Best new cars 2019: models worth waiting for

From an electric Mini to an all-new Land Rover Defender. The best new cars of 2019 will completely change UK roads

BuyaCar team
Jan 31, 2021

The year 2019 heralded something of a revolution for some of the best-known cars on the road. We saw a dramatic upturn in the manufacture and sale of electric cars, while the adavancement and availability of cutting-edge technology continued, and promises to transform the motoring industry as the 2020s begin.

Introductions included a brand new Nissan Juke, as well as all new versions of the BMW 1 Series and Vauxhall Corsa. There were also glimses of what we can expect to see as we head into 2020 as well, including the new Land Rover Defender.


But the biggest trend of the year was the wave of new electric cars that continued to roll out throught the year. We saw Audi, Mercedes, Porsche, Honda and Polestar (Volvo’s electric car brand) launching battery-powered cars, the beginning of a new dawn in driving that will only continue to expand and improve into 2020 and beyond.

While 2019 is almost over, we now have to look forward 2020, and there is a long list of exciting cars that we cannot wait to see hit the roads over the next 12 months. Check out all of our 2020 preview content for more details of what you need to look forward too.

Or you can read on to see if there's anything you might have missed among the plethora of new releases in 2019.

Best cars of 2019

SUVs and crossovers 2019

1. 2019 BMW X7

On sale Now
Price from £72,155

Seeing how small the driver looks in comparison to the windscreen of the image above, should give you an idea of how vast BMW's X7 is. The company's largest SUV is claimed to offer space for adults to sit comfortably in any of the car's seven seats, and it should feel airy too, thanks to a standard-fit panoramic sunroof.

For the price, it's unsurprising that the car comes with a two-screen digital dashboard, Merino leather, ten-speaker sound system and BMW's new voice control system, which is claimed to be similar to smartphones, giving occupants the ability to control functions by saying, "Hey BMW" and then speaking conversationally. Whether it's enough to give the car an edge over luxurious rivals, such as the Range Rover and Mercedes, remains to be seen.

2. 2019 Citroen C5 Aircross

On sale Now
Price from £23,225

Citroen finally has a rival to the hugely popular Nissan Qashqai, in the guise of the C5 Aircross. It is a large, practical five-seat family SUV that hopes to win over drivers with its overtly adventurous design.

The company is initially launching the C5 Aircross with front-wheel drive and a system called Grip Control, which helps maintain traction on slippery surfaces. A four-wheel drive model and plug-in hybrid are expected to join the range at a later date.

3. 2019 DS 3 Crossback

On sale Now
Prices from £22,120

The popular DS 3 is being replaced with a crossover version that's taller than the existing car. The all-new DS 3 Crossback promises to be significantly more luxurious, and will be available with a Nappa leather interior, flush-fitting door handles that pop out when the driver approaches the car, and high-end Focal sound system. Expect to pay more for these last two features when the car goes on sale this Spring.

The new car retains the "shark fin" between the windows - like the old car, but comes with two rear doors as standard, giving it a much chunkier and less compact design. An electric E-Tense version will also go on sale next year.

4. 2019 Honda CR-V hybrid

On sale Now
Price from £30,130

The new Honda CR-V actually arrived in the UK last autumn. It has a 1.5-litre petrol engine and the option of seven, as well as five, seats. However, the version that's already setting tongues wagging is this hybrid version, comprising of a 2.0-litre petrol engine, two electric motors and a single fixed gear ratio, a system Honda calls Intelligent Multi Mode Drive (i-MMD).

This new model will arrive later this year with a job on its hands, because there’ll be no diesel-powered CR-V. The efficient new hybrid version is intended to replace it. With sales of new diesel cars plunging, it’s perhaps not such a tall order – as long as Honda gets the new model’s pricing right. What won’t help is that there will be no seven-seat option with the hybrid model.

5. 2019 Land Rover Defender

On sale Early 2020
Price from £43,370

Replacing the original Defender with an all-new model fit for the 21st century has been no easy task. The DC100 concept car, above, was unveiled in 2011 and mixed reactions sent Land Rover back to the drawing board. It’s now been two years since production of the old car ceased and potential rivals haven't been slow in coming forward, including a new Jeep Wrangler and a privately-funded start-up company that's aiming to produce the modern equivalent of a Defender.

