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Find the very latest PCP finance deals on second-hand BMWs with low prices on everything from the 1 Series hatchback to the X5 SUV

Joe Holding
May 10, 2021

BMW is one of the most popular carmakers in the UK, with the German company selling almost 170,000 vehicles on these shores in 2019. That doesn't just mean plenty of new BMWs on UK roads; it also means plenty of used models, too.

As an upmarket brand, BMW offers drivers significant badge appeal - everyone knows the BMW brand. It's also a company known more recently for its bold styling, with cutting-edge technology and decent performance being just a handful of the marque’s more traditional selling points. Up against its main rivals Mercedes and Audi, its also involved in some steep competition for sales.

Because BMWs are so popular in Britain, there’s never a shortage of nearly new or used cars for you to get your hands on at much lower prices than they cost new. Better still, great monthly finance deals mean you don’t necessarily have to pay more than you would for rival cars from more 'affordable' brands.

Click on the links below to jump to the nearly new and used prices for any of the models you’re interested in, or scroll down for a full overview of the range.

BMW finance deals

BMW 1 Series offers

The BMW 1 Series was the brand’s biggest selling car in 2019 and there's plenty going for the latest version of this family hatchback. The current third-generation 1 Series has swapped rear-wheel drive (which used to be something of a BMW unique selling point linking in with the company's 'Ultimate Driving Machine' tagline) for powering the front wheels (and in some cases all four wheels), however the change hasn’t made it any less fun for drivers.

The switch has freed up more space too: there are fewer mechanical parts getting in the way in the back (since the rear wheels no longer receive power from the engine), and in addition to being 34mm wider and 13mm taller than the previous model, rear passengers will really notice the difference. The roof may still be a little low for six-footers (a common complaint on the old car) but extra leg room helps make up for this.

Is the exterior styling to everyone’s tastes? Perhaps not - although there’s no denying that the upmarket interior makes the 1 Series an extremely nice environment to travel around in - especially bearing in mind that now used models are available at much lower prices.

BMW 1 Series versions

2019-present The switch from rear-wheel drive to front- or four-wheel drive is significant, but it’s a welcome change that adds practicality without ruining the engaging drive. BUYERS’ GUIDE

2011-2019 The second-generation model isn’t as spacious or fuel efficient as its replacement, but it’s still a great option for those sticking to a budget. BUYERS’ GUIDE

Nearly new BMW 1 Series

BuyaCar prices Limited stock

BMW 1 Series
Used BMW 1 Series

BuyaCar prices from £6,999
Monthly finance from £248*

BMW 3 Series offers

The BMW 3 Series is an appealing all-rounder, acting as a family runabout, business vehicle and sports car all at the same time. The latest model has improved in a number areas, with a much bigger boot, more passenger space and better refinement than before.

As ever, the 3 Series is available with a range of petrol and diesel engines, most of which use an eight-speed automatic gearbox. The diesel 320d is capable of 56mpg, making it a sensible choice for high-mileage drivers, while 'xDrive' models come with ‘intelligent’ four-wheel drive that maximises grip when pulling off in the rain or snow.

Rivals like the Mercedes C-Class are slightly more comfortable, but the ride in the 3 Series is still suitably smooth. The interior is finished to a high standard and even the cheapest SE models come with sat-nav, front and rear parking sensors and cruise control as standard. Expect to pay around £350 per month upwards for one of these, though the entry price should quickly drop as this relatively new model gets older.

BMW 3 Series versions

2019-present You’ll pay a premium for the latest-generation 3 Series, but if you value a roomy interior and fuel efficiency, it might well be worth it. BUYERS’ GUIDE

2012-2019 Space isn’t as plentiful inside, but post-2016 cars welcomed BMW’s excellent updated iDrive media system, which remains one of the best around today. BUYERS’ GUIDE

Nearly new BMW 3 Series

BuyaCar prices Limited stock

BMW 3 Series
Used BMW 3 Series

BuyaCar prices from £9,990
Monthly finance from £306*

BMW 5 Series offers

If it’s comfort you’re after then look no further than the BMW 5 Series: the ride is incredibly smooth and there’s plenty of room to transport four adults with ease; five at a push if you use the middle rear seat.

Like all of BMW’s saloons, the 5 Series is fun to drive, with precise steering making it a hoot along country roads. Most used models are diesels, and even early editions of the previous-generation model could surpass 60mpg, so your fuel bills should be low for a car of this size.

The latest 520d model is pushing 70mpg these days, while the in-car technology has come on leaps and bounds, too. There’s a slick touchscreen media system on the dashboard, and a raft of semi-autonomous driver assistance features can help pilot the vehicle more safely.

BMW 5 Series versions

2017-present As well as increasing in price, the latest 5 Series is longer and wider than before. This is great for interior space, but not ideal if you often drive on narrow country lanes. BUYERS’ GUIDE

2010-2017 Older 5 Series models are great value for money, but avoid ActiveHybrid 5 models: they aren’t much more efficient and hybrid tech has moved on since it was launched in 2012. BUYERS’ GUIDE

Nearly new BMW 5 Series

BuyaCar prices Limited stock

BMW 5 Series
Used BMW 5 Series

BuyaCar prices from £13,507
Monthly finance from £385*

BMW 7 Series offers

Rivalling the Mercedes S-Class and the Audi A8, the BMW 7 Series has been around since 2016. As a luxury limousine, its purpose is to ferry around occupants as extravagantly as possible with seriously high comfort levels, as well as entertain the driver every now and again.

The interior is one of the best of any car on the market: polished wood and leather upholstery are used to great effect, while the top-of-the-range M760Li introduces a full-length glass roof to let as much light in as possible. Some used models are fitted with a pair of 10-inch high-definition displays on the back of the front seats, giving rear passengers their own entertainment options for longer journeys.

