Cars with panoramic roofs

Let the sun shine on you with a car with a panoramic roof

BuyaCar team
Jul 30, 2018

Sunroofs are a bit like brightly coloured tracksuits. They’re very practical, but they come and go with fashion. In the Eighties, city centres were awash with lurid-greens and yellows, usually teamed with a pair of white trainers. Then the shell suit disappeared for most of the Nineties and Noughties. But before you knew it, Lewis Hamilton rocked up in a Tommy Hilfiger set, paced around Monaco, and they’re back in.

The uptake of sunroofs has been a bit like the wearing of tracksuits. But they’re going through a bit of a renaissance thanks to the panoramic sunroof.

Early sunroofs were of course, quite simple, and only had a few functions. They mostly let light in, and if you were lucky, could be opened or tilted. Later models were electrified and could be controlled at the touch of the button.

Then, the panoramic sunroof shot to fame.


What is a panoramic roof?

A panoramic roof is essentially a piece of glass that spans the entire length of a car’s roof. There are some slight variations in how they work depending on manufacturer, but they all usually have a blind, and will open either at just the front (up to the rear passengers) or all the way, allowing all occupants to bask in the sun.

The sunlight is supposed to make the interior feel more light and airy, therefore large. It works too, and the extra light can lift a cramped or dark interior. Or at the very least, it’ll make you think you have more space than you actually have.

Watch out if you regularly have tall passengers though, as panoramic roofs do tend to eat into headroom.

Cars with panoramic roofs

On BuyaCar there are 1131 cars with a panoramic roof which are available to buy now. The variety of vehicles available with the feature mean that prices cover a wide range, from £4,889 to £169,895, with finance payments starting at £87 per month 

Even small city cars, such as the VW up! And Smart ForTwo have panoramic roofs included with high specification models. Generally in these cars they only open up to the front passengers, but the roof does allow a greater view of the city, where most of these cars spend most of their time.

Panoramic roofs are also abundant in family hatchbacks, with the option available on cars including the Peugeot 308 and Citroen C4 Cactus. The slightly-sensible 308 has a panoramic roof on Allure models, and the quirky Citroen C4 Cactus has it available on Flair models.

Larger family cars also get the panoramic treatment - although, when buying these new, they can get pricier compared with smaller models because of the need for more glass. The Skoda Octavia Estate is massive and has 6110 litres worth of space in the boot, even with the seats up - but a pano roof is a £1,160 option. Volvo’s luxury XC90 SUV is an impressive load-lugger and top-of-the-line models get a panoramic roof thrown in for free.

But, it’s not just family cars. If you want to get from 0-60mph in 4.2seconds while your passenger gazes out at the stars you’ll be wanting Mercedes’ hyper-hatch A-Class AMG 45. Porsche’s Panamera saloon, which in its highest-perfomance specification mode can top 192mph, is also available with a panoramic sunroof.

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