What is contactless car delivery?

Want your next car delivered to your home, but without any physical contact with the delivery driver? You need contactless car delivery

John Evans
Jul 17, 2020

'Coronavirus', 'self-isolation', 'social distancing' - these are three terms we’ve had to become familiar with in recent months, and here’s another that you might want to add to your vocabulary: 'contactless delivery'.

Fortunately, like the famous garden products, it does exactly what it says on the tin - a form of car delivery to a customer’s home address or place of work requiring no physical contact such as handshakes, feature demonstrations or exchanges of paper documents between delivery driver and customer. Even your doorbell doesn’t require ringing.

This replaces the traditional format of visiting a showroom to purchase a car, as following the coronavirus outbreak, these types of public place involve a higher risk of exposure to coronavirus than staying at home and having the car come to you.

Being a safer form of home delivery, contactless delivery is intended to reduce the spread of coronavirus and provide reassurance to drivers - especially those with pre-existing health problems or in other high-risk groups. In these anxious times it’s proving popular, not least because government and public health bodies are encouraging behaviour that can reduce the spread of the disease.

Contactless delivery is backed by strict sanitising procedures, the wearing of appropriate protection and specific codes of conduct, all aimed at safeguarding workers and customers. Together these mean that customers have the minimum possible interaction with the delivery driver while the car itself is cleaned thoroughly, to further minimise the chance of transmission of coronavirus.

Who is offering contactless delivery?

In the wake of coronavirus, some, but by no means all, car manufacturers are now providing home delivery and in some cases there may be the option of contactless car delivery. Among those dealers offering it are some Mercedes, Renault and Citroen agents.

Elsewhere, online vehicle sellers such as BuyaCar have always offered home delivery and have become experts in adapting the service to offer contactless car delivery. What’s more, with virus prevention measures likely to last indefinitely, the business is planning to maintain the option of contactless delivery into the future.

In the case of BuyaCar this suits customers because the business is based on remote selling where customers can choose their car and pay for it online without the need to enter a showroom. Everything from vehicle selection to part-exchange valuation can be done this way. The new car is then delivered to the customer’s home at a date to suit them and if they have a part-exchange this can be collected once the new vehicle has been delivered.

How does contactless delivery work?

The principles behind contactless delivery are shaped by government guidelines but in essence involve sanitising a car’s interior surfaces before and at the point of delivery, protecting technical and delivery staff from coronavirus with gloves and protective clothing, observing social distancing and removing the need to physically engage with customers - for example, finding alternatives to exchanging paperwork and requiring it to be signed.

Meanwhile, the need for customer contact is further removed through actions such as phoning ahead to confirm delivery and safe handover arrangements, on arrival calling the customer rather than ringing the doorbell and ensuring all vehicle documentation is processed digitally.

What can I expect during contactless delivery?

Businesses will each employ different anti-viral measures but when taking the contactless delivery option with BuyaCar you can expect the following:

The vehicle has been sanitised by the supplying dealer using wipes and disinfectant spray prior to collection by the delivery driver, with all techicians wearing protective gear including gloves and face masks.
Two-metre social distancing has been observed at all times.
Dealers, technicians and drivers audited to ensure compliance with the above.
Sanitising products and equipment are available when required.
Only one delivery driver is in the car or driving the delivery truck, if you choose that option.
The delivery driver is wearing protective gear including gloves and a face mask.
The delivery driver will phone ahead and confirm handover arrangements with you including where the keys are to be left.
The delivery driver will sanitise the car’s interior on arrival at your address.
There will be no in-vehicle handover or demonstration of controls.
Handover documents and paperwork will be processed digitally.


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