An update to the range in 2019 saw revisions made to the engine line-up: the 730d diesel remains the most popular and is capable of 44.1mpg, with its 3.0-litre diesel engine producing 265hp. That’s enough for 0-62mph in less than 6.0 seconds - making it both fast and economical.


Nearly new BMW 7 Series

BuyaCar prices Limited stock

BMW 7 Series
Used BMW 7 Series

BuyaCar prices from £30,450
Monthly finance from £0*

BMW X1 offers

Sharing mechanical parts with the Mini Hatchback, the BMW X1 is more of a crossover than a fully fledged SUV. It’s roughly the same size as an Audi Q3, although the ride is smoother and more comfortable, making it a better choice for relaxed driving styles.

Inside, BMW has worked its usual magic with an upmarket interior design that makes the X1 feel like a premium product, although you’ll have to weigh up if the extra cash to get a crossover like this is worth it when cheaper hatchbacks like the Volkswagen Golf and Skoda Octavia offer almost as much space and quality for less.

A recent model will set you back at least £26,000 or £370 per month on a PCP deal, however all cars are equipped with dual-zone climate control, sat-nav, parking sensors and a six-inch screen for the media system as standard. Efficient diesel engines should help to reduce your fuel bills, too.


Nearly new BMW X1

BuyaCar prices Limited stock

Used BMW X1

BuyaCar prices from £10,390
Monthly finance from £324*

BMW X3 offers

As you’d expect from an SUV - a 'Sport Utility Vehicle' - made by BMW, the X3 has a particular focus on a sporty drive that plenty of rival vehicles seem to miss altogether. No it’s not as agile as the shorter 3 Series saloon, but it’s still enjoyable to drive and the extra passenger and luggage space make it a good choice for growing families. The ride is as comfortable as that of the Audi Q5 and Mercedes GLC, too.

Early versions of the X3 are still competitive with more modern machinery thanks to a range of powerful (yet relatively frugal) diesel engines. The xDrive20d returns over 55mpg when riding on the smallest available alloy wheels, while a reasonably strong 190hp ensures that acceleration remains strong.

A new version of the X3 - released in 2018 - introduced a number of improvements over the old model, with newer technology, more passenger and luggage space and a fresh exterior design. You’ll do well to find one of these for much less than £550 per month currently, however. As these are still relatively new, though, expect starting prices and finance costs for used models to drop notably over the next year.

BMW X3 versions

2018-present Avoid models with sportier suspension and bigger wheels if you can: these detract from the excellent ride quality, making the X3 less comfortable. BUYERS’ GUIDE

2010-2018 Petrol engines were phased out of the previous-generation’s engine line-up, but that’s OK: diesel power is much better suited to a vehicle like this. BUYERS’ GUIDE

Nearly new BMW X3

BuyaCar prices Limited stock

Used BMW X3

BuyaCar prices from £13,650
Monthly finance from £0*

BMW X5 offers

The third-generation BMW X5 was one of the most sought after SUVs in the UK (as is the current, fourth-generation model). It was the first X5 to be offered with seven seats, making an already very practical car even more adaptable for family use. This X5 achieved a five-star Euro NCAP crash-test rating, so it should prove impressively safe, too.

Most models are equipped with four-wheel drive, meaning you should be able to tackle muddy, undulating terrain without too much difficulty - although having sporty tyres fitted may limit the amount of grip you have off-road. However, there are also a few used two-wheel drive examples available if you’re more concerned with reducing your running costs.

The latest version of the X5 - which arrived in 2018 - came with a new design and upgraded technology, while the engine line-up is smoother and more refined than before. It’s spacious in the back too, although the Volvo XC90, Audi Q7 and Mercedes GLE offer more room.

BMW X5 Series versions

2018-present Don’t expect to find a recent version of the X5 for much less than £47,000 or £600 per month, though this should drop as the car gets older. BUYERS’ GUIDE

2013-2018 With a 650-litre boot and a towing capacity of 3,500kg, the old X5 still packs a serious punch as a practical and desirable family vehicle. BUYERS’ GUIDE

Nearly new BMW X5

BuyaCar prices Limited stock

Used BMW X5

BuyaCar prices Limited stock

BMW i3 offers

The BMW i3 is one of the best small electric cars on sale, although you’ll pay a premium for its upmarket look and feel and nimble handling. The exterior looks aren’t for everyone, but the interior has an undeniable ‘wow factor’ thanks to its distinct design philosophy and use of high-grade materials including optional eucalyptus wood.

You do need to be a little wary when buying an i3, though. Few cars have improved as much as this one without being replaced entirely, something that’s down to the acceleration of electric-car technology in recent years.

The first editions of the i3 could travel just 80 miles on a full charge, whereas the latest versions achieve a much more usable range of 195 miles. There was also a ‘range extender’ version (since discontinued) which you could fill up with petrol to power an on-board generator that kept the motor running should you run out of electricity in the middle of a journey.


Nearly new BMW i3

BuyaCar prices Limited stock

BMW i3
Used BMW i3

BuyaCar prices from £20,995
Monthly finance from £506*

*Representative PCP finance - Ford Fiesta:

48 monthly payments of £192
Deposit: £0
Mileage limit: 8,000 per year
Optional final payment to buy car: £2,923
Total amount payable to buy car: £11,926
Total cost of credit: £2,426
Amount borrowed: £9,500
APR: 9.9%

Buyacar is a credit broker, not a lender. Our rates start from 6.9% APR. The rate you are offered will depend on your individual circumstances.


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