Best vans with reversing cameras

Yes, vans can be big and difficult to see out of, but there are now many great models with reversing cameras, so there's no need to struggle

James Wilson
May 17, 2022

Fitting vans with reversing cameras is one of those things that just makes sense. Not only does installing a reversing camera overcome the lack of visibility caused by having no rear windows, which is the case with most vans, but it also allows drivers to properly gauge how close they are to other objects while manoeuvring. This reduces stress for the driver and could also prevent costly bumps otherwise experienced when trying to squeeze into tight spaces.

For delivery drivers who nip through residential areas all day, or tradespeople who regularly visit unfamiliar streets, a reversing camera could be worth its weight in gold, enabling you to easily and safely manoeuvre, without having to worry about causing any damage to your van or anyone else's vehicle.

Traditionally, vans came with very little in the way of equipment compared with passenger cars - you’d be lucky to get air-conditioning or Bluetooth in the past - but the most recent crop of commercial vehicles have seen this change somewhat. Things are still different to passenger cars, after all there is little need for a panoramic sunroof on a van that is going to be used for business purposes, but finding vans with sophisticated equipment such as reversing cameras has never been easier.

There is more good news, as this type of technology isn't just appearing on one type of van. There are small, medium and large vans all available with reversing cameras. Additionally, it isn’t only the more expensive makes and models, such as the Mercedes Sprinter and Volkswagen Crafter that offer such equipment, as more affordable alternatives from the likes of Vauxhall are now available with the option of parking cameras.

Below we've rounded up eight of the best vans with reversing cameras, covering small medium and large models. So, whatever type of van you're after, there should be a desirable model available with extra parking assistance. Keep reading to find the best van for you.

Best vans with reversing cameras

1. Volkswagen Caddy Cargo

Used deals from £20,499

A new version of the Volkswagen Caddy was launched in 2020, meaning that this small van is bang up to date and looks very modern. That said, both inside and out the latest version does look quite similar to the model it replaced. Even so, there are plenty of updates - including adding ‘Cargo’ to the name to help distinguish this VW from other versions of the Caddy.

The bulk of the range comes with a diesel engine, however, a single petrol alternative is offered, which is handy if you're looking to move away from diesel power due to emissions concerns.

A reversing camera is an optional extra on all trims (Commerce, Commerce Plus and Commerce Pro) as are handy features such as a 230V inverter for UK plugs, adaptive cruise control and App Connect (which brings Android Auto/Apple CarPlay functionality). On range-topping Commerce Pro trim there is even the option for a digital dashboard, which replaces traditional physical dials for driving information with a digital display.


2. Peugeot Partner

Used deals from £11,495

Peugeot really moved the small van game on when it revealed its latest version of the Partner back in 2018. A large part of this was thanks to the technology on offer. Not only is the Partner available with a reversing camera but it is also available with something that Peugeot calls Surround Rear Vision. This system features a camera at the bottom of the passenger door mirror and another above the rear doors.

Together these feed footage to a five-inch screen, mounted where a rear-view mirror would traditionally go. Not only does this help with parking and viewing traffic behind, it can also show imagery from the van's blind spots to help you to manoeuvre safely.

Technology like this is often reserved for more upmarket passenger cars. In addition to camera technology, the Peugeot can carry a maximum payload of just over one tonne when equipped with the 130hp BlueHDi diesel engine, which is decent for a van of this size. As a cherry on top, the Partner is also pleasant to drive and comfy.

3. Mercedes Vito

Used deals from £13,999

The Vito Panel Van is Mercedes' medium-sized van. It is available with a range of diesel engines paired with either a manual or automatic gearbox. A reversing camera is standard across the entire range (there are two trims available, Progressive and Premium), which is impressive considering entry-level vans often have poor specifications. Just make sure that if you're buying an older version you check which equipment is included, if having a reversing camera is important to you.

Mercedes also offers a ‘Parking’ package which brings the ability for the Vito to practically park itself. The driver has to control the accelerator, brake and gearbox, but when instructed to do so, the Vito can scan for a suitable parking space, indicate when one is found and then once you have come to a stop, selected reverse, let go of the steering wheel and started reversing, it will steer itself into either a parallel or bay parking space.

There is also a fully electric version of the Vito which is a great option for those who drive mostly in towns and cities and wanted to minimise your tax liability, as electric vehicles can be exempt from levies for travelling in town centres (as they produce zero tailpipe emissions).


