Best pre-registered car deals 2020

Get fast delivery, save money, and even cut the cost of tax with a pre-registered car

Simon Ostler
Aug 24, 2020

Pre-registered cars are some of the best value models on the market. They combine the factory-fresh feel (and smell) of a new car with the lower prices of a used vehicle. In many ways they truly are the best of both worlds.

We've always got a great selection of deals like this available on BuyaCar, with some offers slicing as much as £8,000 off of the price of a well-equipped family car such as the Nissan X-Trail or Mercedes A-Class.

Unlike a brand-new model, there's no lengthy wait for the car to be built; it's ready for immediate delivery, with just a handful of miles on the clock. While these pre-registered vehicles won't have been sold to a customer before, they will normally have been registered to a dealership, so they'll already have their number plate and technically you'll count as the second owner.

Dealers normally pre-register cars to hit sales targets and the practice is so common that there's often plenty of engine, colour and specification choice. We've got thousands excellent pre-registered deals for you here on BuyaCar, so read on to find out more, and find even more great deals by click on the links below.

Best pre-registered car deals

We've got a range of deals for you to explore, ranging from cheap small cars, through practical family cars and into the more exotic and sporty end of the spectrum. Whatever you're looking for, we're sure we've got an offer here to help you save money on a (virtually) brand new set of wheels.

Pre-registered Fiat 500 deals

Fiat 500 1.2 Lounge list price: £14,750
BuyaCar price from: £11,995
Monthly finance from: £191

The Fiat 500 is already relatively cheap as a new car but a pre-registered example could save you up to around £3,500 on the list price. Fortunately, cheap doesn't mean low-rent. The 21st century 500 has bags of personality and chic styling that hasn't changed a great deal over its lifetime. So you can opt for a cheaper pre-reg model safe in the knowledge that it's unlikely to be overshadowed by the new version, which looks pretty similar.

Lounge is the second trim level up in the range but, it still has air-conditioning, split rear seats for greater practicality and a height-adjustable driver’s seat and steering wheel, which makes it easier for drivers of all sizes to get comfortable.

The 1.2-litre petrol engine makes the 500 nippy enough around town and while it's not the most economical engine you can get in a small car, real-world fuel bills are likely to prove very low in any case. Pre-registered mild hybrid models are also beginning to find their way onto BuyaCar, so keep an eye out for their MHEV badging if you're looking for even better economy.


Pre-registered Nissan X-Trail deals

Nissan X-Trail dCi 150 N-Connecta 4WD list price: £32,535
BuyaCar price from: £23,499
Monthly finance from: £349

Nissan's largest SUV brings potential for seven seats in an shell not that much larger than the hugely popular Nissan Qashqai. It's 246mm longer, 14mm wider and 120mm taller than the Qashqai, but still smaller than a BMW X3 which is only available with seating for five.

This does mean that boot space with all seven seats up is only 135 litres, so the X-Trail works best if you only want to carry lots of luggage or lots of people - never both at the same time. Fold the seats down though and you'll open up 1,996 litres, which is more than the larger Volvo XC90. So the practicality is there if you need it.

Although the 1.7-litre diesel engine is neither fast nor particularly economical - you'll be looking at around 40mpg in real world conditions, you do get good levels of equipment with N-Connecta models including cruise control, a height adjustable driver's seat and a powered hands-free tailgate.

The X-Trail is cheaper than rivals like the Skoda Kodiaq or Land Rover Discovery Sport to begin with, and pre-registered deals offer a handy saving on these, especially considering we have pre-registered Nissan X-Trail models with as little as four miles available on BuyaCar.


Pre-registered Mercedes A-Class deals

Mercedes-Benz A180d Sport Auto list price: £26,180
BuyaCar price Limited stock

The latest Mercedes A-Class sports a modern and minimalist dual-screen digital dashboard display. It's high-tech design is more than skin deep too: every A-Class is fitted with Mercedes' latest 'MBUX' media software, which works to personalise your car according to your usage patterns and preferences.

It can predict the radio station you want to listen to at different times of the day and learn how you speak, with an effective voice control function that should become more accurate over time and lets you programme the sat-nav, for instance, with just simple instructions.

Sport models offer a good balance of value and technology. They include 17-inch alloy wheels, climate control and powerful LED headlights, while the Executive pack increases the size of the central dashboard media screen and adds heated front seats for a little extra cost.

With a high level of equipment and nearly-new discounts of more than £4,000, it's a compelling alternative to the Ford Focus which comes in at a similar price.


Pre-registered BMW 4 Series deals

BMW 4 Series Convertible 420d M Sport list price: £44,445
BuyaCar price Limited stock

Anyone keen to get their hands on a brand-new previous generation BMW 4 Series should think very carefully about the pre-reg deals on the table here. The new 4 Series is set to arrive very soon with its hugely divisive looks, but for now the convertible version of the outgoing model remains on the market, and the savings you could make with a pre-registered offer are huge - so huge that you could use them to bag a pre-reg Renault Clio to park next to it and still have a few quid left over.

It's hard to argue with that, especially when you're looking at fully-fledged M Sport models packed with tech and performance, and it doesn't matter which engine you pick, the savings are the same. Whether it's the 190hp 420d or the 313hp 435d xDrive, you can expect to see reductions of around £16,000. So if you're looking for a high-quality and expertly engineered driving experience with the added bonus of a folding hardtop, it's hard for us to recommend anything else.

Being a BMW, you can expect good levels of standard equipment, but it's worth digging a little deeper with a pre-registered model to see which of the optional extras have been included to ensure you're getting the absolute most for your money. Apple CarPlay isn't included as standard so it's worth checking if you consider that an essential.



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