So, expect the new Defender to be revealed late this year before it goes on sale in 2020. Rumours are that it will be even better off-road than before and have a close family resemblance to Range Rover models.

6. 2019 Mazda CX-30

On sale Early 2020
Price from £30,000 estimate

Mazda's third SUV is a similar size to the Nissan Qashqai, slotting into the range between the CX-3 and CX-5.

It's very similar to the latest 2019 Mazda 3, with the same sharp, curved styling lines, in a taller SUV profile, bringing a higher driving position.

The CX-30 also borrows from the Mazda 3 under the bonnet. It will feature the firm's latest engine technology, including the Skyactiv-X petrol engine, which can operate like a diesel motor during steady driving, compressing the fuel to ignite it rather than using spark plugs. It's said to combine the performance and sportiness of a petrol engine with the efficiency of a diesel.

7. 2019 Mercedes GLE

On sale Now
Price from £55,465

Mercedes has put as much water as possible between this all-new GLE and the mediocre predecessor that it replaces. The new car looks considerably more modern and comes with the option of some cutting edge technology, including air suspension linked to a camera that adjusts each wheel individually to pre-empt potholes and bumps on the road ahead, which can also lean into corners like a tilting train. A glossy widescreen dashboard comes as standard and there's the option of seven seats for the first time.

8. 2019 Range Rover Evoque

On sale Now
Price from £31,615

‘If it ’aint broke, don't fix it’ is Land Rover’s approach to the second-generation Range Rover Evoque, on sale now. It's retains the shape of the current model, with smoother lines that mean it resembles the larger Range Rover Velar.

Technology gets a big boost too. As well as long-awaited Apple CarPlay and Android Auto software, there's the option of "Ground View" display, which uses cameras in the grille and door mirrors to show the ground below the bonnet, which is just as useful to see the white lines in a crowded car park, as it is when navigating boulders while driving over a river bed.

9. 2019 Nissan Juke

Nissan Juke front

On sale Now
Price from £17,395

With the mechanical parts from the latest Nissan Micra - a good car - Nissan is aiming to bring the Juke back up to date, with more space, comfort and equipment to match the increasingly tough competition.

Expect the individual design to continue: the current car continues to be a hit for Nissan, even though it's almost a decade old. You can read more about the car in our 2019 Nissan Juke guide.

10. 2019 Seat Tarraco

Seat Tarraco front

On sale Now, first deliveries in mid 2019
Price from £28,000 (estimated)

Seat's seven-seat SUV comes with a high-specification in a bid to win customers in the crowded family SUV market. It's fitted with a fully digital dashboard (including the dials behind the steering wheel) as standard, and feels sturdily-built. Combined with the promise of nimble and comfortable performance, it could be a compelling alternative to the Kia Sorento, Hyundai Santa Fe, Skoda Kodiaq, and even the Land Rover Discovery Sport.

11. 2019 Skoda Kamiq

On sale Now
Price from £17,700

Crossover cars, which combine the mechanical parts of a small hatchback with the taller shape of an off-road car, are becoming more fashionable. In recent months we’ve had the Seat Arona, Citroen C3 Aircross and Kia Stonic, and this year, we’ll have the Skoda Kamiq.

Smaller than the Karoq crossover, it's intended to appeal to city-slickers who want a small SUV to look stylish in. Skoda has hinted at a hybrid system which may appear in the production model, along with a choice of three petrol engines and one diesel one too. A six-speed manual will be standard, while a seven-speed auto will be available on the higher-powered petrols and the diesel.

12. 2019 Suzuki Jimny

On sale Now
Price from £15,499

Anyone who has hired a Jimny on their holiday will know just how tough and capable the little off-roader is, so it’s good news that as it comes to the end of its long, 21-year life, there’s an all-new one that has just gone on sale.

