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Compare vehicles from used car dealers across the country to find the best price and the right specification for you

BuyaCar team
Nov 12, 2018

Shopping for a used car doesn’t need to involve trudging around dealerships, navigating round grey industrial estates and trying to get the attention of a salesperson.

Buying online enables you to compare cars between dealers from across the country, so you can find the car that you want, for the best price, in the right specification - without leaving home.

That choice extends to other areas too, with flexible finance options from a range of lenders to improve your chances of being offered affordable repayments.

Online purchases are also backed up with extra consumer protection, including a 14 day returns guarantee.

BuyaCar’s used car dealer partners

BuyaCar works with leading dealerships from across Britain. There are currently 24285 cars available to buy outright or to finance. Prices start at £4,000 or from £134 per month with finance.

Once an order is placed, we then contact the relevant dealer and reserve the car. It’s inspected and prepared to the same standard as if you were picking it up yourself - backed up by a warranty.

When the car is ready and a date has been agreed, BuyaCar will send a driver to pick the vehicle up and deliver it to a customer’s door.


Used car dealerships near me

BuyaCar’s online platform offers cars at a fixed price with a fixed delivery fee, no matter where you or the car that you’re buying is located.

This means that you’re no longer restricted to local dealerships and you are able to order the car that you want, without any concerns over how you're going to get it to your home.

Vehicles are typically delivered two weeks after the order is placed.


Ordering from BuyaCar’s used car dealer partners

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