Comfort-focused DS 9 saloon launched by Citroen's upmarket brand

Fancy an upmarket comfort-centric saloon, but don't fancy a Mercedes or BMW? Check out the DS 9 from Citroen's upmarket sub-brand

Simon Ostler
Jul 14, 2020

Dreaming of cruising around in comfort in a classy French saloon with hybrid power and a reasonable price tag? The new DS 9 - the poshest model yet from Citroen's upmarket sister brand - ticks those boxes, and is set to compete against the BMW 5 Series and Mercedes E-Class with its sleek styling and a slick interior.

This new model from DS certainly looks striking with smooth lines on every surface, while the interior also has a look of quality about it. For those after a large, upmarket car that prioritises comfort over sportiness, therefore, the DS 9 could be an appealing choice, though we wait to see how good the interior quality is, along with the way the 9 drives.

Perhaps most interesting is the immediate availability of hybrid power. The DS 9 will be initially offered in petrol-electric plug-in hybrid form with 225hp and the ability to travel up to 31 miles on electricity alone. Performance figures are yet to be announced.

Full pricing and specifications will be announced later in 2020, but we can expect this new flagship model to sit above the rest of the current DS range. That means cash prices are likely to start from around £32,000 for the entry-level petrol model.

DS 9 engines and performance

DS has confirmed four engines will be available for the DS 9, three petrol-electric hybrid options and a standard petrol model. An eight-speed automatic gearbox will accompany all of these engines.

The 225hp plug-in hybrid available at launch will be able to achieve 25-31 miles of electric-only driving, with the electric motor itself providing 110hp and being able to power the car at up to 84mph in 'Electric' mode.

The battery can be fully charged in just one-and-a-half hours, though, thanks to an on-board 7.4kW charging system, which is about the half the amount of time it takes to charge the BMW 530e’s similarly sized battery.

Follow-up offerings for the DS 9 include two more plug-in hybrid versions. First, a more powerful 250hp setup with increased electric range and a final 360hp option with four-wheel drive to better cope with the substantial extra power when accelerating.

There will also be a standard 225hp non-hybrid petrol version, which we expect to be the cheapest option once all is said and done, although specs and prices remain a mystery at this point.

DS 9 interior and technology

The first thing that jumps to attention here is the amount of space on offer for everyone inside the DS 9. The distance between the front and rear wheels is 2.9 metres, which should help to ensure there’s plenty of legroom for passengers in the back seats.

Rear seat comfort doesn’t end there either, as both back seats (as well as both front seats) can be equipped with heating, cooling and massage functionality, which can all be adjusted separately.

Much like alternatives in this upmarket saloon sector, the DS 9 also boasts a wide range of technology designed to help the driver relax, too.

A ‘drive assist’ mode integrates adaptive cruise control - which can automatically maintain a safe distance behind the car in front - and steering assist to take the pressure off of long-haul motorway trips, although this doesn’t mean the driver can recline and take a nap.

The DS 9 will also park itself at the 'press and hold' of a button, while a selection of safety features including automatic emergency braking and blind spot monitoring will also be there to assist where necessary.

DS 9 dimensions

In terms of size, the DS 9 fits neatly into what you would expect from a large saloon. It's 4,930mm long and 1,850mm wide, which places it close to the BMW 5 Series and Mercedes E-Class. This is a long car, so you'll need a big driveway or have to be confident at parking for the DS 9 to remain stress-free. 

Details on boot space are as yet unannounced, but as this is a large saloon you can expect plenty of volume for suitcases and small bags though a narrower opening than with a typical hatchback limiting the size of what you can fit inside. How it will fair on the road is another matter.


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