Best cars under £200 a month

From sporting convertibles to SUVs, with a smattering of hatchbacks in-between. Find your perfect car for under £200 a month

Murray Scullion
May 21, 2018

Competitive car finance deals mean that there are hundreds of models to choose from for less than £200 a month.

You'll find the biggest selection among used cars for £200, but if you're looking for a brand new vehicle that's built to your specification, then you're not short of options. From little hatchbacks to family-sized crossovers, convertibles and electric cars, you should be able to find a car that suits you, for around £6.70 per day.

The most common type of finance is a Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) agreement. This makes cars more affordable because the monthly payments don't cover the full price. A large chunk of the car's cost is deferred until the end. You can either choose to pay it and own the car, or return your car with nothing more to pay - and move onto another PCP deal.

Leasing is also a popular option, and is sometimes even cheaper than PCP. It's a long-term car hire agreement: at the end you simply hand the car back. You'll probably spend less with a used car on finance, but many buyers like the ability to regularly upgrade their car for a brand new version with the latest specification.

Click below to search all of the new and used cars available within the budget or scroll down for our top ten picks. All prices are based on manufacturer quotes, but these are often cheaper when combined with BuyaCar discounts.

Hyundai Kona

Monthly repayments £185.51 List price £17,750
Deposit £3,549 Term 37 months Representative APR 4.9%

The Kona is Hyundai’s small crossover: combining the mechanical parts from a standard hatchback with extra height for a raised driving position and extra practicality. It looks distinctive in a range of eye-popping and garish colours, and is generally a comfortable and practical all-round car.

For that price you’re looking at the SE model, complete with smartphone connectivity and a 7in touchscreen media system, but you'll need a deposit of around £3,500 to bring your monthly payments to below £200 - and that’s including the £1,500 Hyundai deposit contribution.
Hyundai Kona buying guide


Ford Fiesta

Monthly repayments £195.61 List price £15,795
Deposit £2,750 Term 36 months Representative APR 0%

You too can have Britain’s most popular car for less than £200 a month. There are loads of different specs available, but you won't go too wrong with the long-serving Zetec trim. This comes with a 6.5inch media screen, LED daytime running lights, and the ability to use Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Less than £200 a month will get you a three-door Fiesta in a standard colour like race red, with the zippy 1.0-litre engine and a six-speed manual gearbox. It also allows you the option to purchase the car outright after the agreement for £6,003.
Ford Fiesta buying guide


Skoda Octavia

Monthly repayments £196.89 List price £17,700
Deposit £2,000 Term 48 months Representative APR 6.5%

The Skoda Octavia has an enormous amount of space, considering it's the price of a Ford Focus, and it's not short on equipment either. For £200 a month you’re looking at the base-spec with a 1.0-litre engine. But this shouldn’t put you off.

There’s more than enough power for day-to-day business. Plus standard equipment includes keyless entry, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Skoda offers PCH leasing deals that may be cheaper if you’re not interested in buying outright, but these are dealt with by individual dealerships.
Skoda Octavia buying guide


Fiat 124 Spider

Monthly repayments £199
Initial Rental £796 Term 24 months Annual mileage 6,000

This pretty sports car harks back to the glory days of the original achingly beautiful 1966 Fiat 124 Sport Spider. Of course, you can’t get one of those for £200 a month, but you can get a new one for £199.

It'll take you back when you start the engine too because the 124 Spider is great fun to drive. The 1.4-litre turbocharged engine loves to be revved, and it shares its mechanical parts with the Mazda MX-5, which means that it darts through bends with a nimbleness that's lacking in plenty of modern, high-tech cars.

This deal only applies to cars on a leasing agreement, but you can bring the cost of finance on a used Fiat 124 to below £200 with a reasonable deposit.


Renault Zoe

Monthly repayments £199 Price £22,220
Deposit £2,599 Term 36 months Representative APR 4.9%

Money off from both Renault, and the Government, make this electric car fall into the sub-£200 a month category. Although the Government help may be disappearing soon.

