Best 2020-present Land Rover Defender PCP finance deals

Tempted by a Land Rover Defender but put off by high prices? Take a look at these top used deals and offers for all the main models

James Wilson
Aug 17, 2021

Few cars are as capable as the Land Rover Defender. Depending on specification it can be a practical vehicle suited to farmers, families and adventure seekers with very good comfort and off-roab ability or it could be a performance SUV that will stand out next to super-fast sports cars. Regardless of where your ideal Defender would sit on this scale, keep reading to discover the best second-hand deals offered on each model.

The previous Defender is one of the most iconic British cars of all time but driving it was like having a full-body workout, as its origins dated back to the 1940s and it was engineered to prioritise off-road ability over on-road comfort. The new model is worlds away from this. Take the interior; yes it still feels chunky and robust like the older car but importantly it is now comfortable enough for long journeys to be relaxing rather than the hardship they used to be.

Practicality is one of the Defender’s strong suits. There are 90 and 110 models to choose from (the number refers to the length of a Defender). The shorter 90 models don’t have rear doors and come with five seats, whereas 110 models come with extra doors and the option of either an extra front ‘jump’ seat, which is effectively a smaller seat in between the front two seats, or, two more folding seats in the boot.

If there is one thing above all else that the old Defender is known for, it is being able to go off-road and tackle all sorts of tough terrain without fuss, and the new model promises to offer similar go-anywhere ability. Regardless of where you want to drive - city centre, motorway, dirt track, ski slope or the side of a mountain, the Defender should be able to handle it.

If you are thinking that the Land Rover Defender sounds like your kind of car, but you don't fancy paying the steep new prices, then keep reading for all the best deals on the Defender in Standard, X-Dynamic, XS, X and V8 trims.

Whichever model you choose, all can be ordered online and delivered to your door with BuyaCar, taking the stress out of buying a used car. 

Best Land Rover Defender deals

Land Rover Defender deals

If saving as much money as possible on a Defender is a top priority then the entry-level specification is the best way to go. Land Rover doesn’t actually give this trim a name, the models are simply called the Defender 90 or Defender 110. These models start at £45,000 new. Saying that, 110 Defenders are more expensive; when new they are roughly £1,400 to £5,000 more expensive, depending on trim.

These models have a limited choice of engines. At the time of writing there was only one available - the P300, which is a 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine. All Defenders come with an automatic gearbox. Land Rover names its engines after the fuel they use and the power they produce - so the P300 uses petrol and produces 300hp.

These versions are also the most basic in terms of equipment and styling to keep costs down. Even so, the level of standard equipment is pretty extensive. LED headlights and taillights are included, as are heated front seats, a 10-inch touchscreen media system (which is Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatible) and a 3D surround camera. When parking, the latter superimposes a 3D rendering of the Defender on a live 360-degree video feed, meaning you can see exactly what is around the car.

On entry-level Defenders, there is only one major difference in equipment between 90 and 110 models and that is the type of suspension. 90 models come with more traditional steel suspension but 110 models use more complex air suspension. Air suspension makes for a more comfortable drive but the steel suspension should still prove pretty comfy and easier to repair should things go wrong.

There is also plenty of standard safety equipment. Emergency braking, lane keep assist and traffic sign recognition (which displays the speed limit for the road you are on, on the dashboard) are all included. Additionally, there is plenty of off-roading equipment. There is water depth sensing, which is handy when driving through water. It uses the central media display and ultrasonic sensors to display how close the water depth is to the maximum a Defender can handle safely.

There is also Land Rover’s ‘Terrain Response’ system, which is one of the leading off-roading systems in the world. Drivers can select the surface they are driving on (sand, rock, grass/gravel/snow, muddy ruts or general) and the car will adapt how it responds accordingly so that drivers need not worry as much about getting stuck.

Used Land Rover Defender

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Land Rover Defender S, SE and HSE deals

Land Rover also offers ‘specification packs’ on entry-level Defenders. These are called S, SE and HSE and aren’t really standalone trims but more add ons. These packs are also offered on X-Dynamic trim, too. For entry-level models additional features from the packs include:

S: keyless entry, more adjustment in the electric front seats to help find a comfortable driving position and a rear centre armrest. As the gains are marginal it could be worth spending the extra money on SE or HSE packs, or saving the money and settling for the standard model.

SE: matrix LED headlights, which adjust to provide the greatest possible illumination without dazzling oncoming drivers, electronically adjustable steering wheel and an uprated sound system. Matrix lights are particularly useful for those who regularly drive in the dark, as the car can dim the light to specific parts of the road where other vehicles are detected while maintaining maximum brightness to areas where no other cars are travelling.

HSE: panoramic sunroof, heated steering wheel and heated and cooled front seats. Undoubtedly well equipped, entry-level HSE models are great for those that aren’t interested in paying for the additional styling features of other trims, but like the sound of lots of creature comforts.

Opting for these trims also means more choice in engines - specifically two 3.0-litre mild hybrid (or MHEV) diesel engines. One is called the D200 MHEV (the HSE pack is not available with this engine) and the other the D250 MHEV. Mild hybrids come with a small amount of electric boost to assist a car’s engine but they do not allow a car to drive solely under battery power.

