Warrantywise used car warranty: how does it work?

Get a bit of extra piece of mind with an aftermarket warranty for your used car. Here’s how Warrantywise cover works

Matt Rigby
Jun 8, 2021

As much as we all hope our cars are impeccably reliable, as they get older and we put more and more miles on them, it’s almost inevitable that something will go wrong at some stage. That’s why it’s worth thinking about preparing for that with warranty cover.

This is especially true for used cars, as although younger used cars will still be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, many of these only last for three years or up to 60,000 miles - whichever comes first. There are some car brands that offer five-year warranties - such as Hyundai and Toyota - and Kia offers a seven-year warranty on its new vehicles, but most last for a far shorter period than that.

And however old your car is, once it’s out of the manufacturer warranty, it could be a good idea to get it covered by an aftermarket warranty if you're concerned about big bills popping up. One of the most well-known companies offering used car warranties is Warrantywise.

Do be aware, though, that a warranty - whether from a manufacturer or an aftermarket provider - will only cover you for fixing issues and replacing breakages that are not related to the natural wear and tear of the vehicle.

Parts that wear out naturally over time - known as service items or consumables - are the sorts of parts that you should expect to have to replace as they wear out over time. Things like brake pads and tyres that are naturally worn away during use, are examples of these.

How much does a Warrantywise warranty cost?

In the case of Warrantywise, it’ll cost you £299 to be covered for a year, £499 for two years and £799 for three years of cover. These costs are for two-wheel drive cars with engines up to 2.0 litres in size. Cars with larger engines and four-wheel drive will cost more, since they are often more complicated vehicles - with costs varying depending on the model.

Your car, situation or desired level of cover may be different, though - and Warrantywise offers Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Platinum Plus levels of cover, with varying costs - so it’s worth getting a precise quote on your car to be sure what you'd pay.

What’s covered by Warrantywise warranties?

The exact details of what’s covered will depend on the level of warranty cover you take out, but essentially the warranty should cover all the main mechanical and electrical bits of your car

Labour costs can be covered up to £200 per hour, though the exact amount will depend on your level of cover.

Other supplementary extras include a courtesy car for up to 10 days and breakdown assistance.

What’s not covered by Warrantywise warranties?

Although an aftermarket warranty covers you for unexpected mechanical and electrical issues, it won’t cover any issues with interior or exterior trim, paintwork or bodywork. It also won’t include cover for any items that are expected to wear out naturally over time. These include items such as brakes, tyres and filters.

Certain ways of using your car could also invalidate your warranty. For example, if you use the car for motorsport competition, for commercial purposes, for hire or as a private taxi, your warranty could be invalidated.

Extra additions to a warranty

If you want to go for extra cover for certain possible costs, then there are potential extras available to you when you take out cover - for an additional cost. These include cover for labour rates (at varying costs per hour,) MoT failure, the failure of emissions tests, air-conditioning and even the car’s audio and sat-nav systems.

Depending on the level of cover you opt for, Warrantywise might already include some of these, so it’s always worth double-checking the details of any cover carefully. Precisely what’s covered by your warranty plan will depend on the level of cover you choose to go for.

What sort of cars can be covered by a Warrantywise warranty?

Generally speaking, as long as your car is less than 12 years old and has covered fewer than 120,000 miles, it’ll be eligible for Warrantywise cover.

You’ll be unable to get cover if your car’s been modified in any way, has been previously written off, is uninsured or is declared as being off the road (via a 'SORN' notification). Other exclusions include cars privately imported from outside the EU (and not via official manufacturer channels) - such as US imports, Japanese imports or Australian imports.

But as long as your car’s within the age limits, fits all the other previously mentioned criteria and isn’t being used for motorsport or a commercial purpose, you should be able to get cover.


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