2021 Mercedes EQA electric car: range, price and specification

Fancy an upmarket electric SUV with smart styling and 260+ miles of range? Check out the new Mercedes EQA

James Allen
Feb 28, 2021

Mercedes is no stranger to selling electric cars - after all, it’s already launched an EQV people carrier and EQC large SUV. That lineup has now grown to include another battery-powered model, in the form of the new EQA small SUV.

As its name and styling suggest, the EQA wasn’t purpose-built with battery packs and electric motors in mind. Instead, it’s quite closely related to the conventionally-powered Mercedes GLA. Despite having adapted underpinnings, the EQA’s specs are pretty decent - the car’s electric motor produces a healthy 190hp and 375Nm, and Mercedes says the battery can store enough charge for up to 263 miles of driving range.

Being so heavily based on the GLA means the Mercedes EQA is very similar to that car in other areas, too. There’s little to split the two when it comes to the interior control layout, for instance, and the two cars are barely any different when it comes to passenger space. It’s a shame the EQA’s luggage volume of 340 litres is noticeably down on the GLA’s cargo capacity of 435 litres, though.

Prices for the new Mercedes EQA start from £43,495 before the £3,000 government grant is applied - which, while quite a jump over the GLA’s base price of £31,785, is in line with what you’ll need to pay for similarly-sized upmarket electric SUVs.

Quick facts

  • Claimed range of 263 miles
  • Up to 80% charge in 40 minutes
  • 190hp and 375Nm of torque
  • More powerful versions expected
  • Prices start from £43,495
  • On sale now

2021 Mercedes EQA range and charging

The new EQA is fitted with a 66.5kWh battery pack, which Mercedes says can store enough charge for up to 263 miles of driving range. While this isn’t the best claimed range for small electric SUVs - Hyundai Kona Electric models with the 64kWh battery fitted are capable of up to 300 miles between charges, for instance - the Mercedes does at least compare well against upmarket rivals like the Volvo XC40 P8 Recharge (up to 248 miles) and Lexus UX 300e (up to 196 miles).

More EQA versions with different ranges are on the way - including one with a claimed range in excess of 310 miles on a single charge. However, other than vaguely stating they’re coming soon, Mercedes hasn’t yet said when these other EQA models will go on sale, so don't expect them until at least 2022.

From launch, the Mercedes EQA is compatible with 100kW rapid charging points, so you’ll be able to quickly top up the car’s battery pack with one of these if you can find one. Plug into a 100kW charger and you should be able to recharge the EQA’s battery from 10% to 80% (the equivalent of up to 210 miles of range) in 40 minutes.

Unsurprisingly, charging times are much longer with less powerful charging points. According to Mercedes, it takes five hours and 45 minutes to recharge the EQA from 10% to 100% using an 11kW public charger or domestic wall box unit.

2021 Mercedes EQA power and performance

For the moment, the new EQA is only offered with a front-wheel drive electric motor, which produces 190hp and 375Nm. This means it has decent amounts of punch for a car of this size, and has similar power to a diesel-powered Mercedes GLA small SUV.

Despite tipping the scales at more than two tonnes - which is a huge weight for a car of this size - the EQA also has respectable performance for a small SUV. Mercedes claims the car can accelerate to 62mph from a standing start in 8.9 seconds, and reach a top speed of 99mph. While this is a fair bit down on the 136mph top speed and 7.3-second 0-62mph time for the equivalent diesel GLA, the Mercedes EQA should nevertheless feel fairly nippy on the road with instant power from the electric motor and practically silent acceleration.

In time, Mercedes says it will launch a faster dual-motor, all-wheel drive version with around 270hp. However, it’s not yet clear when this version will go on sale.

2021 Mercedes EQA dimensions

The Mercedes EQA is very closely related to the Mercedes GLA, so it’s no surprise the two cars offer similar amounts of interior space. Both the EQA and GLA are identical when it comes to wheelbase length (the distance between the car’s front and rear wheels) and front seat head room, and the EQA has a 14mm deficit to the GLA in terms of rear seat head room. All in all, this means the EQA has a decent amount of cabin room, and should be spacious enough for taller passengers to feel comfortable on longer journeys.

The GLA’s luggage volumes haven’t been carried over to the EQA, though. Whereas the former has up to 435 litres of boot space beneath the parcel shelf, the latter is quite a bit smaller at 340 litres. Fold the rear seats down, and the EQA’s load area increases to a much more useful 1,320 litres - though this is still quite a bit down on the GLA’s maximum capacity of up to 1,430 litres.

2021 Mercedes EQA in-car tech

The Mercedes EQA is available in two trims: Sport and AMG Line. Equipment-wise, the two specs are borderline identical (both trims come as standard with a 10-inch touchscreen media system, climate control, heated front seats and safety assists like blind spot monitoring), with the AMG Line grade adding more cosmetic additions like a sporty bodykit and front seats that are more aggressively bolstered than the standard items.

Optional extras on the Mercedes EQA include a keyless entry system, a panoramic sunroof, power-adjustable front seats and a more powerful sound system. Do bear in mind that these extra items are only available on the AMG Line trim, though, and can’t be specified out of pre-set equipment bundles.

2021 Mercedes EQA prices

The new Mercedes EQA is on sale now, with prices starting from £40,495, once the £3,000 government electric car grant is applied. Figures for future models with more performance and more range will be confirmed closer to their respective launches, but these will undoubtedly be higher than £40,495.


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