Best new plug-in hybrid cars coming soon

Want to drive around town on electric power, with a petrol or diesel engine for longer trips? Here are the best upcoming plug-in hybrids

James Wilson
Nov 16, 2020

Like the idea of driving around on purely electric power? If you enjoy the occasional long-distance trip, however, you might struggle to cover the miles in one charge if you opt for a fully electric car. If you instead go for a plug-in hybrid, you could make the most of zero-emission driving around town, but with the backup of a petrol or diesel engine for longer trips without having to plug in.

There is a constant stream of new plug-in hybrid models being introduced to UK roads, ranging from economical hatchbacks to sleek SUVs and indulgent luxury cars. And each of them offers the opportunity to drive using only battery power, without restricting you to limited range.

When used correctly, whereby the batteries are charged up regularly and all of that electricity is put to use, plug in hybrid cars can vastly reduce your dependence on fuel and lower your fuel bills dramatically.

If that sounds like something you'd be interested in, keep reading to see the most appealing upcoming plug-in models. And if you're ready to buy a plug-in hybrid now, check out the best PHEVs available now on BuyaCar by clicking on the link below.

Best new plug-in hybrid family cars coming soon

Audi A3

Expected starting price £30,000
UK due date TBC
Electric range around 40 miles (expected)

2020 saw the arrival of the new Audi A3, which is also expected to be offered as a plug-in hybrid. The previous generation plug-in A3 was a tad disappointing, but with the German carmaker expected to boost all-electric range, the next-generation is likely to prove much more appealing than before in plug-in hybrid form.

Styling for the new A3 is not drastically different to the older version, so there's not too much to get excited about on the outside, but with the A3 long having been one of the most upmarket hatchbacks, you can focus instead on the slick and upmarket interior.


Mercedes S Class

Expected starting price £80,000 (for the standard car)
UK due date TBC
Range as yet unconfirmed

Mercedes is keeping specifics under wraps, but the next-generation S Class is expected to come with a thoroughly updated interior (including a variant of Mercedes’ impressive new media system, which features very slick voice controls for the sat-nav and music options among other functions), revised styling and the option of plug-in hybrid power.

The S-Class has always offered a very refined drive, with practically silent running around town and this plug-in version should boost refinement levels even further, making it a supremely relaxed mode of transport. The only challenge will come from trying to find a large enough parking space when you've reached your destination.


Seat Leon

Expected starting price £30,970
UK due date On sale now
Range 31 miles (expected)

A revised Seat Leon arrived in 2020 with updates including the addition of a plug-in hybrid model which will have very similar acceleration to the performance-oriented Volkswagen Golf GTE. This means emissions should be low enough to make this an appealing option for company car owners and all-electric range will sit around the 31-mile mark, but it should also be enjoyable to drive and offer strong acceleration.

Previously the Leon was offered as a three-door but it is looking like the Spanish brand may only offer a five-door hatchback from now on. As with the A3, the new Leon doesn't look wildly different to the previous version, but since that was a striking car in its own right, this isn't a bad thing.


Volvo V40

Expected starting price £25,000
UK due date 2020
Electric range as yet unconfirmed

Volvo is yet to confirm exact details but its next-generation V40 is expected to offer buyers a choice of electrified platforms - including a plug-in hybrid. As the current V40 is the only car left being built on one of Volvo’s old platforms, it is expected to be replaced towards the end of 2020, but whether a plug-in hybrid will be available straight away remains to be seen.

The new V40 is anticipated to be offered as something of a crossover - the reason behind which, Volvo says, is to cater for bulky electronics such as battery pack. This means the next-generation V40 will likely need to measure up to rivals such as the BMW X1 when it hits the UK market.


Best new plug-in hybrid SUVs and crossovers coming soon

Alfa Romeo Tonale

Expected starting price £20,000
UK due date 2021
Range as yet unconfirmed

Set to join the handsome Stelvio in Alfa Romeo’s crossover model line up is the Tonale compact SUV. Amongst other things, the small Italian SUV will be available as a plug-in hybrid - which just so happens to be the carmaker’s first-ever plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV).

While Alfa is making the world wait with regards to specific details, range will need to sit around the 30-mile mark if the Tonale is to measure up to rivals from the likes of Volvo. As Alfa is part of the same family of brands as Jeep and Fiat, you can expect the hybrid tech to appear in a wide range of makes and models before long.


Cupra Formentor

Expected starting price £50,000
UK due date 2021
Range 30 miles

Perhaps not blessed with the catchiest of names, the Cupra Formentor does at least have some a number of impressive credentials to its name. Chief of which are an electric range of 30 miles and a total power output of around 250hp. This means it should offer strong acceleration.

Cupra is a sporty sub-brand off-shoot of Seat, aiming to offer upmarket performance versions of Seat’s cars as well as some of its own models. While the Formentor is Cupra’s first standalone vehicle, Seat is expected to offer less powerful versions of it in the future.


Ford Kuga

Expected starting price £30,000
UK due date Order now, deliveries in 2021
Range as yet unconfirmed

Ford has enjoyed strong sales with its outgoing Kuga and a plug-in hybrid model could be the thing to take the new model even further. The 2020 Kuga is wider and longer than its predecessor with styling that is miles away from the model it replaces. Whether this is a good or bad thing, only you can decide.

