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Save more than £15,000 on some the best new car deals, with low-rate finance available too

Simon Ostler
Sep 17, 2020
Ford Focus

Looking for a new car with all the latest tech and a good long-term warranty? We've got loads here on BuyaCar, but they are much cheaper than you might expect a new car to be.

That's because these are 'nearly new' cars, and while they might not be freshly brand new off the shelf, they are as good as. In most cases a nearly new car will be the very latest model with the very latest specification, but because they have been subjected to some semblance of usage, they are available on the market at a vastly reduced price.

They will also be covered by the initial manufacturer warranty, so even if you're looking at a slightly older 2019 car, that could still give you as much as five years of cover. Essentially, you're getting all of the benefits of buying a brand new car, without losing an awful lot, and saving huge amounts of money in the process.

Nearly new cars differ slightly from pre-registered models, in that these cars will have been driven a few hundred to a couple of thousand miles and probably had at least one previous owner. But this does mean you can save thousands of pounds, as much as £10,000 on certain models, with a range of flexible finance options and massively reduced cash prices. You'll probably still be able to detect that new car smell too.

Read on for a selection of great value nearly new cars available right now on BuyaCar.

Nearly new small car deals

1. Honda Jazz

BuyaCar price from £13,620
Monthly finance from £182

You'll struggle to find a small car that's more practical than the Honda Jazz. Behind its egg-shaped exterior is enough legroom for five adults and a clever interior with rear seats that flip up like they do in the cinema to create more space for luggage in the foot wells.

Prices for nearly new 2020 S spec models start from around £12,500 with BuyaCar. For your money you'll get air-conditioning, Bluetooth and cruise control, but if you opt to spend a little bit more, Sport trim adds black wheels and a handful of other styling additions. You'll have to be quick to make the most of these low prices though, because the next generation Jazz has arrived and prices for nearly new versions start from closer to £20,000 on BuyaCar.

The new model introduces a bold new look, hybrid power and a taller Crosstar variant, while those ever impressive magic seats make a welcome return. You well be tempted if you have room within your budget.


2. Seat Ibiza

BuyaCar price from £13,500
Monthly finance from £204

The Seat Ibiza is a very capable family car for something so small. Despite its size, there is plenty of interior space on offer along with lots of tech and a comfortable ride. Because it is smaller than something like a Ford Focus it feels more nimble round corners too. Better still, a nearly new Seat Ibiza from BuyaCar can save you nearly £5,000 on the list price.

The current version of the Seat Ibiza was launched in 2018, but we have several examples of the older model available that are equally good value - if not quite as accomplished as the latest car. They both look pretty similar other than a few small details like the headlights, so you won't feel like you're missing out on too much if you do plump for an older model.


3. Fiat 500

BuyaCar price from £9,995
Monthly finance from £168

The cute, retro design of the Fiat 500 still turns heads and there's still strong demand for the small city car. However, there are now substantial savings of more than £5,000 to be made on nearly new models with a high specification on BuyaCar.

Prices are even cheaper for the entry-level Pop version, but we think Lounge trim is the best way to go with an excellent array of kit including air-conditioning, alloy wheels, a touchscreen media display with Bluetooth, and parking sensors.

Fiat introduced a mild-hybrid variant of the 500 earlier in 2020, adding a small electric motor to the engine in order to improve efficiency, and nearly new deals are already down to around £11,500 on BuyaCar. Meanwhile a fully-electric third-generation model is also on sale now, it's initally available alongside the current second-generation 500, but prices for this are much higher than the standard petrol version.


Nearly new crossover and SUV deals

1. Kia Sportage

BuyaCar price from £21,995
Monthly finance from £309

There are plenty of family crossovers on the market combining the comfort and fuel economy of a family hatchback with the higher driving position of a rugged 4x4, but the Kia Sportage stands out thanks to its seven-year warranty and distinctive design.

Going for a nearly new Sportage will mean you're also taking home a huge chunk of that warranty, making the value of this £7,000 saving all the better.

The Kia Sportage is spacious, practical and well equipped. The '2' model comes with alloy wheels, sat-nav and a reversing camera. Choose a petrol-powered GDi model and you'll make a decent saving on a car that was first registered 2020. Diesel variants are also available with similar discounts and these will bring substantial fuel savings too, with real-world fuel economy of around 45mpg - 10mpg better than the petrol.


2. Audi Q3

BuyaCar price from Limited stock

The small family-sized Audi Q3 crossover combines the mechanical parts from the A3 hatchback with a taller design, giving drivers a better view of the road and passengers more headroom. The boot is bigger than the one you'll find in the A3 too.

The savings are already enormous; 2020 Q3 models with the 1.5-litre petrol engine available on BuyaCar for around £4,000 less than the list price. Better still, that price will get you a very strongly equipped S Line model, coming with sport seats, sport suspension, a touchscreen media display and 19-inch alloy wheels on top of all the standard tech you'd expect like climate control and parking sensors.


Nearly new family car deals

1. Vauxhall Astra

Vauxhall Astra front

BuyaCar price from £12,990
Monthly finance from £195

If you can forgive the middle of the road image the Vauxhall Astra has, you’ll soon learn that it’s far from a middle of the road car. In fact the Astra is one of the best all-round family hatchbacks you can buy, especially at a reduced price with over £5,000 of savings attached.

You could save as much as £7,000 if you opt for an SRi Nav trim model and make the most of some pretty upmarket features considering a nearly new model will cost you around £15,000. Along with a seven-inch touchscreen media display equipped with sat nav you'll be treated to cruise control, rear parking sensors and air-conditioning.


2. Mercedes C-Class

BuyaCar price from Limited stock

Here we have the very capable and incredibly upmarket Mercedes-Benz C-Class. We have some huge discounts to offer on this car right across the range, but there are particularly good deals to be found on top-of-the-range AMG Line 220d trim models - savings of almost £12,000 to be precise.

The cars we're looking at are also equipped with the Premium packs, which add a panoramic sunroof, wireless phone charging, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to what is already a very pleasing car to sit in. AMG Line models will all feature splashes of brushed metal and wood throughout the interior.


3. Ford Focus

BuyaCar price from £17,991
Monthly finance from £257

A 2020 Ford Focus in Titanium trim will go some way to bringing the same level of luxury you might find in a Mercedes C-Class for instance. With a high-quality interior featuring ambient lighting and heated front seats, we can't think of anything more you could ask for with savings of over £3,000 on the table.

In terms of tech, you get the full works with an eight-inch touchscreen display, with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, air-conditioning and a heated windscreen. There are also huge amounts of cutting-edge safety kit included too, with parking sensors, rain-sensing wipers, post-collision braking and intelligent speed assist all accounted for.



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