back seats down to open up 1,655l of space.


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