Suzuki has sensibly chosen to stick with the rugged, no-nonsense formula that stood the old car in such good stead. Four-wheel drive is standard and it's underpinned by a ladder-frame chassis, which boosts off-road performance at the expense of on-road comfort. Fans can't get enough of the cutesey looks, and strong demand means it's priced at a premium.

13. 2019 Toyota RAV4

On salePrice from £35,250

Like the Renault Kadjar above, the RAV4 will face stiff competition in the family SUV sector.

The Rav looks set to be much better off-road than most other offerings in this sector though. Reduced overhangs and a slightly higher ride height than the outgoing model will make sure of that. We should also mention that it’s available as a hybrid.

14. 2019 Volkswagen T-Cross

On sale Now
Price from £16,995

Like the Skoda Kamiq further up this list, the T-Cross is a tiddly SUV and will go up against an ever burgeoning small SUV/Crossover segment.

It’s not necessarily sporty, but it is utilitarian, boasting a 385-litre boot. And while the seating position is set high, it won't be available with four-wheel-drive.

Trim levels include S, SE, SEL, and R-Line. A 250-unit, limited run First Edition trim is also available. Two engines are on offer - 95 PS and 115 PS versions of Volkswagen’s 1.0-litre TSI petrol engine, available with a five or six-speed manual, or a seven-speed automatic.

15. 2019 BMW X6

On sale Early 2020
Price from £59,340

BMW's X6 was one of the first sporty SUVs on the market and proved that a sizeable group of buyers did want a car that combined the height of an SUV with the lowing lines of a sporty coupe - even if the looks were not universally loved. The third generation of the car arrives late this year and will face tough competition from the new Audi Q8 and Range Rover Velar.

16. 2019 Ford Kuga

On sale late 2019
Price from £25,000 (estimated)

Ford's ageing Kuga is no match for the latest family crossovers and SUVs, but the new model is expected to take the smooth ride and agile cornering of the latest Focus and package it with a higher driving position and extra interior space to rival the likes of the Skoda Karoq.

17. 2019 Mercedes GLA

On sale 2019
Price from £25,000

Part hatchback, part SUV, the GLA is Mercedes’ smallest high-riding family car, and is based on its big-selling A-Class hatchback. A new model is due to be revealed this year.

18. 2019 Mercedes GLB

On sale 2019
Price from £30,000

Mercedes is likely to run out of letters from the alphabet at the rate it’s adding new models to its range. The next arrival to tread new ground is the GLB, which will be sized and priced between the GLA and GLC, and should be priced from around £30,000, making it a posh alternative to a Nissan Qashqai. It will use Mercedes’ new generation of cleaner diesel engine, and the design of the bodywork is said to have been inspired by the chunky G Wagon.

19. 2019 Renault Captur

On sale Now
Price from £18,330

The first Renault Captur was a huge hit for the French company and rivals swiftly followed with their own versions: Ford-Fiesta-sized cars with a taller stance. This year's new Captur promises to be similarly revolutionary, with plug-in hybrid technology for several miles of electric range and low emissions.

New small cars 2019

1. 2019 Seat Ibiza

On sale Now
Price from £15,595

Seat is a brand known for its sporty Cupra cars but it's decided to discard that reputation and rebadge its most powerful cars under the Cupra name.

One of the first will be a high-performance version of the small Ibiza. The standard car is good to drive, thanks to stable and nimble cornering. Combined with a powerful 200hp engine, it's likely to make some hot hatchback buyers think twice about the new Ford Fiesta ST.

2. 2019 Renault Clio

On sale Now
Price from £14,295

Renault is putting the Va va voom back into its Clio, with a new-generation model that will arrive this autumn. The current Clio is the best-selling small car in Europe, so Renault has understandably been cautious about changing too much of its successful formula. That's presumably why the new car looks so similar to the old one, apart from the c-shaped sections at the side of the headlights.

Inside is a different story, and existing owners will barely recognise it as a Clio, at least if they choose one of the higher-end models with a 9.3in portrait screen, digital display behind the steering wheel and a blend of materials that - in the pictures at least - revive the French chic that was lacking in the previous car.

