Kia Soul EV with 280-mile range

The Kia Soul EV is exclusively electric, and could be a serious competitor in an increasingly busy electric car market

Simon Ostler
Oct 28, 2021

Kia has become something of a leading force in the world of electric cars. With an ever expanding fleet of hybrid and fully electric cars rolling off the production line, the South Korean manufacturer continues its sprint towards the future with this brand new Kia Soul EV.

Exclusively available in electric form for European markets, the Kia Soul EV sits alongside the e-Niro in Kia's eco range, promising to deliver relatively affordable electric motoring with a very usable range and an utterly distinguishable look.

Quick facts

  • Only available in Europe
  • Prices from £34,995
  • 64kWh battery with 280-mile range
  • Makes use of a Type 2 charge port
  • Equipped with plenty of new tech
  • Used deals available on BuyaCar

The Kia Soul is available now from £32,495 with the Plug-in Car Grant applied, while you can also expect to find used deals on BuyaCar at greatly reduced prices.

Based on it's pricing and electric car credentials, the Soul EV falls into direct competition with the Hyundai Kona Electric and Nissan Leaf e+, but it remains to be seen whether this new car has got the soul to match those giants of the electric car market. Read on for more details on the Kia Soul EV's range, interior and more.

Kia Soul EV range

The new Soul EV makes use of the same 64kWh battery found in the Kia e-Niro, with a claimed range of 280-miles from a single charge, which is pretty strong alongside the competition. The likes of the Nissan Leaf can manage around 230 miles, while the Hyundai Kona Electric is also around the 280 mark.

Its Type 2 charging port means an 80% charge can be achieved in an hour and 15 minutes at a 50kW Rapid Charging Station, with a full charge taking nine hours and 35 minutes - pretty slow compared to other options out there.

With the new Soul EV, Kia has not simply cut emissions from the exhaust. It has also taken steps to ensure its carbon footprint is reduced across the entire process from manufacture to delivery.

The decision to go exclusively electric has meant that internal combustion engines will no longer be imported to Europe. Alongside that, Kia intends to get an exact idea of demand prior to placing orders, so as to limit transported supply.

In terms of performance, the Soul EV's motor produces 201hp, while 0-62mph takes 7.1 seconds, which is about par for the course when it comes to electric cars of this weight and size.

Kia Soul EV styling

Now in its third generation, the Kia Soul EV retains the unique and popular styling from previous models but adds a futuristic feel to what has become a very desirable urban SUV.

On the outside, the Soul EV has received minor updates on the front and rear bumpers in its new guise as a stand alone electric car - the grille and exhaust have gone – and it’s also gained LED headlights and futuristic 17-inch alloy wheels.

Two-tone paint is available as standard with a choice of three colour schemes: blue and black, white and red, or black and red - their actual names are much more exotic.

Kia Soul EV interior 

At a glance, the Kia Soul EV’s interior is basic, with copious amounts of plastic. But it’s usable nonetheless, with plenty of equipment on-board.

The Soul EV was available in a single ‘First Edition’ specification at launch, with features including a head-up display, wireless smartphone charging, and a 10.3-inch media display integrated into the dashboard - this also functions as a reversing camera - along with a second seven-inch screen for the instrument cluster.

Kia’s own software, which can be controlled via your smartphone, also provides live updates on weather and traffic and help to locate compatible charging stations.

There’s also leather upholstery throughout, with heated front seats and steering wheel. The driver’s seat is also adjustable in eight ways.

The First Edition models also features digital radio, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay as standard with a 10-speaker sound system along with climate control, a range of cutting-edge safety tech.

A 'Maxx' version is now also available with a similar level equipment to that of the First Edition models.

Kia Soul EV warranty

The new Kia Soul EV is of course covered by Kia’s revered seven-year warranty, which comes with a range of options for servicing and repairs, but with a new and improved option of including the first seven services with that coverage.


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