Best used cars for under £200 a month

From sporty hatchbacks to big SUVs: you can find the perfect used car for under £200 a month

BuyaCar team
Dec 21, 2016

If you can set aside up to £200 per month to spend on a used car, the options available to you range from nearly new budget SUVs to full-on sporty coupes. And everything in between, too - whether you want a hot hatch, a premium luxury saloon, an estate or a people carrier.

These are our top 10 tempting picks from the thousands of possible choices. We’ve ranked them by the cost of monthly repayments and looked at Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) finance deals only. These offer low monthly payments and the flexibility at the end of the agreement to hand the car back, pay a lump sum to buy it or trade the vehicle in for a new model. You can find more details in our What is PCP? guide.

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Skoda Octavia estate

Best used car under £200 a month for customer satisfaction

Skodas are marketed on providing no-nonsense, dependable transport that feels as if it’s really built to last. And that’s generally the case, too, because the cars tend to sparkle in ownership satisfaction surveys. The Octavia uses sophisticated mechanical parts shared with the VW Golf, so is genuinely smooth, quiet and enjoyable to drive, while the interior space – especially in estate form – is cavernous, even shading some much more expensive cars.

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Representative example Skoda Octavia Estate 1.6 TDI SE
Age 2013 / 30,000 miles
Price £10,981
Deposit £1,110
Monthly repayments £165
Term 48 months
APR 8.9%


Mini Hatchback

Best used car under £200 a month for driving fun

There are more powerful hatchbacks around, but few cars – at any price – are as much fun to drive as a Mini Cooper S. If you’re looking for practicality, this won’t be for you, but as long as you don’t need to use the rear seats often, the small interior won’t be a problem. The previous-generation Mini was expensive when new, but makes a tempting used proposition as it holds onto its value exceptionally well, so you’ll get more of your money back when it comes time to part-exchange for a newer car.

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Representative example Mini Cooper S Hatchback
Age 2013 / 30,000 miles
Price £11,400
Deposit £1,152
Monthly repayments £177
Term 48 months
APR 7.9%


Honda Civic Tourer

Best used car under £200 a month for design and practicality

The curved lines of the Honda Civic Tourer might lead you to think that its boot space is somewhat limited. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth – this is one of the biggest cars in its class for luggage capacity, beating the Volkswagen Golf and even the Skoda Octavia. You get plenty of equipment as standard, too, as well as an efficient diesel engine. The petrol-powered models are a bit slow, however.

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Representative example Honda Civic Tourer 1.8 i-VTEC SE Plus
Age 2014 / 25,000 miles
Price £11,400
Deposit £1,152
Monthly repayments £177
Term 48 months
APR 7.9%


Peugeot 308 SW

Best used car under £200 a month for load space

The cavernous load area of the Peugeot 308 SW is the biggest in its class, while the restrained simple lines make this family-oriented Peugeot a classy-looking estate. The minimalism continues inside with a pared-back dash that keeps fussy-looking buttons to a minimum. Don’t think that this equates to a spartan specification, though – you still get air-conditioning and wireless Bluetooth phone connectivity even on the most basic models.

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Representative example Peugeot 308 SW 1.6 BlueHDi Active
Age 2015 / 30,000 miles
Price £10,745
Deposit £1,087
Monthly repayments £181
Term 48 months
APR 8.9%


BMW 3 series

Best used car under £200 a month for premium quality

If you want a little luxury and prestige for your £200, then you should set your sights on a small sports saloon. Options here include the Audi A4, Mercedes C Class and Lexus IS, but we’ve plumped for the BMW 3 Series, as it’s the best to drive, and there are plenty to choose from. There’s also a huge range of trim levels, and a wide choice of petrol or diesel engines, so you’re sure to find a model that suits you.

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Representative example BMW 320d
Age 2012 / 40,000 miles
Price £11,990
Deposit £1,211
Monthly repayments £182
Term 48 months
APR 8.9%


Dacia Duster

Best used car under £200 a month for value

The Dacia Duster offers an enormous amount of car for your money, giving you a good-sized SUV for less than the cost of a supermini like the Ford Fiesta. It’s comfortable too. Avoid the spartan entry-level Access models, as they really do offer little in the way of standard kit. Equipment is much more generous in the Laureate trim level, which offers alloy wheels, a digital radio, air-conditioning and cruise control. A nearly new model with barely 100 miles on the clock should be within budget.

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Representative example Dacia Duster 1.5 dCi 110 Laureate
Age nearly new / 100 miles
Price £11,499
Deposit £1,162
Monthly repayments £184
Term 48 months
APR 7.9%


Mazda 6

Best used car under £200 a month for all-round versatility

The Mazda 6 adds a dash of style to the large family saloon format – a type of car not generally known for glamour. But the Mazda doesn’t forget the job of being a practical jack-of-all-trades workhorse: It’s spacious, economical and has a reputation for good reliability. This type of car has been unpopular in recent years, with buyers opting for SUVs and people carriers instead, but the Mazda 6 proves that a simple saloon can still provide brilliant family motoring.

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Representative example Mazda 6 2.2D SE-L Nav
Age 2014 / 40,000 miles
Price £12,495
Deposit £1,262
Monthly repayments £188
Term 48 months
APR 7.9%


Honda CR-V

Best used car under £200 a month for the space and height of an SUV

Combining the rugged looks and high driving position of an off-roader with the practicality of an estate makes the CR-V a formidable family car. Add in hi-tech safety features and a great reputation for reliability, and the CR-V becomes quite a tempting proposition. Be careful which one you go for, though - even though this car looks like an off-roader, most models are front-wheel drive only, so if you need to get out of muddy fields on a regular basis, make sure you pick the four-wheel drive versions.

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Representative example Honda CR-V 1.6 i-DTEC S
Age 2013 / 50,000 miles
Price £11,999
Deposit £1,212
Monthly repayments £195
Term 48 months
APR 7.9%


Ford S-Max

Best used car under £200 a month for seven seats

People carriers are never going to be stylish but the Ford S-Max could be as close as you can get. It may have been replaced by a newer model in 2015 but the older car still looks good, particularly in glitzy Titanium trim, and is far more fun to drive than such a big car has any right to be. Add that to the usual people carrier virtues of big carrying capacity for both luggage and people, and you have a winning formula. The S-Max has always been a popular seller, too, so there are loads of examples to choose from.

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Representative example Ford S-Max Titanium TDCI
Age 2013 / 40,000 miles
Price £12,600
Deposit £1,272
Monthly repayments £198
Term 48 months
APR 8.9%


Volkswagen Scirocco

Best used car under £200 a month for performance

The Volkswagen Scirocco is based on the VW Golf, but it is definitely a lot more than a sensible car in a party frock. No, this is a stylish coupé that is fast, fun and easy on the wallet (provided you plump for the punchy yet economical 2.0-litre turbodiesel version). The hatchback shape also means there’s a decent-sized boot plus room for adults in the rear seats.

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Representative example VW Scirocco GT TDI
Age 2013 / 30,000 miles
Price £14,000
Deposit £1,412
Monthly repayments £199
Term 48 months
APR 7.9%



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