3. 2019 Peugeot 208

On sale Now
Price from £16,250

In 2018, small cars got a lot better. The Seat Ibiza, Ford Fiesta and Volkswagen Polo brought new standards of comfort, quietness, quality and technology to the segment, while maintaining relatively affordable prices. Could 2019 see a similar leap forward? That depends on the standard of the new Peugeot 208.

it looks promising from the initial details. It will be available as an electric car, called the e-208, which is set to have a 211 mile range. Of course, there are also petrol and diesel versions. Plus, a GTI in the near future.

4. 2019 Vauxhall Corsa

On sale Now
Price from £15,550

The Corsa is an important car for Vauxhall – not only historically, but for its future survival. The affordable hatchback has been sliding down the UK’s sales charts in an alarming fashion, losing huge ground to the Ford Fiesta and suggesting that the outgoing model simply wasn’t good enough in today’s competitive car market. Now owned by the Peugeot-Citroen group, it will get new underpinnings, new engines – including an electric version - and, well, new everything, frankly. If that doesn’t stop the rot, nothing will.

New family cars 2019

1. 2019 BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe

On sale Early 2020
Price from £28,000 (estimated)

Despite the rise in sales of tall crossovers and SUVs, four-door cars are having a renaissance by combining the curvy styling of sporty coupes with the extra practicality of rear doors. Mercedes has the CLA, and Audi its A3 saloon. Hyundai's i30 Fastback has a similar shape too.

Later this year, BMW will launch the 2 Series Gran Coupe. It's not just an extended version of the existing 2 Series, but an all-new model that will be used as the basis for the new BMW 1 Series and 2 Series Coupe. All we've seen so far is a teaser shot from the back of the car, shown above.

2. 2019 BMW 3 Series

On sale Now
Price from £33,610

When you make one of the world's best medium-sized cars, there's no shame in introducing a new model that offers more of the same. So this year's brand new BMW 3 Series has the brand's familiar design, a similar interior layout and the same promise of a comfortable ride combined with sporty and nimble performance.

It's slightly larger, bringing more interior space, and the technology has, naturally, been upgraded. For more information, read our guide to the 2019 BMW 3 Series.

3. 2019 Ford Focus Active

On sale Now
Price from £21,900

For years, you've been able to choose different versions of the same car, based on the type of boot or the number of doors. Now you can choose different heights. If the standard Ford Focus seems a bit too low for you, but you don't want the lofty height of the similarly-sized Ford Kuga, then the Ford Focus Active sits in the middle.

There's more 30mm space between the bottom of the car and the ground, compared with the standard Focus, so the car's less likely to be scraped on rough dirt tracks or rocky ground. It doesn't come with four wheel drive for optimum performance off road, but does have some clever electronics that can reduce wheelspin when accelerating on a slippery surface.

4. 2019 Mazda 3

On sale Now
Price from £20,595

The moody photos released by Mazda make it clear that the new 3 will be sold on its eye-catching looks as the technology underneath, which could mean that the company has a hit on its hands because the car isn't lacking in either department.

It will use Mazda’s new-fangled internal combustion engine, called SkyActiv-X. It is capable of working like a petrol motor or a diesel, with spark plugs for petrol engine-style combustion, and the ability to switch to diesel-style compression ignition, too. The idea is to offer the economy of a diesel with the smooth nature and lower emissions of a petrol.

5. 2019 Mercedes B-Class

On sale Now
Price from £23,550

The people carrier, or multi-purpose vehicle, is clinging on for dear life, as drivers flock to SUVs. That’s a shame, because when you ignore image for a moment, people carriers make better family cars and are mostly more affordable to buy and run.

Mercedes is sticking it out, and its replacement for the B-Class will go on sale at the end of this year, with the first deliveries arriving in February. It's more sophisticated than ever, with Mercedes' double-widescreen dashboard and more space. Mercedes claims that it should feel sporty to drive, despite the tall shape: the driver sits 9cm higher than in the company's new A-Class.

6. 2019 Mercedes CLA

On sale Now
Price from £28,690

There's no secret to Mercedes' best-selling A-Class: it's practical and efficient, but also desirable, thanks to its well-finished interior and large dashboard screens - as well as the Mercedes star on the bonnet, of course.

