Pre-registered BMW deals

Save more than £10,000 on a car that's as good as new: the best pre-registered BMW deals, including 1 Series, 4 Series, X1 and X5 discounts

BuyaCar team
Sep 10, 2018

What's the difference between a new car and a pre-registered car? The answer is not much more than a number plate. Oh, and savings of more than £10,000 in some cases.

Some current deals on pre-registered BMWs will save you more than 30 per cent on the car's list price, even though they are as good as new, with just a handful of miles on the clock and paintwork that hasn't lost its factory-fresh sheen.

These cars have already been registered - most commonly to a dealership that's trying to meet sales targets - so they are counted as used vehicles with one owner. Their number plate has already been issued, so it may not be the very latest registration.

But if that's not a concern, you can make huge savings on the very latest cars, which are available for immediate delivery. At the moment, there are plenty of cars to choose from with 731 pre-registered BMWs currently listed on BuyaCar. Prices start at £17,440 or from £242 per month with finance. Scroll down for our pick of the best deals or click below to search them all.

Pre-registered BMW deals

Prices below are for new cars with delivery mileage only. Click on any model to see all available pre-registered offers, or scroll down for our pick of the deals. 


BMW 116d Sport

Save £7,015 on list price
BuyaCar price

BMW’s smallest car is around the size of a Volkswagen Golf. A pre-registered diesel-powered 116d is cheaper than a Golf too, thanks to a 28 per cent saving that reduces the cost to less than £18,000 - or from £255 on finance.

The 116d Sport is a popular choice, thanks to a powerful and economical engine, as well as the long list of standard equipment that’s included with the 1 Series, including sat-nav and climate control. There are savings on pre-registered models from across the range, with 87 pre-registered BMW 1 Series cars currently available on BuyaCar, priced from £17,440 to £33,700.
BMW 1 Series buying guide


BMW X1 xDrive 18d M Sport Auto

Save £7,940 on list price
BuyaCar price

You can save around £8,000 on BMW's popular small SUV, with a pre-registered model that's almost a quarter cheaper than the list price. The £26,150 offer shown above is for an automatic diesel version in M Sport trim, which includes large 18in alloy wheels, bright LED headlights, heated front sports seats and mood lighting. These come on top of the sat-nav, powered bootlid and climate control that are included with every X1.

There are savings to be made on other models too, with 44 pre-registered BMW X1 cars available now on BuyaCar, costing from £23,995 to £35,991. Despite its height, the X1 is nimble in corners, giving it a sporty feel, like other BMWs. And despite its status as the smallest BMW SUV, it's also spacious enough to carry five adults comfortably and has a boot that's a little larger than the one you'll find in an Audi Q3.
BMW X1 buying guide


BMW 218d SE Gran Tourer Auto

Save £9,720 on list price
BuyaCar price

A seven-seat BMW for little more than £20,000 is an unlikely deal, only available thanks to an enormous 32 per cent discount, which equates to almost £10,000 off the list price of an automatic, diesel 2 Series Gran Tourer.

This offer is one of 23 BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer pre-registered models that are currently available from BuyaCar, with monthly finance starting at £283.
BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer buying guide


BMW 320i M Sport Shadow Edition Auto

Save £9,160 on list price
BuyaCar price

BMW's best-selling 3 Series remains one of the best cars in its class, thanks to its smooth ride, nimble and sporty performance, and engines with excellent fuel economy. The back seats and boot provide enough space for a family, while there's an estate option too, called Touring, for extra luggage space.

The car will shortly be replaced by a new version but its qualities are as strong as ever, so now is an ideal time to buy a pre-registered model, which is likely to be discounted further before the new 3 Series arrives.

You're not short of choice, with 129 pre-registered BMW 3 Series currently available on BuyaCar, including the deal on the high-specification Shadow Edition featured above, which represents a 25 per cent saving on the list price. M Sport Shadow Edition cars come with 19in alloy wheels, darkened rear lights and a harman/kardon sound system in addition to the long list of equipment already fitted to M Sport models.
BMW 3 Series buying guide


BMW 420i M Sport Auto

Save £10,360 on list price
BuyaCar price

Less practical but better-looking than the BMW 3 Series saloon, the two-door BMW 4 Series Coupe can be bought with pre-registered discounts of 28 per cent, which cuts the price of high-specification petrol cars to under £27,000, or less than £400 per month on finance.

Among the 117 pre-registered BMW 4 Series models currently available from BuyaCar, is a 420i M Sport model with an automatic gearbox and a saving of more then £10,000 on the list price.BMW 4 Series buying guide


BMW 520d Touring M Sport Auto

Save £10,385 on list price
BuyaCar price

Unless you travel off road, the BMW 5 Series is likely to be all the car you'll ever need. Its vast boot provides plenty of versatility and the rear seats won't cramp your passengers, even if they are basketball player-sized. It's packed with the latest technology and glides along motorways, while managing a decent sports car impression when you really want to get going on country roads. There's even a four-wheel drive version to keep you moving in wintry weather or on a muddy field.

The price for all of this is surprisingly low, thanks to discounts of £10,000 or more on pre-registered models, bringing the cost of top-of-the-range M Sport models close to £32,000. There are currently 127 pre-registered BMW 5 Series cars available - both saloon and estate models. Prices range from £371 to £711, with monthly finance costs starting at £371 per month.
BMW 5 Series buying guide


BMW X5 xDrive 30d SE Auto

Save £8,790 on list price
BuyaCar price

BMW's seven-seat X5 is in the process of being replaced by a new model, so there are some excellent pre-registered discounts on this big SUV. Prices for the 46 pre-registered BMW X5 cars on BuyaCar start at £45,680 or from £607 per month on finance. A 16 per cent saving on an xDrive 30d SE is almost £9,000 cheaper than the list price.
BMW X5 buying guide


BMW 640d Gran Coupe M Sport Auto

Save £31,985 on list price
BuyaCar price

BMW's four-door 6 Series Gran Coupe is no longer being made, so time is running out to get hold of a pre-registered car before they are all sold. And they are likely to go quickly too, thanks to an enormous 46 per cent saving on 640d M Sport models, which are £32,000 cheaper than the list price when new. It's luxury travel for a mainstream budget.


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