Black Friday nearly-new and used car deals

The mayhem of Black Friday may be over for another year, but we've still got great finance deals on a huge range of used cars

BuyaCar team
Mar 27, 2020

This year we rolled out our best ever promotion by offering free delivery on all orders over Black Friday weekend. Gone are the days when such events were reserved for cut-price TVs and bargain-basement games consoles, now you can get a car delivered to your door.

While the buzz of Black Friday might have died down, we're still dedicated to finding you the best possible cheap car deals that you can get delivered straight to your door.

At BuyaCar we endeavour to offer you excellent value finance deals on used cars available across the UK. With a range of models branching from the latest and most popular SUVs to the most affordable and economical city cars, every car we sell is painstakingly checked to meet our own highest standards to make sure the car that arrives on your driveway is exactly the way you want it. 

Whether you need a quick stopgap that's cheap to run for a few months, or you're looking for the car of you dreams that's going to keep you satisfied for years to come, we have everything covered to help you find the perfect next model, in the right colour at the right price.

Don't let us keep you any longer, we've listed five such cars below to get your imagination racing, but rest assured there's a whole lot more where these came from waiting to be delivered at

Used car deals

1. BMW 330e plug-in hybrid

Used deals from £13,645
Monthly finance from £567

There are numerous reasons why BMW has long been considered a seriously desirable upmarket brand. Forming the foundation of this is the fact that its cars are well built, offer strong performance and include good levels of equipment no matter which specification level you opt for. And one of BMW’s best models is the 3 Series – a car that's enjoyable enough to drive to make you look forward to getting behind the wheel yet affordable enough to give you plenty of choice within budget.

There are two main types of hybrid 3 Series offered by BMW; one you can plug in and one you can’t. The former is perfect for those who can regularly plug in to charge and want to benefit from the all-electric range of around 25 miles. The latter is more suited to those who want a performance-focused hybrid but is a much rarer sight here in the UK.

Focusing on the plug-in BMW 3 Series, the specifications available follow that of much of BMW’s wider range. This means basic SE models kick off the range, with more sporty M Sport and more upmarket feeling Luxury trims offering an increase kit and styling tweaks which suit their respective names.

2. Ford Mustang

Used deals from £27,989
Monthly finance from £0

You can get the Ford Mustang with a choice of two engines – one a mammoth 5.0-litre V8 and the other a still potent 2.3-litre four-cylinder. For the full-fat Mustang experience the larger capacity motor is a must as, aside from anything else, the noise it makes can put a smile on anyone’s face (provided they don’t work for Greenpeace).

Aside from a few special editions, the Mustang range consists of GT models (which come with the 5.0-litre V8) and EcoBoost models (which come with the 2.3-litre four-cylinder). For those who are die-hard Steve McQueen fans, there is a Bullitt edition, which brings styling similar to that seen on the 1968 Mustang used in the cult-classic film Bullitt.

Sure, running costs will be significantly higher than those of a Toyota Prius, but in a world where petrol and diesel cars are starting to be phased out, the time to drive a Mustang is now, before environmental concerns further limit the type of cars we can drive.

3. Nissan Leaf

Used deals from £19,480
Monthly finance from £308

If you're ready for an electric car now, however, the Nissan Leaf is already a realistic everyday plug-in prospect. With a long-range model already available, you shouldn't have many worries about not having enough battery capacity to meet your normal driving requirements. Even longer trips shouldn't be much of a challenge.

Nissan claims a range of 168 miles as standard - expect to get around 95% of that in real-world driving, so nearer to 160 miles - and if that isn’t enough, Nissan recently launched an E+ model, which claims 239 miles. Being newer, E+ models are much rarer on the UK second-hand car market, but more and more should become available over the coming months.

One of the Leaf’s most impressive features is how incredibly easy it is to drive, especially using Nissan’s 'e-pedal' system. Switch this on and it effectively means you rarely need to brake as the car automatically slows itself down when you lift off the throttle. 

4. Volkswagen Up

Used deals from £5,000
Monthly finance from £152

If you want an affordable but desirable small car, then look no further than the VW Up. These little German wonders are fun to drive, stylish - with plenty of colours and options to ensure you find one that perfectly suits your taste - and is a surprisingly practical everyday car, despite being about the same size as a postage stamp.

As the Up targets buyers from first-time drivers to pensioners, there is a good spread of trims on offer – including the likes of Take Up, Rock Up, Move Up, Look Up and even a performance-orientated Up GTI. For those looking to spend as little as possible, Take Up models are a great choice, but if finances permit, High Up variants are the pick of the bunch.

One thing to keep in mind is from 2016 the Up did away with a dedicated media system and instead came with a smartphone cradle, so make sure your phone is up to the task of doubling as a sat-nav before buying, if that's important to you.

Also worth thinking about is engine choice, as the Up is available with four petrol engines - including the more powerful engine fitted to the sporty Up GTI. As you would expect, the more power you get, the worse the claimed economy becomes. Aside from that, though, the VW Up should be a reliable steed for years to come.

5. Seat Alhambra

Used deals from £19,550
Monthly finance from £0

If you are in the market for a super-practical seven-seat MPV (multi-purpose vehicle) then the Seat Alhambra is an excellent option. While the Alhambra is built on the same platform as the Volkswagen Sharan MPV, it typically represents better value with lower prices, making it the one to go for.

Everything from the Alhambra’s functional boxy shape and spacious interior to sliding rear doors - perfect for preventing car park dents caused by carefree kids - and third row of seats scream practical family bus. This is a car which takes football practice, play dates and camping weekends in its stride and comes back for more.

To help keep all occupants happy, most models come with a helpful dose of desirable technology – including the likes of a 6.5-inch media system for controlling the audio, air-conditioning and USB connectivity.

As the current-generation Alhambra has been on sale since 2010 there are bargains to be had on the second-hand market. When looking for trims, SE Lux is a great place to start. Gearbox wise there are both manual and automatic options with both in plentiful supply. As for engines, Seat offers both petrol and diesel variants, although on the used market the latter is more popular.


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