Outside, however, the car's sensible hatchback shape doesn't necessarily stir the emotions. That's the job of the CLA. From the front to the middle, it's similar design to Mercedes A-Class inside and out, but the back half is focused on style, as the roof curves down into the bootlid, which gently kicks up. This makes the silhouette sportier and more elegant. But it does come at a starting price that's expected to approach £30,000

7. 2019 Peugeot 508 SW

On sale Now
Price from £27,630

Ooh La La - Peugeot’s next large estate car is a bit of a looker. The new 508 SW, which goes on sale in January, trades some of the practicality of the model it succeeds (the 530-litre boot has lost 30 litres) but most buyers are unlikely to care when the car looks so much more arresting.

It’s part of Peugeot’s attempt to shift its image upmarket a notch or two, and the rest of the interior is more stylish and upmarket than Peugeots of old. Petrol and diesel models will go on sale first, and a plug-in hybrid – like the VW Passat GTE - will be added in the autumn.

8. 2019 Skoda Scala

On sale Now
Price from £16,595

Skoda has moved a long way from its budget brand roots - so much so that it has struggled to sell the low-priced Rapid hatchback, with an obviously cheap interior. The information released so far for the Scala, emphasises the use of high-quality interior materials, mood lighting and a large dashboard touchscreen, which should move the car upmarket.

The 467-litre boot is said to be the largest in the category, giving the car greater capacity than a Volkswagen Golf or Ford Focus, and Skoda claims plenty of passenger room too. if the Scala can offer value-for-money too, it could be a hit.

9. 2019 Toyota Corolla

On sale Now
Price from £21,305

Slowly but surely, Toyota is shifting its cars on the internationally recognised official excitement scale (okay, we made that up) from ‘Watching paint dry’ to ‘Stepping onto the dancefloor’.

The new Corolla is efficient, practical and well-built - but now has a decent blend of comfort and agility, which means that it no longer feels like the more lumbering Auris it replaced. There's no longer a diesel option: petrol or petrol-electric hybrid power are the only choices.

10. 2019 Toyota Camry

On sale Now
Price from £29,995

Another blast from the past in the Toyota stable is the Camry, a name that hasn’t been used in Britain’s Toyota showrooms for nearly 15 years.

The Camry is coming back to replace the slightly old-hat Toyota Avensis. So expect massive discounts on them soon enough. But back to the Camry. This time around it'll be a hybrid, with a 2.5-litre petrol engine being supplemented by an electric motor.

11. 2019 BMW 1 Series

On sale Now
Price from £23,055

BMW has built its reputation on its claim that it builds the ‘ultimate driving machine’, a hint at the fact that unlike many rival cars, most of its models drive the back wheels, to ensure a more exciting experience for drivers. That’s all set to change for the next 1 Series, which is to be built on a front-wheel drive platform, shared with the Mini. Four-wheel drive will be offered with sporty models. The new generation 1 is expected to be a much more practical and spacious family car, which will please many owners of the past two generations of BMW’s entry-level model.

12. 2019 Audi A3

On sale Early 2020
Price from £23,000 (estimate)

Will the new generation of Audi’s A3 make it into UK showrooms by the end of 2019? The German company isn’t saying, but development of the big-selling model is nearing completion – but politics and logistics mean Audi must wait for sister company Volkswagen to launch its new Golf first.

13. 2019 Seat Leon

On sale Now
Price from £18,590

It’s no secret in the car industry that without killer design and the latest tech you may as well pack up and go home. Seat’s bosses say the next Leon will take a big leap forward, with more daring styling and a world-class touchscreen software system.

14. 2019 Skoda Octavia

On sale late 2019
Price from £19,000 (estimated)

A new Octavia will go on sale later this year, replacing the popular current model, which offers class-leading space for passengers and luggage. Expect more of the same, along with improved comfort.

15. 2019 Volkswagen Golf

On sale Early 2020
Price from £18,000 (estimated)

It’s the bread and butter car for Volkswagen, which means no expense will be spared when launching the next Golf. The changes Golf owners will notice most are an all-digital dashboard – say goodbye to analogue dials and most of the switches and buttons – and a new level of technology that permits a greater degree of self-driving capability.