The Zoe is as easy, if not easier, to drive than a regular small car because it doesn’t have gears or a traditional gearbox.

Plus, for your £200 a month you’ll get sat-nav, parking sensors, as well as keyless entry. It’s important to remember that this doesn’t include mandatory battery hire cost - which changes on how much you use the car. This starts at £59 a month.
Renault Zoe buying guide


Volkswagen up!

Monthly repayments £110 Price £10,370
Deposit £2,601 Term 47 months Representative APR 4.9%

Well below the £200 budget is the Volkswagen up! for just £110 per month. Volkswagen’s APR of 4.9% is low, although you'll need a deposit of £2,600 to bring your monthly payments down to this level. This includes a £500 deposit contribution from VW.

Alternatively, you can choose to cut your deposit to a minimum; you'll still be paying less than £200 a month, even if you're accepted for a no-deposit agreement.  

The up! is a solid little city car that feels grown up, thanks to Volkswagen's quality interior. It’s tiny, so not one for growing families, but it’s fun to drive and great for the city. For your £200 you’re looking at a Move up! model with the least-powerful 60hp engine - which is fine if you rarely travel at motorway speeds.
VW up! buying guide


Nissan Micra

Monthly repayments £122 Price £13,970
Deposit £3,493 Term 37 months Representative APR 0.0%

With 0% interest, driving a Nissan Micra on finance gives you all of the flexibility of a PCP agreement without any additional cost. This rock-bottom interest rate helps the Nissan Micra duck in below £125 a month. There are some caveats, of course. You’ll be limited to 8,000 miles a year, plus there’s a pretty steep deposit of £3,493 now. These can be adjusted, which will affect the monthly repayment.

It gets you a thoroughly decent car. The latest Micra looks modern, is spacious and has a generous amount of technology as standard. For this money you’re looking at an entry-level version with an economical turbocharged 0.9-litre engine. The non-turbocharged 0.9-litre engine is cheaper yet, but too slow for those venturing out of the city.
Nissan Micra buying guide


Skoda Citigo

Monthly repayments £124 Price £9,785
Deposit £978.50 Term 48 months Representative APR 6.2%

The Skoda Citigo is mechanically identical to the Volkswagen up! but available for less than £125 a month, with a deposit of less than £1000 - useful for those who need a car immediately with a minimal upfront cost.

For £124 a month it has just as much practicality and performance as the up!, which is to say that it's limited. The 60hp engine is not the fastest, but powerful enough for around town.
Skoda Citigo buying guide


Dacia Duster

Monthly repayments £179 Price £12,995
Deposit £1,570 Term 37 months Representative APR 4.9%

The Dacia Duster offers SUV size for supermini money. It’s big and comfortable, and looks cool in a very basic kind of way. And you can have one easily for less than £200 a month.

For £179 you can afford a car in mid-range Air trim, with body coloured bumpers as well as Bluetooth and digital radio. This money also gets you four-wheel drive  - making it one of the cheapest cars on sale with proper off-roading ability.
Dacia Duster buying guide


Vauxhall Astra

Monthly repayments £180 Price £18,420
Deposit £5,980 Term 25 months Representative APR 0%

This deal is part of Vauxhall’s Help to Buy scheme. This is where you put a relatively high deposit down, have low monthly payments, then have the option to buy it at the end.

So for a new Vauxhall Astra SRi you’ll have to cough up £5,980 initially, pay £180 a month for 25 months, then if you want to buy, fork out £8,119 at the end. It’s at 0% APR and isn’t a bad way to finance a new car if you want to buy it outright.

The Vauxhall Astra in question is a solid-all rounder, with efficient and clean engines and high-levels of technology. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are available, as is Vauxhall’s OnStar navigation system. This uses a call-centre to help you out with directions, has a 4G wifi hotspot, plus alerts the emergency services in the event of an accident.
Vauxhall Astra buying guide


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