Uniti One: prices, specifications and performance revealed

Swedish firm Uniti has opened order books on its three-seater all-electric urban warrior. Read on for prices, range and performance

James Wilson
Dec 10, 2019

Want a small, genuinely affordable electric car for whizzing around town and occasionally further afield? This could be it. Uniti is now welcoming orders for its first car – the all-electric three-seater Uniti One. Priced from £15,100 (including the UK government’s £3,500 electric car grant) the Uniti One comes with a claimed range of 93 miles, though a larger optional battery pack is available which increases the claimed range to 186 miles.

The best news is this little three-seater is available to order right now, you can place a deposit today and join the waiting list that will see your new electric car arriving at some point in 2020.

Quick facts

  • Prices start from £15,100
  • New three-seater electric car
  • Claimed 93-mile range
  • Upgraded 186-mile model for £23,845
  • One standard model with a list of options
  • Deliveries expected during 2020

Uniti, which was established in Sweden in 2015, designed the One in its homeland but engineered it in the UK – explaining why order books are only open to Swedish and British markets currently.

The company is targeting urban drivers, as its first car is very much like a tuk tuk for a high-tech low-carbon world. Uniti isn’t opening any dealerships, instead interacting with its customers through its website.

While the Uniti One may seem a bit of a niche car, it isn’t without rivals – Renault, Smart and Volkswagen offer electric cars which present similar propositions - and offers a greater range than many existing models, such as the Smart ForTwo EQ, with far better everyday usability than the Renault Twizy, for instance.


Read on for more details on the Uniti One which promises to bring yet more character to the electric city car market, and may just prove to be a thorn in the side of some more established rivals.

Uniti One trims and specifications

Bucking the trend of other car manufacturers that offer a bewildering array of trims and equipment packs, Uniti offers just one model with a handful of individual options. As standard, customers will be treated to a four-speaker audio system, Bluetooth, LED daytime running lights, a rearview camera (instead of a rearview mirror) plus a touchscreen media system which comes with Google Maps, Waze and Spotify pre-installed.

There are a couple of practical touches in the cabin as well, including two USB ports and three cupholders. Furthermore, entry into the Uniti One is via a smartphone app rather than a key. As for optional extras, Uniti offers an uprated six-speaker audio system (£250), heated drivers seat (£120), full LED headlamps (£750), air-conditioning (£275) and something referred to as ‘comfort flooring’ (£200) which will be a more upmarket option than the standard ‘utility’ flooring.

There's also a range of exterior and interior colour choices, although options are dominated by differing shades of grey. This is an intentional move by Uniti, who picked colours that will better hide the knocks and marks frequently collected during urban motoring. Very sensible, if a touch mistrustful of their faithful customers.

Colours available include Scandium, Titanium and Graphite for the exterior, wheels and interior trim, while there are also two overarching options for the interior – either light or dark, that alter parts of the cabin not influenced by your choice of main interior colour.

Uniti One prices and delivery dates

The Uniti One is available to order right now via their website - Uniti are set up to work entirely online instead of through dealerships - and first UK deliveries of the Uniti One are expected in mid-2020. Prices start at £15,100 for the standard model, rising to £23,845 when all options boxes are ticked – including a larger battery pack and faster charging capabilities. All prices include the £3,500 UK government electric car grant.

Uniti One electric range and charging

The Uniti One is available with either a 12kWh or 24kWh battery pack – the latter commanding an additional £3,000 price tag. Those 12kWh models are claimed to be capable of up to 93 miles on a single charge, whereas the 24kWh battery is claimed to be able to travel up to 186 miles. These figures are provided by Uniti itself and are yet to be confirmed via independent tests.

Charge times vary depending on options and the battery pack size. As standard, the Uniti One has a 3.2kW onboard charger, but for another £3,000, this can be increased to 22kW unit. Using an external charger, the Uniti One can handle up to 50kW power supplies.

Shown below are Uniti’s claimed charge times for going from 20% to 80% charge. A battery charge level of 80% is claimed to equate to 112 miles of range in 24kWh models and 56 miles in 12kWh models.

Battery Pack Size

Charger Power Output






4 hours 30 minutes

2 hours 4 minutes

39 minutes

17 minutes


2 hours 15 minutes

1 hour 2 minutes

20 minutes

9 minutes

Uniti One performance and economy

Power output of the Uniti One is 67hp with 85Nm of torque. These translate to a 0-62mph sprint time of 9.9 seconds and a top speed of 75mph: we imagine it will feel pretty speedy considering how small and light it is - especially around town.