New electric cars 2019

1. 2019 Aston Martin RapidE

On sale Soon
Price from £190,000 (estimated)

Aston Martin’s first electric car is being built around its oldest model, the Rapide. That may seem odd, but the company says that it’s a sensible move, given that it knows what it’s working with inside out. The prototype car is pictured above.

The target is for a four-door, four-seat luxury car than can travel around 200 miles on a single charge and turn heads wherever it stops to charge its batteries. However, only 155 will be built, and they won’t come cheap – expect a price of just under £200,000.

2. 2019 Audi e-tron

On sale Now
Price from £71,560

Drivers in the UK can reserve their place in the queue for Audi’s first mainstream electric car, the e-tron. Audi dealers are accepting (refundable) £1000 deposits for the electric SUV that’s about the size of a Q5. Its batteries offer a driving range of around 250 miles. Performance is brisk for an SUV, with acceleration from 0-62mph taking less than six seconds, but it's a bit slower than electric rivals in this price range including the acclaimed Jaguar I-Pace, impressive Tesla Model X, and forthcoming Mercedes EQC.

The car is being built now, at a new factory in Brussels, which is said to be CO2-neutral.

3. 2019 BMW iX3

On sale Early 2020
Price from £60,000 (estimated)

BMW has dabbled with electric cars already, namely the i3. Now it is forging into more mainstream territory, with an electric SUV called the iX3. Drivers may be treated to a view of the production model this year, but it won’t reach UK showrooms until 2020. The German car maker says it will match competitors’ cars, like the Jaguar I-Pace, with a driving range of around 250 miles before a recharge is required, and with the equivalent of 270bhp it will zip along nicely.

4. 2019 Mini EV

On sale Early 2020
Price from £35,000 (estimated)

Much has been made of the new electric Mini, which will be built at the company’s Oxford factory. And it’s fitting that the original city car should now be going green with the arrival of the all-electric Mini EV in 2019. Not much is known about the batteries and motor but expect them to be similar to the system in BMW's i3 (Mini is owned by BMW), giving the new car a range of around 190 miles.

The car is based on the design of the current Mini Hatchback, so it's likely to look similar to the popular small car. However, it is likely to include some design features, including a distinctive grille, from the Mini electric concept car that was unveiled last year.

5. 2019 Honda e

On sale Now
Price from £26,160

Cute looks can be worth billions of pounds in car sales: just look at the success of the Fiat 500 and Mini Hatchback. Honda's electric city car is looking to repeat the trick, with a design that mimics a puppyish face, including large round headlight "eyes", a grille that curves upwards like a smile, and a black "snout" on the top of the bonnet.

It's shorter than the Honda Jazz, so should make an ideal city car, while its estimated range of around 150 miles means that it will take you far from urban streets on a single charge.

6. 2019 Kia Soul EV

On sale Now
Price from £33,795

The Kia Soul has always been a car with a bit more character, and the latest version develops the boxy design, with narrow windows and modern, thin headlights. For the European market, it will only be available as an electric car, and underneath the funky looks are the same components that you'll find in the Kia e-Niro and Hyundai Kona electric.

The 64kWh battery should hold enough charge for around 280 miles of driving in real-world conditions, and performance will be nimble. You can expect it to be charged from 20% to 80% in 42 minutes from a 100kW fast charger, and there's a smartphone app that lets you control functions like the heating and the sat nav.

7. 2019 Mercedes EQC

On sale Early 2020
Price from £65,000 (estimated)

EQ is Mercedes’ name for its new range of electric cars. The first to be revealed is the EQC, which is a large, expensive SUV – unsurprisingly, given the global demand for such cars.

The five seat model is powered by an 80kWh battery, giving an output of 400bhp and the potential for a 250-mile driving range. A clever touch is that the navigation can account for which chargers can give a faster battery charge; if only it knew which units were working properly.

