Best pre-registered car deals 2020

Get fast delivery, save money, and even cut the cost of tax with a pre-registered car

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Jan 29, 2020

Combining the factory-fresh feel (and smell) of a new car, with the lower prices of a used vehicle, pre-registered cars are some of the best-value models on the market.

Deals are especially good at the moment, so savings can run to £6,000 on a well-specified family car that's recently been launched - such as the Mercedes A-Class shown above.

Unlike a brand-new model, there's no lengthy wait for the car to be built; it's ready for immediate delivery, with just a handful of miles on the clock.

While these pre-registered vehicles won't have been sold to a customer before, they will normally have been registered to a dealership, so they'll already have their number plate and technically you'll count as the second owner.

Dealers normally pre-register cars to hit sales targets and the practice is so common that there's often plenty of engine, colour and specification choice, giving you a good chance to find a car that's perfect for you.

We've got some decent pre-registered deals for you here on BuyaCar, and these prices include a deposit contribution of £300, which is available with many of our finance offers.

Pre-registered small car deals

Pre-registered Fiat 500 deals

Fiat 500 1.2 Lounge list price: £13,515
BuyaCar price from: £9,990
Monthly finance from: £163

The Fiat 500 is already a cheap car but buying a pre-reg example saves you around £3,500 on the list price, making it even more affordable.

Fortunately, cheap doesn't mean low-rent. The 21st century 500 is a chic little car with bags of personality and because it hasn't changed much since it was launched, you can opt for a top value used model and no one will notice that it's not brand new.

Lounge is the second trim level up in the range but still has air-conditioning, split rear seats for greater practicality and a height-adjustable driver’s seat and steering wheel, which makes it easier for drivers of all sizes to get comfortable.

The 1.2-litre petrol engine makes the 500 nippy enough around town and though it's not the most economical engine available in a small car, real-world fuel bills are likely to prove very low.

Fiat 500 buyers' guide

Pre-registered Vauxhall Corsa deals

Vauxhall Corsa Energy list price: £15,385
BuyaCar price from: £9,790
Monthly finance from: £166

The Vauxhall Corsa Energy is an ideal budget car for winter, thanks to its standard heated seats, steering wheel and side mirrors. There are front fog lights to peek through the January and Februry gloom, as well as automtic headlights and windscreen wipers.

Also included is Vauxhall's touchscreen system which includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for easy control of your phone apps.

The savings are enormous when you buy a pre-registered car, which is more than a third cheaper than the list price of a new model. Most models are fitted wth the cheapest 1.4 litre engine with 75 horsepower, which won't ever feel quick, but can cope with motorway speeds.

Vauxhall Corsa buyers' guide

Pre-registered Peugeot 208 deals

The Peugeot 208 is nearing the end of its life so now really is a great time to get a deal on a pre-reg example, with savings of around 25% on the new price perfectly possible. It may lack the nimble feel of the Ford Fiesta, and the solidity of a VW Polo but it’s still a comfortable alternative.

The 1.2-litre PureTech petrol engine is very economical and is nippy around town, where the 208 is most at home. Signature models add parking sensors.

Peugeot 208 buyers' guide

Pre-registered Seat Ibiza deals

Seat Ibiza 1.0 SE Technology list price: £15,500
BuyaCar price from: £12,970
Monthly finance from: £192

A great deal on a great car: that’s the promise with a pre-reg Seat Ibiza. Savings of around £4,500 are perfectly possible on a pre-reg car such as the 1.0 SE Technology. The Ibiza was launched only a couple of years ago and was an instant hit. Comfortable, practical, spacious and nippy – just some of the glowing comments it received and continues to.

To these positives SE Technology trim adds a large eight-inch touchscreen with Apple Carplay and Android Auto software to operate apps, as well as sat-nav and mood lighting.

Seat Ibiza buyers' guide

Pre-registered crossover and SUV deals

Pre-registered Nissan X-Trail deals

Nissan X-Trail 1.7 dCi N-Connecta list price: £29,595
BuyaCar price from: £20,750
Monthly finance from: £307

Nissan's largest SUV brings potential for seven seats in an outer shell not dissimilar to the smaller and hugely popular Nissan Qashqai.

Although the 1.7-litre diesel is neither fast nor particularly economical, there is a decent amount of boot space and good levels of equipment in N-Connecta models.

The X-Trail is cheaper than rivals like the Skoda Kodiaq or Land Rover Discovery Sport, and this price represents a handy saving, considering we have pre-registered Nissan X-Trail models with as little as four miles available on BuyaCar at discounted prices.

