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Mar 16, 2018

Mercedes might have turned up late to the slightly-small family-size SUV market, but they made quite the entrance. The GLC is as stylish as it is luxurious, and its elevated ride height is bang on trend.

New cars can cost (and people regularly pay) in excess of £40,000. Which is why they make so much sense as a pre-registered cars. We're seeing cars with delivery mileage (fewer than 100 miles) being reduced by some £4,000. That's a huge chunk off something that's both in season, and from a German manufacturer like Mercedes-Benz.

Best of all, there is a surprising amount of choice with the car. Not only in terms of options, and engines, but with the sheer volume on the pre-registered market. At time of writing, we have 29 for sale.


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Pre-registered cars

Order a brand new car and you may well have to pay for the privilege of being its very first owner. You'll probably have to wait weeks - or even months - for it to be built too.

That's not the case with a pre-registered car. These offer many of the benefits of buying brand new - usually at a cheaper price and without the wait.

Pre-registered vehicles haven't been sold to a customer before, but they will normally have been registered to a dealership. This means that you'll technically count as the second owner, even though most pre-registered cars have just a handful of miles on the clock - just like brand new ones. Pre-registered cars also already have a numberplate. Those registered between March and August this year have a 17-plate. Cars registered more recently will come with the latest 67-plate.

Dealers normally pre-register cars to hit sales targets and the practice is so common that there's often plenty of engine, colour and specification choice, giving you a good chance to find a car that's perfect for you.

Any car registered before April this year has the benefit of being taxed under the old system, which will save many owners several hundreds of pounds. You can read more in our full guide to the new car tax rules.

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Pre-registered small car deals

Pre-registered Seat Ibiza deals: save 20%

We think that the Seat Ibiza is a fantastic small family car, and with pre-registered cars dipping below £165 a month, buyers can purchase a fashionable and well-built car for an astonishingly low amount.

Although this is classed as a small car, it is bigger than previous generations. The space can be felt and seen inside, and the boot, which has a capacity of 355-litres, is just 25-litres shy of the car's bigger and more expensive brother, the Seat Leon.

Cars in this price range will typically come with 1.0-litre engines. This might not sound like a lot, but in 2018 they are more than powerful enough for a typical driver, while still acheiving more than 55mpg.
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Pre-registered Vauxhall Corsa deal: save 25%

Vauxhall's Corsa Sting is already one of Britain's cheapest cars, even before you take a quarter off the list price. Pre-registered cars start at under £8,000, or a typical £134 per month on finance, which buys an insurance-friendly specification that should result in low premiums too.

For this price, certain features such as air conditioning, parking sensors and split rear seats are optional. The cheapest cars won't have them fitted but some pre-registered Corsa Sting models are available with this equipment for a slightly higher price.
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Pre-registered Audi A1 deal: save 10%

If you're looking for the convenience and low running costs of a small car but also want a touch of luxury, then the Audi A1 fits the bill. The quality of interior materials, and their finish, is a step above many of its small car rivals, but this does normally come at a price.

Pre-registered car savings help to make the small Audi more affordable, though, with the practical five-door Sportback car in Sport trim costing around £17,000 - a 10% saving on the list price. Among the equipment included with Sport trim is 16in alloy wheels, tight-gripping sports seats, cruise control and Bluetooth for connecting your phone wirelessly.
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Pre-registered Vauxhall Viva deal: save 20%

Vauxhall’s low-cost car is meant to offer good value, with five seats, electric front windows, cruise control and a stereo with Bluetooth, all as standard.

Pre-registered models offer even better value, with some models offering more than £1,000 off the already low price. Most buyers will opt to spend a little extra on the SE (a/c) model, which includes air conditioning as standard. You can pick up a 67-plate version for around £9,600.
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     Pre-registered crossovers and SUVS

Pre-registered Audi Q2 deals: save 10%

The Audi Q2 forms part of wave of small SUVs (Sport Utility Vehicle) and crossovers that have proved increasingly fashionable lately. And it's one of the first to be offered by one of the traditional 'premium' car manufacturers. In fact, it's proving so popular, there are waiting lists for these as brand new cars. So buying pre-registered not only saves you cash, but saves you time as well. 

We've seen some dealerships giving up to £2000 off the TFSI S Line models, which come with soft touch plastics and leather inside, as well as an array of safety features, such as automatic emergency braking and electronic stablity controls to keep you on the road.

Despite its popularity, there are still plenty of cars to choose from, some with fewer than 10 miles on the clock.
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Pre-registered Skoda Kodiaq deal: save 11%

Skoda has been making buyers wait for its new Kodiaq, as high demand for the company's seven-seat crossover has left it with a waiting list.

But there are a few pre-registered cars available that will allow you to jump the queue and get behind the wheel of this value-for-money car - while saving yourself an additional few thousand pounds in the process. Choice is limited and cars are likely to sell quickly, so it's worth acting fast.
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Pre-registered Nissan Qashqai deal: save 13%

Britain's most popular crossover car combines the height of an off-road car with the ease-of-use of a family hatchback: it's comfortable, has straightforward controls and doesn't feel bulky when you're behind the wheel. The Qashqai has also recently been updated with a new design (shown above), and some technology improvements.

The first pre-registered examples of these cars are now available, with sizeable discounts on the list price. The well-specified N-Connecta car is loaded with a 360-degree camera, touchscreen with sat-nav, front and rear parking sensors, automatic emergency braking, 18in alloy wheels and keyless start, and if you find a model with the Comfort Pack, it will also come with a panoramic sunroof and silver roof rails.
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Pre-registered Renault Kadjar deal: save 30%

The Nissan Qashqai above might be the most popular crossover but the Renault Kadjar is arguably the better choice, thanks to its larger boot and larger savings. In the case of diesel-powered Dynamique Nav models, these discounts add up to almost £1,000 off the list price, bringing the price of a mid-range Kadjar down to under £22,500.

There are large savings on petrol models, as well as other specifications too, with plenty of choice among pre-registered cars.
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Family hatchbacks

The popular BMW 1 Series starts at less than £20,000 when you look at pre-registered petrol models, saving almost £2,000 on the list price. Diesel cars are even cheaper - starting at around £17,000, which is an even greater saving on the brochure price of the car.

You'll also benefit from BMW's policy of fitting sat-nav to all of its cars - even those in entry-level SE specification, which also include alloy wheels, air conditioning and a keyless start button.
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