Best Volvos with Park Assist

Volvos are often large cars, which can make parking more difficult. Choose one with Park Assist, however, and life could be much easier….

James Wilson
Sep 28, 2021

Modern Volvos are commonly associated with strong safety ratings and sleek Swedish styling. These are not their only strong points, though, as Volvo prides itself on being an upmarket, comfort-oriented brand and as part of this the impressive driver assistance technology available on many models. Park Assist and Park Assist Pilot are two such examples.

Park Assist helps drivers manoeuvre in tight spaces with a graphical representation on the central media display showing how close objects are to the car. Accompanying the graphic is a beeping sound which gets faster the closer the car gets to an object. Park Assist is available across Volvo’s entire current range and on many of its older models that are no longer in production. Some models come with Rear Park Assist which means they only have parking sensors at the rear.

The similarly named Park Assist Pilot is more advanced. It allows a Volvo to control its own steering when parking, removing the need for the driver to turn the wheel. It works when parallel parking or bay parking, so help is on hand whether you are at the supermarket or parking on the street. Park Assist Pilot is available across Volvo’s entire range of new cars although it comes as part of an optional ‘Lounge’ pack, which varies in price from model to model.

Below there are eight of the best Volvos with Park Assist or Park Assist Pilot. Before delving into these eight cars, there is a quick overview on how Park Assist Pilot actually works to help you decide whether you're happy with Park Assist or are happy to spend more to get Park Assist Pilot.

Best Volvos with Park Assist Pilot

How does Volvo Park Assist Pilot work?

Park Assist Pilot (or PAP for short) is activated by the driver pressing a PAP button on the touchscreen media system in the middle of the dashboard. There are two options to choose from - ‘Park In’ or ‘Park Out’. The former is for when you are trying to park in a space and the latter is for when you are leaving a parking space.

Once PAP is activated the Volvo starts to look for suitable spaces. The system only works when driving at speeds of up to 20mph and the row of cars to be parked in between are no more than 1.5 metres from the side of the car. Maintaining these might sound like hard work but the central dashboard display helps walk drivers through the process.

When a suitable space is found, the display will alert the driver. Then, once the car has been brought to a stop and the driver starts reversing, Park Assist Pilot will use sensor and camera readings to help steer the car - without human assistance - into the space. It is important to note that the driver remains in control of the brakes the whole time.

The Park Out function only works when leaving parallel parking spaces and not bay parking spaces. It functions much the same way as Park In with the added step of the driver having to press the indicator to inform the car of the direction in which they want to leave the space. Currently Park Assist Pilot does not work when there is a trailer or caravan being towed. If that is a must, systems such as VW’s Park Assist could be worth a look.

1. Volvo S60

Used deals from £25,995
Monthly finance from £0*

The Volvo S60 is a classy medium saloon that has much appeal despite fierce competition from cars such as the BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C-Class. Park Assist Pilot is available as an optional extra on R Design, Inscription and Polestar Engineered trims although it comes as part of a pack rather than by itself.

Bundling features together into a pack is the automotive industry equivalent of a meal deal and is common practice - you may have to spend more for a pack than one key bit of kit, but these typically work out much cheaper than paying for the separate bits of equipment individually.

Volvo only offers petrol engines or electric power in its new vehicles. All its cars now feature some form of electrification - meaning the S60 range solely consists of mild hybrids and plug-in hybrids. The plug-in hybrid S60 is claimed to be capable of up to 37 miles of electric range on a full charge. In the real world this figure may be lower, but 25-30 miles from a full battery should be possible.


2. Volvo S90

Used deals from £19,500
Monthly finance from £0*

The Volvo S90 is the bigger brother of the S60 and this shows in more than one way. For starters it is physically bigger, being some 208mm longer than an S60, which is roughly the length of an A5 sheet of paper. The S90 is also more grown-up to drive and it excels on long comfortable cruises. Like the S60, it puts a compelling case forward to tempt drivers away from German rivals such as the Mercedes E-Class and Audi A6 with its distinctive style and comfy cabin.

As for Park Assist Pilot, this is available as an option on both R-Design and Inscription trims. Recharge models (with ‘Recharge’ being Volvo-speak for a plug-in car) come with a claimed battery range of 37 miles and impressive official fuel economy figures of up to 148.7mpg. As with all plug-in hybrids, it is vital for drivers to charge the battery pack as often as possible to get close to matching the official figures; the more time you spend driving on electric power, the less fuel you'll burn and the lower your fuel costs and emissions.


3. Volvo XC40

Used deals from £21,300
Monthly finance from £419*

There are an awful lot of compact SUVs to choose from these days but the XC40 manages to stand out thanks to being well made and looking rather stylish. All but entry-level XC40s - which are known as Momentum Core in the case of brand new versions - are available with the option of Park Assist Pilot. It is also standard on electric XC40s.

