Best cars for under £10k

You don't need to break the budget to get a decent set of wheels: here are the best cars for under £10,000

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Feb 16, 2017

VW Polo

If you don’t mind living without niceties such as air conditioning and alloy wheels, and are content with an engine that lacks power for high-speed driving, then a brand new Volkswagen Polo for less than £10,000 is just in reach, thanks to large discounts that can reach 20%.

The car is coming to the end of its life, so the discounts are likely to continue throughout the year. However, you’re probably better off choosing a nearly new VW Polo - you’ll get much more useful equipment for a similar price.
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Skoda Citigo

Even if you pay the full price, without any discounts, some Skoda Citigo models will cost you less than £10,000. That buys you a five-door car that’s got enough space to squeeze adults into the back - for a short amount of time, at least. SE specification comes within budget and includes alloy wheels, air conditioning and Bluetooth for connecting up your mobile phone wirelessly.
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Vauxhall Corsa

The cheapest Sting version of the Corsa forces you to make some compromises - there’s no air conditioning on the basic model unbless you select it as an option, for a start. But aside from the minimal equipment is still the same basic car that’s one of the best superminis that you can buy. It’s big and comfortable, with a modern design inside and out.

Alloy wheels are among the few features that are included as standard, so buying on a budget doesn’t mean that the car looks cheap.
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Dacia Duster

Depending on the Dacia Duster discounts available at any given time - and whether you’re taking out finance - the price of a reasonably well-equipped Duster is either less than £10,000, or just a fraction over.

Compared with the other choices for that price, it represents incredible value. There’s no other crossover car that offers the high driving position and extra space of an off-roader with the lower running costs of a family hatchback.

You don’t even have to settle for the basic Access trim level, which comes with very little equipment as standard. Typical Dacia Duster discounts bring the cost of a petrol-powered Ambiance model, which includes a height-adjustable driver’s seat
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Suzuki Ignis

It’s the size of a city car, but the Suzuki Ignis is slightly taller than normal, so you’ll get more interior space and a better view of the road than you might expect.

Official prices start at just under £10,000, so the Suzuki Ignis discounts on top of that help to make the car extremely good value, especially when you consider that air conditioning, Bluetooth and a digital radio all come as standard. With its chunky looks, this is a small but mighty machine.

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