4. Vauxhall Vivaro

Used deals from £12,742

If you're looking for a vehicle that is made in Britain, and need the practicality of a medium van, one option is the Vauxhall Vivaro. The Vivaro is available with a rear-view camera (although it is not standard across the entire range) and it is offered with a choice of economical diesel engines. However, like the Mercedes Vito above, a fully electric version is available, enabling you to cut your tax liability.

If you’ve read to this point thinking ‘that sounds good, I wonder which model to go for?’ you’d best steady yourself as trying to navigate through the range of Vivaro trims will initially seem mind-boggling - as is often the case with vans. The name of each model is first made up of an indicator of height and length.

Vans often come in a number of different heights and lengths and for the Vivaro there are two options, L1H1 and L2H1 - with the latter being the longer one. Then there is trim name, which in the case of the Vivaro includes Edition, Dynamic, Sportive and Elite. The final part of the name is a number to signify the weight of a Vivaro when fully loaded with cargo - its gross weight. One example is ‘Vauxhall Vivaro L2H1 Elite 3100’.

5. Volkswagen Crafter

Used deals from £19,900

Let’s make no bones about it, the Volkswagen Crafter panel van is a big vehicle. Even in its shortest guise (dubbed the ‘medium’ wheelbase) it is one metre longer than a Range Rover. In its longest form (long wheelbase Maxi) it is almost 2.4 metres longer. Then there is the height, of which there are three options to choose from - low, high and super high.

Regardless which version you go for, therefore, this is one big vehicle, so a reversing camera is well worth having. The Crafter is also available with a Park Assist system, which is another feature you might want to keep an eye out for.

While every new Crafter currently comes with a 2.0-litre diesel engine, there are different versions which are identified by how much power they produce - they vary from 102hp to 177hp. There are also manual and automatic gearboxes, plus the choice of front-, rear- or four-wheel-drive. The latter is the least common option as four-wheel-drive vans are, in general, quite rare. However, if you need additional all-weather grip for negotiating muddy building sites or the occasional rough farm track, it could be a valuable feature to have.

6. Vauxhall Movano

Used deals from £17,900

The Movano is the Vivaro’s bigger brother. It is a rival for the likes of the Crafter above and delivers space by the bucket load. As a result, it's also a pretty huge vehicle, so any help with manoeuvring this machine is very valuable.

The Movano was updated in 2019 with Vauxhall revising the styling and boosting onboard technology - for example, wireless phone charging became an option. The maximum payload is rated at 2.1 tonnes, which is good, but beaten by the Mercedes Sprinter below, so if you need a van that can handle the heaviest possible load, it's worth looking at the Sprinter.

Also optional is Surround Rear Vision (which works in the same way as the system used in the Peugeot Partner) and a rear-view camera. Vauxhall also offers all manner of different body styles with the Movano. There are four different standard heights and four different standard lengths along with the choice of panel van, tipper and drop side backs, depending on what you need to carry.

7. Mercedes Sprinter

Used deals from £19,995

With the massive increase in online shopping, large vans such as the Mercedes Sprinter have found huge popularity in the UK. To keep up with demand, Mercedes launched a new Sprinter in 2018 bringing massive improvements in terms of cabin quality and refinement.

For those who are less fussed about fancy touchscreen media systems, however, the older generation Sprinter (in production from 2008 to 2018) is a great workhorse and certain models even have an optional reversing camera fitted. That makes them a better value option, which is worth considering if you want the most van for your money.

Moving back to the newer model, it isn’t just cabin technology that is a standout feature. The maximum payload is a lofty 2,500kg plus there are a range of lengths and heights of load bay to suit the driver's needs.

The core Sprinter range uses diesel engines but Mercedes has launched an electric eSprinter (along with the eVito) that swaps diesel power for batteries and an electric motor. While the eSprinter has zero tailpipe emissions, its range is only 96 miles and its maximum payload is 774kg, so it is best suited to those who drive in towns (where stop-start traffic is good for recuperating energy from regenerative braking) and have lighter cargo to transport.

8. Renault Master

Used deals from £17,995

Measuring in as the largest van Renault sells, is the Master. The Master was recently updated in 2019 and much like the Mercedes Sprinter, its updates saw big improvements inside the cabin. Most obvious of these is the central media system mounted on the dashboard.

At the same time, Renault did a fairly comprehensive job in revamping the front of the Master by redesigning the headlights and grille, which gives it a more modern look, but the same cannot be said of the rear.

A parking camera is available across the Master range, as are a number of other features such as cruise control and a resin-coated plywood floor. Like others on this list, there are a number of body heights and lengths to choose from but all Master vans are large. Although the bulk of the Master range uses diesel engines there is also a fully electric Z.E model on offer.

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