8. 2019 Mercedes-Maybach GLS

On sale Soon
Price from £200,000 (estimate)

Mercedes' Maybach brand is on a mission to satisfy the extravagant demands of China’s elite – some of the wealthiest drivers in the world. They want luxurious SUVs that tower over all other cars, opulent interiors - with china sets for brewing leaf-tea - and silent-running electric propulsion to meet stringent Chinese emissions standards. The wincingly-named Maybach Vision Ultimate should offer all this, and more, if it goes on sale at the end of 2019.

9. 2019 Polestar 2

On sale Now
Price from £49,900

Volvo aims to bring electric motoring to the (relatively affluent) masses with its sub-£40,000 hatchback from the firm's electric brand, Polestar.

Designed and priced to compete with the Tesla Model 3, Polestar says that itc car has similar specifications, with the ability to cover around 275 miles on a single charge, and to accelerate from 0-62mph in under five seconds. Initial images suggest that the interior will be luxuriously minimalist, with a sleek, seemingly frameless touchscreen, grey wood panels and the option of vegan fabrics.

New technology available with the car includes an app that allows the phone to be used as an advanced key, that can allow the car to be shared.

10. 2019 Porsche Taycan

On sale Now
Price from £115,858

Porsche has always embraced new technology. Think of the 959 supercar from the mid-80s. Compared with the Ferrari F40, its direct competitor, the Porsche was as sophisticated as the Starship Enterprise. Now the German car company is embracing the rise of the electric car, and its first model will be the new Taycan. It promises a great deal: working with an 800 volt system, it will be capable of a 200 mile charge in as little as 15 minutes, and has a total range of about 310 miles – still short of a Tesla Model S P100D.

11. 2019 Tesla Model 3

On sale Now
Price from £43,045

Few imagined American drivers could be weaned off a diet of cheap petrol, but Elon Musk has proved the doubters wrong. In August, the new Tesla Model 3 was the fifth best-selling car in the US, and comfortably the most expensive car in the top 10 list.

Late this year, the BMW 3 Series-size electric family car will go on sale in the UK. By then, much reported production hold-ups and quality control issues will hopefully be a thing of the past, and Britain’s electric car enthusiasts can enjoy a relatively affordable model with a driving range of 220 miles for the entry-level version, which rises to around 300 miles if a larger battery is fitted.

12. 2019 Audi Q4 e-tron

On sale Early 2020
Price from £30,000 (estimated)

What’s the Audi Q4? It’s a rival to the BMW X2. What’s that? A cross between a high-riding SUV and a low-slung coupe. Confused? Don’t worry, this is a niche that is likely to grow in popularity, as many drivers who have owned an SUV for several years look for something more stylish to replace it with.

It's tipped to look similar to the Geneva Motor Show concept car from 2019, that's shown above. At the compact end of Audi’s SUV family, it will offered as an electric only version with e-tron badging, although petrol and diesel engines, and a plug-in hybrid ;model look set to be rolled out too.

13. 2019 Bentley EV

On sale 2020
Price from £170,000 (estimated)

Bentley is turning its back on big W12 and V8 engines and working on its first electric car. The company is using sister brand Porsche’s new Taycan as a foundation for its luxury electric model, and rumours suggest it will be a four-door coupe.

New sports cars 2019

1. 2019 Aston Martin DBX / Varekai

On sale 2020
Price from £150,000 (estimate)

Is it a sports car, or is Aston Martin’s new Varekai an SUV? With an Aston Martin badge on the bonnet, you’d hope it would be the former. What was introduced as a concept car (above) with the DBX name is tipped to become the Varekai, when it goes on sale at the end of this year. It’s a five-door coupe with a high stance, and V8 turbo engines are likely to be used initially, with a hybrid model to join the range later. It will be built in Wales.

2. 2019 Audi A9

On sale 2020
Price from £90,000 (estimate)

Audi’s luxury coupe has been a long time in the making. Back in 2014, the company was parading a concept – the Prologue (above) - for the A9 on Rodeo Drive, vying for attention with £100,000 handbags and diamond-studded Rolexes. This year, it will finally hit the road, with a V8, bi-turbo petrol engine and four-wheel drive.