Ford hasn’t confirmed much in the way of specs for the plug-in Kuga, but when it comes to technology and equipment, things are looking good. This is largely due to the fact Ford will initially only offer the Kuga in well-equipped Titanium, ST-Line and Vignale trim, all of which normally come stuffed with kit.


Jaguar F-Pace

Expected starting price £56,060
UK due date On sale now
Range Up to 33 miles

Jaguar appears to be systematically going through its entire range and updating it - including the rather handsome F-Pace. Perhaps the most exciting thing is the addition of a plug-in hybrid model which is set to use a small three-cylinder petrol engine alongside an electric motor. Apart from that, Jaguar has confirmed little else about the hybrid format so far.

That said, Jaguar is expected to update the cabin, bringing a sleeker media system setup that is easier to use than the one featured before. As for exterior styling, refreshed lights and bumpers are expected to feature on the 2020 F-Pace.


Nissan Qashqai

Expected starting price £22,000
UK due date 2021
Range as yet unconfirmed

As the business Nissan is part of is now the parent company of Mitsubishi, it's likely that it will soon benefit from the plug-in hybrid technology featured in the massively popular Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. One of the first cars to take advantage of such benefits is the 2020 Nissan Qashqai, which will be available as a plug-in hybrid in 2021.

On top of a large battery, the new Qashqai is expected to come with Nissan’s latest autonomous driving tech, labelled ProPilot, which makes everyday driving that bit simpler. The Qashqai is a common sight on British roads, which is no surprise, since the Qashqai was the best-selling SUV in the UK in 2019.


Peugeot 3008 Hybrid4

Expected starting price £36,000
UK due date On sale now
Range 36 miles

The Peugeot 3008 has been on sale for a while now and is a very impressive car. It comes with decent engines, a refined driving experience and an interior which is both upmarket and different from its rivals, while offering plenty of space.

Adding to this, Peugeot has introduced a plug-in hybrid version (dubbed the 3008 Hybrid4). Under its bodywork, the 3008 Hybrid4 is powered by a 1.6-litre petrol engine and a pair of electric motors. Models use an automatic gearbox connected to either a four-wheel-drive or two-wheel-drive system and offering a maximum electric range of 33-40 miles depending on spec.


Renault Captur

Expected starting price £31,495
UK due date Available to order
Range Up to 30 miles

Renault has had something of a strong start to the electric car game, what with its impressive Zoe selling strongly across Europe. That said, until now it hasn’t really had a crack at the plug-in hybrid market. That's about to change now, though.

The new 2020 Captur will feature a plug-in model utilising Renault’s E-Tech hybrid system - which should allow the French crossover to travel up to 28 miles on battery power alone. Elsewhere, the new Captur features revised styling (in line with other recently launched Renaults) and a more modern cabin.


Best new plug-in sports cars coming soon

Peugeot 508 Performance Hybrid

Expected starting price £45,000
UK due date Winter 2020
Range 31 miles (approx.)

Peugeot has form for creating impressive performance models - its 208 GTI by Peugeot Sport was one of the best hot hatchbacks on the market before the 208 was replaced by a new model. The company is looking to continue this trend with a performance version of its 508 hybrid.

The production model was previewed by a concept car which claimed an all-electric range of 31 miles, a total power output of more than 400hp (thanks to a 1.6-litre petrol engine and two electric motors) and a rapid 0 to 62mph time of 4.3 seconds. Expect the version you can buy to be a little slower than this, though it should still offer strong punch.


Best new plug-in hybrid supercars and hypercars coming soon

Ferrari SP90 Stradale

Expected starting price £280,000
UK due date 2020
Range 16 miles (approx.)

Yes, despite early objections to electrification, Ferrari is now on the verge of its first plug-in hybrid. While other hybrids make do with super-frugal powertrains, the SP90 Stradale is set to come with a hefty 3.9-litre V8 petrol engine which when paired with three electric motors produces close to 990hp and 800Nm of torque - prioritising power over economy.

This translates to a potential top speed of 211mph and a 0 to 62mph sprint time of 2.5 seconds. As with many supercars, the plug-in Ferrari utilises carbon-fibre construction to help keep weight down and performance up, though saying that, the hybrid system is reported to add a hefty 270kgs of extra weight.

Mercedes-AMG One

Expected starting price £2,400,000
UK due date Mid-2020
Range 16 miles (approx.)

The Mercedes-AMG One is being pitched as an F1 car for the road and it is easy to see why. For starters, it is eye-wateringly expensive and for main course, it comes with a hybrid setup which strikes a remarkable resemblance to those which are used by Mercedes in its F1 cars.

Despite only using a 1.6-litre V6 petrol engine, the One produces nearly 1,000hp which is claimed to be enough to reach a top speed in excess of 217mph and power it from 0 to 124mph in under six seconds. That's seriously fast even for this type of car.

Possibly most exciting for keen drivers is the fact the Mercedes-AMG One has an engine that can spin at up to 11,000rpm - the type of thing you'd expect from a high-performance motorbike - or indeed an F1 car.


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