Although the XC40 looks quite chunky, it’s very similar in footprint to a Volkswagen Golf. It is much taller, though, which gives the kind of higher driving position that many people desire. When it comes to the driving experience, the XC40 focuses on comfort, meaning it is a great option for family motorists or those who spend a lot of time on the motorway and want a machine that prioritises smoothness over sportiness.


4. Volvo XC60

Used deals from £23,548
Monthly finance from £391*

Much like other Volvos on this list, the XC60 majors in being refined and comfortable. It is solely available as a five-seater and is a practical option. The boot can take up to 505 litres of cargo, which is plenty for the needs of most drivers, even though it is less than other large family cars such as the BMW X3 (550 litres) and Skoda Superb (625 litres).

The XC60 puts most of its rivals to shame when it comes to interior design, though, as it manages to create a modern minimalist environment through use of leather, chrome and other high quality materials. The portrait-orientated central touchscreen media system and 12.3-inch digital driver display - which replaces traditional dials for things such as speed and fuel level - also help, adding to the XC60's appeal.


5. Volvo V60

Used deals from £14,175
Monthly finance from £496*

Volvo’s ‘V’ models are the estate versions of its ‘S’ models. This makes them great for people who like the idea of an S60 or S90 but need more boot space - perhaps to carry a dog or two or for filling with Ikea flatpacks, mountain bikes or other bulky gear. Much like the S60 upon which the V60 is based, there is plenty of safety equipment included as standard. 

Although beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the V60 is undeniably a stylish car. Backing this up is a large boot, which is traditionally very important for those who drive estate cars. At 529 litres it is bigger than the boot of the BMW 3 Series and also the Audi A4 Avant and Mercedes C-Class Estate.


6. Volvo V90

Used deals from £18,290
Monthly finance from £619*

The differences between the V90 and V60 are much the same as the differences between the S90 and S60. Put simply, the V90 is larger and more grown up to drive. Compared to rivals, the V90 is pretty practical - matching the BMW 5 Series for boot space (with 560 litres), although the Mercedes E-Class beats both with a huge 640-litre boot.

Volvo hasn’t deviated from its tradition for making comfortable cars, as the V90 is a very easy-going car to drive. The controls are light to use and the cabin is nice and quiet even at motorway speeds. There is plenty of room in the rear for three adults, although the middle seat isn’t as comfortable as the outer two, due to it being narrower than its neighbours.


7. Volvo XC90

Used deals from £18,750
Monthly finance from £689*

The XC90 is Volvo's largest and most sophisticated SUV; it's also the most expensive with new prices starting from over £56,000 and heading well over £80,000 with all the options ticked. A used model might make more sense, with prices on BuyaCar starting at £18,750.

The XC90 faces competition from the BMW X5 and Mercedes GLE, and while they both offer seven seats as an optional, all versions of the Volvo get seven seats. Maybe surprisingly, this large SUV is only available with 2.0-litre engines. Petrol power comes from the T5 and T6 engines, while diesel comes from the D5. Later models use mild hybrid technology, and are known as B5 (petrol and diesel) and B6 (petrol). There is also a petrol plug-in hybrid option - the T8.

All models come with front and rear parking sensors, along with a reversing camera. Check whether any car you're interested in has been specified with an optional 360-degree camera or self-parking system.


8. Volvo V40

Used deals from £9,000
Monthly finance from £0*

The Volvo V40 is only available second-hand, as it is no longer in production. It was launched back in 2012 but Volvo updated its hatchback along the way to try and keep up with rivals such as the Audi A3. As such, our advice is to go for the newest model within budget.

While the V40 is a much less common sight than a VW Golf or Ford Focus it was actually Volvo’s best-selling car in the UK for a while and this was thanks to its classy styling, upmarket driving experience and relatively affordable prices.

When shopping for a V40 with Park Assist Pilot, there is no guarantee that specific models will feature it as it was optional. Unlike newer Volvos, it was included as part of a ‘Xenium’ pack rather than ‘Lounge’, so keep an eye out for models with the Xenium pack fitted. Additionally, the version of Park Assist Pilot used in the Volvo V40 is only suitable for parallel parking and not bay parking, where the space is at 90 degrees to the car.


*Representative PCP finance - Ford Fiesta:

48 monthly payments of £192
Deposit: £0
Mileage limit: 8,000 per year
Optional final payment to buy car: £2,923
Total amount payable to buy car: £11,926
Total cost of credit: £2,426
Amount borrowed: £9,500
APR: 9.9%

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