Best used Renault Zoe PCP finance deals

An electric car need not break the the bank – as these top deals on the Renault Zoe prove. Keep reading to find the best version for you

James Wilson
Jun 8, 2021

Driving a Renault Zoe is one of the most affordable ways to get behind the wheel of a fully electric car, irrespective of whether you are buying new, or getting a nearly new or used version. Keep reading for information to help you decide which specification is right for you and to take your pick from the best Renault Zoe finance deals available for your budget.

Part of what makes the Zoe such a great car is that it is very easy to live with. A large part of this is thanks to it being fully electric, as that means all models come with an automatic gearbox making changing gears a thing of the past. It also means the driving experience is particularly relaxed, due to the practically silent electric motor powering the Zoe, rather than a noisier petrol or diesel engine.

The Zoe is also small enough to nip along tight UK roads and it offers similar interior space to cars such as the Ford Fiesta and the Vauxhall Corsa. As a result the Zoe is a great option for those looking for a versatile yet compact hatchback.

Renault has carried out significant development of the Zoe over the eight or so years it has been on sale. Some of the most important updates have been the increases to the range it can manage from a fully charged battery.

Zoe models with longer ranges tend to cost more, but this presents the perfect opportunity for those expecting to do only a few miles each day - whether that's nipping to the shops or dropping the kids off at school - as there are bargains to be found on models with smaller batteries.

Best Renault Zoe finance deals

A new Renault Zoe starts at around £28,000, although this does include a £2,500 grant from the UK government for those buying (or financing) a new fully-electric car that costs less than £35,000. A range-topping GT Line model costs £31,000 (again, once the grant has been taken into account).

Although these might seem expensive compared to something like a petrol Ford Fiesta (which in its cheapest form costs around £17,000 when new), these figures put the Zoe at the less expensive end of the electric car market. There is a way to make things better value, though, and that is by looking at nearly new and used models, as these are substantially more affordable.

When looking at Renault Zoes you’ll find the names can get quite long. First there is the trim, such as Signature Nav, which indicates the level of standard equipment. Models can then have an 'i' added to the beginning of their name if the battery pack is included in the cost of the car rather than having to be leased separately (more on this later).

Then there is an R number, for example ‘R110’, which signifies how powerful a Zoe is. Finally, Renault gives a Z.E. number, for example ‘Z.E.40’, which indicates the size of battery pack used. The higher the number, the greater the range.

One thing all Zoes share is that they come with plenty of standard equipment when compared to petrol and diesel small cars such as the Volkswagen Polo and Skoda Fabia. For example, when launched back in 2013 all models came with a seven-inch touchscreen media system, cruise control and a TomTom sat-nav system.

Safety is another strong suit of the Zoe. It secured a five-out-of-five safety rating when tested by crash test experts Euro NCAP in 2013. Plus, with all models coming with three Isofix points, the Zoe is very capable of ferrying smaller children around securely.

Renault Zoe Dynamique Intens offers

Although Dynamique Intens was the official range-topper back in 2013, there wasn’t a massive difference between it and Dynamique Zen trim, which was also available at the time. This was reflected in the prices of each trim when they were new, as they cost the same amount.

One of the differences between the models is that Intens trim includes a rear parking camera which shows a live video feed on the media screen in the middle of the dashboard when reversing. There is also a unique ‘Intens’ upholstery, which was much darker than the other interiors available. 16-inch alloy wheels were standard, with 17-inch wheels available as an optional extra.

Used Renault Zoe Dynamique Intens

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Renault Zoe Expression Nav and Dynamique Nav offers

Renault updated various parts of the Zoe during 2015 including changing entry-level Expression trim to Expression Nav and replacing both Dynamique trims with one, called Dynamique Nav. Little changed with regards to equipment, but there were other important changes.

One of these was the increase in the official range per charge - up to 149 miles - although Renault stated that this figure would translate to a real-world range of somewhere between 71 miles and 106 miles, depending on weather (the colder it is, the less range you can expect in general). A new, slightly more powerful electric motor was also made available, which provided marginal gains in performance.