The One is also rear-wheel drive, which is bound to please enthusiasts, while all models are claimed to come with an economy figure of 8kWh/100km – putting it up there with the most economical electric cars on sale. Based on a standard UK electricity price of 13.8p per kWh, it would cost £1.66 to fully charge a Uniti One with the 12kWh battery pack, or £3.31 with the 24kWh battery pack.

Uniti One rivals and alternatives

When it comes to alternatives, the Uniti One has quite a few: the Renault Twizy, Smart ForTwo and ForFour EQ models and the Volkswagen e-Up. The Twizy - which is another urban-focused electric car oddity - starts at around £6,700 before rising to around £9,000 with all options specced. While the Twizy has price on its side, it only has two seats and a claimed range of 62 miles - furthermore it doesn't include doors as standard, making it anything but an everyday car. The Uniti should provide much greater refinement, comfort, equipment, range and performance.

Those looking for more practicality may find the Smart EQ ForTwo or Smart EQ ForFour preferable. Both models use the same electric kit producing 82hp, resulting in a 0-62mph time of 12.7 seconds and a top speed of 81mph. Prices for the electric Smarts sit around the £18,000-£19,000 mark once the UK Government’s electric car grant has been taken into account.

Thanks to a 17kWh battery pack, the Smarts' range is claimed to be up to 70 miles - expect the smaller ForTwo to perform slightly better than the ForFour in the real world. While lower than that of the Uniti One, these figures are verified under the latest economy test rules, which the Uniti One has not yet been subjected to.

Finally, there is the VW e-Up which is in the process of being updated. The new version is expected to go on sale during January 2020 and is due to be priced from around £23,000 (after the UK Government’s electric car grant is considered) and offer 162 miles of range. A major bonus to both the VW e-Up and Smart EQ ForFour is they have seating for four, which the Twizy, ForTwo EQ and Uniti One do not.

Uniti One interior and seating

This is where the Uniti One becomes even more interesting. Much like the 1990s McLaren F1 supercar, the Uniti One has three seats with the driver sat in the middle and slightly in front of two offset rear seats for passengers, both of which come with Isofix points for mounting child seats safely.

Drivers are faced with a futuristic yet recognisable interior setup featuring three screens. The central display functions in place of traditional dials, while two media screens positioned either side will provide other media uses such as sat-nav and media. Control of ventilation, media and also mood lighting is via the outer screens.

Uniti One safety, warranty and servicing

Out of the box, all Uniti One models come with a driver airbag, anti-lock braking, stability control and tyre pressure monitoring. For those looking for even more safety, Uniti is offering a £750 option called Mobileye 6. This software brings forward collision, lane departure and speed limit warnings for drivers. As a final safety touch, Uniti does offer the option of winter tyres for £400. These should provide greater grip in cold, wet and snowy conditions.

Uniti is offering over-the-air updates for its cars, which will help keep each vehicle's safety and performance systems running at their optimal level. While Uniti is expected to keep any safety-critical updates free to owners, it has said there may be other updates (think performance) which could well be cost options in the future – apart from for drivers in the Founders Club mentioned earlier.

As standard, a three-year/60,000-mile warranty will cover the majority of the Uniti One. The battery pack and electric powertrain are covered by a slightly more reassuring five-year/60,000-mile warranty. As icing on the cake, Uniti includes a two-year 24-hour UK and European breakdown package as standard.

On the subject of car care, as Uniti isn’t opening any dealerships in the UK, servicing will be handled by a network of mobile technicians who will service vehicles at a time and date agreed with owners.

Uniti One technology

Standout pieces of technology on the Uniti One include an electrochromic panoramic roof which can become either completely transparent or opaque depending on the driver’s preferences. When parked, the roof automatically darkens to keep the cabin cool.

Uniti has included two driving modes with the One: city and boost. They are very much self-explanatory with city mode optimising the car for efficient motoring and boost mode for more enthusiastic driving.

Uniti One dimensions

Ideally suited for navigating busy urban streets, the Uniti One measures in at 3,222mm long, 1,505mm high and 1,709mm wide including mirrors (1,456mm with the mirrors folded in).

Luggage space is 155 litres with the rear seats up and 760 litres with them down. For reference, a Ford Fiesta which is 800mm longer than the Uniti comes with 311 litres of luggage capacity with its seats up.


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