3. 2019 BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe

On sale Now
Price from £69,340

The first BMW 8 Series will arrive on British roads, promising Porsche 911 performance for a lower price. Being the budget option isn't really familiar territory for BMW, although with a price of £80,000 it's all relative. The car will be offered with a choice of rear-wheel or four-wheel drive, and, ultimately, a hot M8 version.

4. 2019 BMW Z4

On sale Now
Price from £37,115

The new Z4 may not be BMW’s finest looking roadster, but most sports car drivers will simply be glad to have it on the market and available to choose from. It uses a fabric folding roof, and the Porsche Boxster rival is claimed to be much better to drive than before; BMW wanted to match the Boxster for thrills and spills.

5. 2019 Ferrari F8 Tributo

On sale Now
Price from £200,000 (estimated)

Beautiful, powerful and outrageously quick. Ferraris are an intoxicating drug to people who can afford them.

Revealed at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, this new Ferrari will replace the 488GTB. It uses the same 710bhp V8 as the 488 Pista, and new aerodynamic bits house big claims. Chief of bragging rights is the new F1-inspired S-Duct. This aerodynamic bonnet scoop allows air to travel into one place, and exit it from another. This alone provides a 15 per cent increase in downforce when compared to the 488GTB.

If those kinds of words get you hot under the collar, we expect that this new Ferrari may well just set your entire shirt on fire.

6. 2019 Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door

On sale Now
Price from £121,415

We’re not quite sure where the new, uninspiringly named GT 4-door, fits within the Mercedes-AMG range. It’s hard to see much difference between it and a CLS 63, E 63 and S 63, but the German company is confident there’s a niche that needs filling. Based on the S-Class limo, it’s a luxurious cruiser with the beating heart of a bruiser. It reaches showrooms by the Spring.

7. 2019 Mercedes-AMG Project One

On sale 2020
Price from £2,000,000 (estimate)

Is this the car that will topple the Bugatti Chiron as the fastest production car on the planet? The £2 million supercar packs a 1.6-litre, turbocharged V6 engine from a Formula One racing machine that will rev to 11,000rpm and deliver more than 1000bhp. Despite its eye-watering price, all 275 are said to be more than spoken for, such is the hype surrounding this F1 car for the road.

8. 2019 Polestar 1

On sale Early 2020
Price from £120,000 (estimate)

If you visited the Goodwood Festival of Speed last year, you might have spotted the Polestar 1 zipping up the hill. The high performance hybrid car is the first model from Polestar, a Volvo spin-off, and is a four seat GT that boasts nearly 600bhp and features carbon fibre bodywork. Only 500 will be made each year, but quite how many British drivers will be prepared to pay a costly subscription for what is a four-cylinder car remains to be seen.

9. 2019 Porsche 911

On sale Now
Price from £82,793

The 911 is not just another new Porsche, it is Porsche. The car that has come to define the German sports car maker gets a substantial overhaul and the first cars will arrive in March.

Unsurprisingly it doesn't look a great deal different, but the classic design has been subtly tweaked, engine power has been boosted and there's a new "Wet" mode for more surefooted performance in the rain. Halfway through its lifespan, in around 2022, a new plug-in hybrid model will be introduced. Rumours circulate that a pure electric model could be in the pipeline too.

10. 2019 Toyota Supra

On sale Now
Price from £52,695

The Supra is back – well, nearly. A new Toyota Supra arrives in Britain this summer, following a partnership between BMW and Toyota that led to the two co-developing the Z4 and Supra. While the former is a roadster, the Japanese machine will be a coupe, weigh about 1500kg and use a 350bhp turbocharged straight-six-cylinder engine to drive the rear wheels. The company promises that, like its GT86 sibling, it will be fun to drive at road speeds. It won't be quite as garish as the car above, which is the racing version.

11. 2019 Bentley Continental GT Convertible

On sale Now
Price from £167,000
The third generation of Bentley Continental has been well received, striking a fine line between a luxury saloon and lithe sports car. A convertible version will follow it into showrooms, priced from around £170,000.

It’ll have a continent crushing top speed of 207mph, and a 0-62mph time of 3.7seconds, as long as it has the 6.0-litre engine installed under the long bonnet. It’s also available with a tweed roof, if that’s your kind of thing.


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