Best eight-seater cars for sale

If having plenty of space in your car is paramount, you won't find anything bigger than these 8-seater cars for sale on BuyaCar

James Wilson
Oct 4, 2021

If you're looking for a car with plenty of space for passengers, your best bet is probably going to be a good old-fashioned people carrier. But even the largest people carriers tend to only have seats for up to seven incumbents, so if you need any more than that, you might hit a problem.

The good news, therefore, is that there is a small selection of vehicles available that do offer enough space for eight people - and they come in the shape of vans that have been converted into passenger cars. With unmatched levels of space and practicality along with very reasonable running costs considering their size, these cars can tick an awful lot of boxes, while still remaining a 'car' to all intents and purposes.

Considering this might not be the most in-demand section of the car market, it is catered for by a fairly strong line-up of options from a variety of manufacturers. If you're sticking to the used market you'll find that prices are pretty competitive, but you won't have to spend hours comparing a vast array of different models like you would if you were hunting for a family hatchback.

Bear in mind however that cars like this could have been put to use in a variety of ways during their lifetime. One may have racked up a few thousand miles as a taxi, while another might have spent its days filled with muddy footballers trawling all over the country. So it's likely that condition is going to be model specific, and therefore prices can be somewhat variable. Having a good grasp of a car's history will help you decide if the value is good or not.

Best used eight-seater cars

1. Toyota Proace Verso

Best eight-seater all-rounder

Used deals Limited stock

The Toyota Proace Verso is part of a triplet of basically identical eight-seater vehicles – the other two being the Citroen SpaceTourer and Peugeot Traveller. Much like its siblings, which also featured on this list, the Proace Verso manages to offer a practical van package and car-like driving characteristics.

It's available in three sizes: compact, medium and long. The first will seat eight, but not with any luggage, while the last will seat eight with tonnes of luggage plus the kitchen sink. It’s the middle of the range medium option that is probably best for most. What makes the Toyota Proace Verso stand out is its long warranty – five years/100,000 miles to be exact, meaning second-hand buyers can still purchase a car with a decent amount of warranty left.

When hunting for vehicles on the used market, Family spec medium models are one of the best to go for. Sadly you don’t have a choice of fuel type as diesel is your only option (although that is par for the course when it comes to eight-seater cars) but there are manual and automatic models on offer.

2. Hyundai i800

Best eight-seater for five-year, unlimited-mileage warranty

Used deals from £15,124
Monthly finance from £278*

While some of the eight-seaters on this list offer a driving experience, which hides their van-based roots. The Hyundai i800 does not. What the i800 does is offer great value and come supported by a nice long five-year warranty from new. Like its rivals, the i800 is cavernous inside as well.

Hyundai updated the styling of the i800 towards the end of 2018, so on the used market you will have a choice of two styles. There were no revolutions in terms of design when Hyundai refreshed the i800, but as you would expect the newer version looks more modern. Entry-level SE variants are okay for those who are trying to find an eight-seater without it costing the earth, while SE Nav models offer a bit more in the way of equipment including automatic headlights, a very handy reversing camera and a seven-inch display with sat-nav.

All models come with a 2.5-litre diesel engine but buyers do have a choice of manual or automatic gearboxes – the latter transmission gets more power, which makes autos the ones to go for.

3. Citroen SpaceTourer

Best eight-seater low used prices

Used deals from £19,995
Monthly finance from £301*

The Citroen SpaceTourer is a cracking eight-seater car thanks to the fact it boasts all the practicality of its van-based roots, yet manages to offer motorists a driving experience close to that of a traditional car – sounds like a certain Toyota Proace.

When hunting around on the used market, you will have to opt for a diesel, as there are no petrol options, with the 150 BlueHDi unit offering motorists the best combination of performance and running costs. As for choice of trim level, Feel models are one of the sweeter spots in the range.

Your options don’t end there, as you can choose between XS-, M- and XL-sized models, which dictate how long a SpaceTourer you are buying – just like with the Proace Verso. M is the best of both worlds when it comes to everyday usability and space, but XL is better for transporting eight people and lots of luggage, while XS is best for those who only occasionally need eight-seats or don’t need any space for luggage.

4. Mercedes-Benz V-Class

Best eight-seater for upmarket motoring

Used deals from £37,890
Monthly finance from £619*

If you are after a more upmarket eight-seater vehicle then the Mercedes V-Class could be for you. Yes, prices range from the slightly expensive to the extremely expensive, but buying used helps combat this slightly.

It is important to note that the entry-level ‘standard’ length V-Class only comes with seating for seven, but long and extra-long models pack enough space for eight. The interior of the V-Class is really what helps set it off from its rivals, with soft-touch materials in plentiful supply and stylish touches such as Mercedes’ attractive turbine-style air vents.

The V-Class was launched in 2015 and updated in 2019, but it is the older model that dominates the second-hand market. Irrespective of age, you have to opt for an automatic gearbox and a diesel engine. As for the best trim to look for, all models come well equipped, making entry-level Sport versions arguably the best option for buyers as they are the most affordable.

5. Peugeot Traveller

Best eight-seater for standard equipment

Used deals from £33,333
Monthly finance from £497*

As the Peugeot Traveller shares a platform and engines with the SpaceTourer above, you can imagine deciding between the two will largely be decided by which front end you prefer (as this is the only major difference in looks). Aside from styling, you get the same great levels of practicality and also a decent driving experience.

When it comes to which models to look for on the second-hand market, again there is the choice of body length and again, the middle length will be the best option for most. As for trim level, Peugeot doesn’t offer a super-basic Traveller, so all models should come well equipped. Even so, Active BlueHDI 150 models are the one we recommend hunting down as this brings goodies such as climate control, rear privacy glass and a seven-inch media system display.

*Representative PCP finance - Ford Fiesta:

48 monthly payments of £192
Deposit: £0
Mileage limit: 8,000 per year
Optional final payment to buy car: £2,923
Total amount payable to buy car: £11,926
Total cost of credit: £2,426
Amount borrowed: £9,500
APR: 9.9%

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