There was one other trim level which arrived in 2015 and that was Dynamique Nav Rapid Charge. These models didn’t get the latest electric motor but they could be charged quicker than other Zoes at the time. When shopping for a Zoe it is quite common for people to use ‘Quick Charge’ rather than ‘Rapid Charge’ in advert descriptions. As long as the car can use a power supply up to 43kW it is a Quick or Rapid Charge model.

Normal Zoe models are limited to a 22kW limit power supply. When it comes to batteries, the higher the rating of charger that can be used, the quicker the car will be charged using it. Using a 43kW supply would get the battery from zero to 80% capacity in around 30 mins, whereas other models (those that can only use up to 22kW power supplies) take double that time. Rapid charging is mostly useful for those who plug in at public charging points as home chargers are rarely able to supply more than 7kW in the UK.

Used Renault Zoe Expression Nav and Dynamique Nav

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Renault Zoe Signature Nav offers

In November 2016 Renault decided to add a new range-topping trim - Signature Nav. These models come with upholstery which is a mixture of leather (including both real and synthetic leather) and cloth, heated front seats and a Bose sound system. The latter makes Signature Nav perfect for those who enjoy turning up the volume when listening to music.

Just like the Dynamique Nav Rapid Charge model above, Signature Nav Rapid Charge models can use charging points rated at up to 43kW. If you expect to use motorway service station chargers regularly, it would be worthwhile finding a Rapid Charge model, although they can be more expensive.

Renault eventually dropped Expression and Signature Nav trims but added S Edition versions. These come with plenty of equipment as standard but not as many were sold, so you don't have as wide a range to choose from.

Used Renault Zoe Signature Nav

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Renault Zoe Play offers

When Renault revealed its significantly revised Zoe at the end of 2019, there was a completely new range of trims to choose from. Play models were the entry-level but they are still well equipped. Bright LED headlights, hands free locking and unlocking and a seven-inch touchscreen media system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility are all standard features.

Even better, Renault updated the battery pack. This version is called the Z.E.50 and cars in Play specification are claimed to be capable of up to 245 miles from a single charge. Renault states that 233 miles in summer and 150 miles in winter should be achievable in real-world driving. Regardless, models with the Z.E.50 battery pack are the ones to go for if you plan on doing lots of long journeys.

Play models come with the lower-powered electric motor - called the R110 - and are not available with Rapid Charging.

Used Renault Zoe Play

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Renault Zoe Iconic offers

Iconic trim is the middle of the range option for Renault Zoes made after November 2019. Standard equipment includes 16-inch alloy wheels, upholstery made from a part synthetic leather and part recycled material, rear parking sensors and a wireless phone charging pad for compatible smartphones.

The 16-inch alloy wheels are larger than the 15-inch wheels that come with Play models, but the increase in size decreases the official range slightly. Renault, however, reckons the larger wheels won’t impact real-world range. Along with the other updates in 2019, Renault also introduced a new, more powerful motor, called the ‘R135’. It produces 135hp which makes for brisk acceleration.

Alternatively, R110 Iconic models are available which come with less power but are more affordable. Both R110 and R135 Iconic models are available with Rapid Charging. Renault boosted the maximum rating Rapid Charge versions of the Zoe could handle as part of its updates in 2019, taking it from 43kW to 50kW.

Nearly new Renault Zoe Iconic

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Renault Zoe
Used Renault Zoe Iconic

BuyaCar prices from £20,995
Monthly finance from £0*

Renault Zoe GT Line offers

GT Line sits at the top of the post-2019 Renault Zoe range. It adds a small amount of sporty styling thanks to flashy 16-inch alloy wheels and tinted windows. The difference these make is subtle but the GT Line is a great option for those who like a car which looks more sporty.

GT Line specification also includes front and rear parking sensors and a raft of safety equipment, such as a warning for when other cars are in the driver’s blind spot. GT Line models are only available with the more powerful R135 electric motor but Rapid Charging is an optional extra.

Nearly new Renault Zoe GT Line

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Renault Zoe
Used Renault Zoe GT Line

BuyaCar prices from £21,800
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*Representative PCP finance - Ford Fiesta:

48 monthly payments of £192
Deposit: £0
Mileage limit: 8,000 per year
Optional final payment to buy car: £2,923
Total amount payable to buy car: £11,926
Total cost of credit: £2,426
Amount borrowed: £9,500
APR: 9.9%

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