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Save more than £15,000 on some nearly new car deals, with low-rate finance available too

BuyaCar team
May 3, 2019

They include a warranty, current technology and the latest design, but cost thousands of pounds less than brand new models.

Buying nearly new can make the latest cars affordable, particularly now as dealershps are awash with 2019 models, often with just a few hundred miles on the clock. You can save a third off some small cars, and up to £10,000 on certain tall four-wheel drive sport utility vehicles (SUVs). All come with the remainder of the manufacturer's warranty, a range of flexible finance options and you'll probably still be able to detect that new car smell.

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Nearly new cars may have been registered by dealers to meet targets, so can no longer be sold as brand new. Others could have been used as demonstrators, bought by customers who changed their mind, or used by fleets for a short period.

All are available from BuyaCar where a finance contribution is included in the price, so this won't apply if you're buying in cash. Most are listed on the site with several pictures; the stock images below don't show the exact specification.

Nearly new small car deals

Nearly new Honda Jazz deal

Save £3,360 on list price
Typical BuyaCar price

Typical example Honda Jazz 1.3 EX (2019, 500 miles)
Price £14,000 Monthly finance payments from £193

You'll struggle to find a small car that's more practical than the Honda Jazz. Behind its egg-shaped interior is enough legroom for five adults and a clever interior with features such as rear seat cushions that flip up - like they do in the cinema - to create more space for luggage in the footwells.

Prices for nearly-new 2019 cars start at less than £14,000. These are entry-level S models, which have air conditioning, Bluetooth and cruise control, but not the black wheels and styling additions of the Sport model above.
Honda Jazz buying guide


Nearly new Seat Ibiza deal

Save £5,005 on list price
Typical BuyaCar price

Typical example Seat Ibiza 1.0 TSI SE (2019, 100 miles)
Price £10,495  
Monthly finance payments from £151

The Seat Ibiza is a family car in all but size: it has plenty of interior space, hi-tech options, a comfortable ride and is nimble in corners too. Buying a nearly-new version of this class-leading car can save you more than £4,000 on the list price.

The current version of the Seat Ibiza was launched last year and there are many older models available, which are good value, if not quite as accomplished as the latest car. The two cars look similar but the headlights are different. Older cars have lights that slope downwards towards the grille. On the newer cars, the bottom edge of the headlights slopes upwards, as seen in the image above.
Seat Ibiza buying guide


Nearly new Fiat 500 deal

Save £3,770 on list price
BuyaCar price

Typical example Fiat 500 Lounge 1.2 (2019, 100 miles)
Price £9,995
Monthly finance payments from £158

The cute, retro design of the Fiat 500 still turns heads and there's still strong demand for the small city car. However, there are now substantial savings of more than £5,000 to be made on nearly-new models with a high specification.

A 2019 Lounge model with around 500 miles on the clock and in a bright colour can be yours for just over £150 per month. Prices are even cheaper for the entry-level Pop version but that would mean missing out on the Lounge’s air-conditioning, alloy wheels, dashboard touchscreen with Bluetooth, and parking sensors.
Fiat 500 buying guide


Nearly new crossover and SUV deals

Nearly new Kia Sportage deal

Save £5,275 on list price
Typical BuyaCar price

Typical example Kia Sportage 2 1.6 GDi (2018, 12,000 miles)
Price £19,495  
Monthly finance payments from £265

There are plenty of family crossovers on the market, which combine the comfort and fuel economy of a family hatchback with the higher driving position of an off-road car. But the Sportage stands out, thanks to its seven-year warranty from new and distinctive design.

It's also spacious, practical and well equipped; the '2' model comes with alloy wheels, sat-nav and a reversing camera. Choose a petrol-powered GDi model and you'll make a decent saving on a car that was first registered this year. Diesel models are available with similar discounts and these will bring substantial fuel savings, with real-world fuel economy of around 45mpg - 10mpg better than the petrol.
Kia Sportage buying guide


Nearly new Audi Q3 deal

Save £2,480 on list price
Typical BuyaCar price

Typical example Audi Q3 Sport 35 TFSI (2019, 10 miles)
Price £28,980
Monthly finance payments from £369

The small family-sized crossover combines the mechanical parts from the A3 hatchback with a taller design, giving drivers a better view of the road and passengers more headroom. The boot is bigger than the one you'll find in the A3 too.

The savings are already enormous, with 2019 petrol-powered cars selling for almost £2,500 less than the new list price. The cheapest cars in this age bracket are Sport models, which include a screen with sat-nav, digital radio and Bluetooth; parking sensors; and climate control. 
Audi Q3 buying guide


Nearly new family car deals

Nearly new Mercedes C-Class deal

Save £8,395 on list price
Typical BuyaCar price

Typical example Mercedes C220d AMG Line Premium (2019, 3,500 miles)
Price £26,700
Monthly finance payments from £334

A diesel-powered C220d in top-of-the-range AMG Line trim, with the additional Premium pack (which adds a panoramic sunroof, keyless entry and keyless start) is almost £8,500 less than its list price.
Mercedes C-Class buying guide

Nearly new Ford Focus deal

Save £2,910 on list price
BuyaCar price

Our pick Ford Focus Titanium 1.0 Ecoboost (125) (2019, 250 miles)
Typical price £18,995 
Monthly cost from £318

You can get yourself a one-year old Titanium model complete with City Stop AEB (which brakes the car automatically if it senses a low-speed shunt coming), parking sensors, and rain-sensing wipers for around £18,995, or from £318 per month.
Ford Focus buying guide


Nearly new Kia Venga deal

Save £1,965 on list price
BuyaCar price

Typical example Kia Venga 2 1.6 (2019, 10 miles)
Price £14,995  
Monthly finance payments from £230

You might not have heard much about the Kia Venga, but it’s quietly become one of the only MPVs on sale. 

It's soon to go off sale too - so expect prices of nearly new ones to keep tumbling.


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