Nissan X-Trail buyers' guide

Pre-registered Volkswagen Touareg deals

BuyaCar price Limited stock

Promising Audi quality at Volkswagen prices, along with the carying capacity of a small barn, you can make an argument that the Volkswagen Touareg R-Line represents good value at well over £55,000.

Of course, that argument is much more persuasive when you take into account nearly-new discounts on the mid-range R-Line model, which reduce the list price by 15% - for a car that's only been on sale for a few months.

The lengthy list of standard equipment includes leather seats, a motorised bootlid, four-zone climate control, rear-view camera and adaptive cruise control, which adjusts the speed to maintain a safe distance from any vehicle ahead.

Volkswagen Touareg buyers' guide

Pre-registered Hyundai Santa Fe deals

Hyundai Santa Fe Premium list price: £36,035
BuyaCar price from: £31,950
Monthly finance from: £468

Like the Touareg above, Hyundai's Santa Fe has only just gone on sale, and brings plenty of comfort at a reasonable price. Premium models include leather seat trim, heated seats in the front and back, motorised bootlid, bright LED headlights and a ten-speaker audio system.

Unlike the Touareg, the Santa Fe has seven seats and is also much cheaper - particularly when the 17% nearly-new saving is applied.

Hyundai Santa Fe buyers' guide

Pre-registered family car deals

Pre-registered Mercedes A-Class deals

Mercedes-Benz A180d Sport Auto list price: £26,180
BuyaCar price from: £21,480
Monthly finance from: £276

When the new Mercedes A-Class went on sale last year, its dual-screen digital dashboard and minimalist layout made other family cars look instantly outdated.

The hi-tech design is more than skin deep too: every A-Class is fitted with Mercedes' latest software, which can predict the radio station you want to listen to at different times of the day and learns how you speak, so voice control becomes more accurate.

Sport models include 17-inch alloy wheels, climate control and bright LED headlights, while the Executive pack increases the size of the central dashboard screen, and adds heated front seats.

With a high level of equipment and nearly-new discounts of 22%, it's a compelling alternative to the Ford Focus.

Mercedes A-Class buyers' guide

Pre-registered BMW 1 Series deals

The discounts on pre-registered BMW 1 Series M Sport models are now at almost at 20% after a price cut brought the cost to below £350 per month on a typical finance quote.

It's an enormous saving for a popular and well-equipped 1 Series model and the economical and powerful 118i petrol engine is an excellent choice, providing punchy performance for a very reasonable price.

As we move into 2020, the next-generation BMW 1 Series will become readily available on the pre-registered market, so expect to see similarly strong discounts on the latest version of this car too.

BMW 1 Series buyers' guide

Pre-registered Audi A6 deals

A 24% saving on an Audi A6 might well force you to reconsider whether a Nissan Qashqai or Ford Kuga is such good value. The discount brings the price down to below £30,000 for an A6 in Sport trim, a car that blends luxury, space and gleaming digital screens (three come as standard).

Audi A6 buyers' guide

Pre-registered sports car deals

Pre-registered BMW 4 Series deals

BMW 4 Series M Sport list price: £36,260
BuyaCar price from: £24,900
Monthly finance from: £336

Ordinarily, it might be the BMW 4 Series' muscular looks that you notice first, thanks to its long bonnet, curved roof and short bottled.

But at the moment, it's more likely to be the immense savings available on this two-door coupe.

There's currently more than £8,000 off the list price of a 4 Series coupe in high-specification M Sport trim. That's a 32% saving on a popular car, which is an excellent deal, even though it's expected to be replaced with a new version next year.

BMW 4 Series buyers' guide

Pre-registered Volkswagen Golf R Estate deals

The Volkswagen Golf R is staggeringly quick, with ability to accelerate from 0-62mph in 4.6 seconds, on the way to a top speed of 155mph.

You can use that power in everyday driving too, thanks to four wheel drive to boost grip when accelerating and technical trickery to keep it stuck to the tarmac in corners.

And with discounts on pre-registered cars of more than £6,000, you can have Volkswagen's fastest Golf for the price of a brand-new, but lesser-powered GTI, although it might not be quite what you were expecting. That's because the biggest savings are available for estate versions of the Golf R, which is an unusual combination of dull, practical design and sensational performance.

If the recipe isn't for you, then there are pre-registered Golf R hatchbacks costing around £3,000 more than the estate.

Volkswagen Golf buyers' guide


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