Although these engines are bigger than the 2.0-litre non-hybrid P300 they produce less power and are slower to accelerate from 0 to 62mph. They do have lower exhaust emissions, though.

Used Land Rover Defender S

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Nearly new Land Rover Defender SE

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Used Land Rover Defender SE

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Nearly new Land Rover Defender HSE

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Used Land Rover Defender HSE

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Land Rover Defender X-Dynamic deals

If Defenders were shoes (stay with us here) the standard Defender would be a good pair of walking boots; tough, hardwearing and coming with all the features needed to get the job done. X-Dynamic models are more like your favourite trainers. They look more fashionable but will get used for everything from a night out to impromptu walks with friends and family.

Prices for new X-Dynamic models start at around £52,000. The increase in cost over standard Defenders is driven by subtle styling changes such as darker alloy wheels and darker body trim. Equipment levels aren’t noticeably better and the optional S, SE and HSE ‘specification packs’ are optional, too. The engines available with X-Dynamic trim include the D250 MHEV and P300.

While MHEVs do benefit from slightly better fuel economy and lower exhaust emissions than non-MHEVs, no Defender is going to be particularly cheap to run.

Nearly new Land Rover Defender X-Dynamic

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Used Land Rover Defender X-Dynamic

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Land Rover Defender XS deals

XS trim is where the Defender really starts to pull away from its utilitarian roots. It builds on the equipment included in standard HSE and X-Dynamic HSE models. This means a panoramic roof, matrix LED headlights, a heated steering wheel and heated and cooled electric front seats are all included.

There is also a refrigerated compartment in the front centre console, which is handy for keeping refreshments cool and 20-inch alloy wheels which are unique to XS and X trims. XS models are available with a choice of two engines. One is the D250 MHEV and the other is the P400 MHEV.

Used Land Rover Defender XS

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Land Rover Defender X deals

Moving up to Defender X models brings a number of useful bits of equipment and an associated increase in price. Buy one of these new and you'll have to part with around £78,000. Additional kit includes Terrain Response 2 - which is a more advanced off-road system that can be left to decide for itself what surface a car is driving on and therefore which vehicle settings are the best option for preventing a Defender from getting stuck. A head-up display and heated rear seats are included, too.

Drivers can also tailor the way a Defender drives to suit their off-roading tastes - for instance making the steering feel lighter. There is also an off-road cruise control (Land Rover calls it ‘All Terrain Progress Control’) which allows the driver to set a steady speed of up to 18mph.

There are also visual changes such as a contrasting black roof and bonnet, orange brake calipers and some dark grey bodywork (including the central sections of the front and rear bumpers).

Music-lovers will be well served as there is also a 700W 14-speaker sound system. While this is good by normal standards for a vehicle the size of a Defender (a 300W seven-speaker system is good for a small car such as a Fiesta), Defender X models are far from cheap, so a good stereo should be expected.

Other technological niceties include adaptive cruise control, blind-spot assist and rear traffic monitor. If these terms seem like a foreign language then take a read of our car jargon buster. One particularly slick bit of kit is the rear traffic monitor, which is a system to warn drivers of oncoming traffic or pedestrians when reversing out of a bay parking space.

Last but not least for X models are the available engines. There is a choice of two, a D300 MHEV and a P400 MHEV.

Nearly new Land Rover Defender X

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Used Land Rover Defender X

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Land Rover Defender V8 deals

If you want a performance-orientated Defender then a V8 model is the way to go. They certainly aren’t cheap but in terms of rivals the Defender V8 really only has one - the Mercedes G-Class. As performance versions of the Mercedes start at over £150,000, the Defender seems like something of a comparative bargain at just over £100,000 when new.

The V8 engine (called the P525) produces a hefty 525hp which is roughly 140hp more than an entry-level Porsche 911 sports car. This is enough to propel the Defender from 0 to 62mph in 5.2 seconds. The lighter and more aerodynamic Porsche manages the same sprint in 4.2 seconds, though the Defender is pretty rapid for this type of car.

The top speed of V8 Defenders is 149mph. All this performance comes at the expense of fuel economy which is claimed to be 19.3mpg. While this is abysmal compared to modern eco-focused cars such as the Toyota Prius, it is on a par with other incredibly powerful heavy SUVs, like the Mercedes-AMG G63.

Equipment levels are improved over Defender X models, with highlights including wireless phone charging (for compatible smartphones), an 'activity key' and an super-fine filter for keeping the cabin air very clean. The activity key is a waterproof wristband that can lock and unlock the Defender, the idea being that drivers can wear it when doing outdoor pursuits where it would be risky to take the normal key. The normal key has to be left hidden in the car when using the activity key.

There are practical improvements, too. They include a tow bar that electronically folds in and out from under the rear of the car, a garage door opening feature (this requires you to have an electric garage door that can be opened remotely) and washer jets for your headlights (especially handy for cleaning the grime picked up when off-roading).

To match with the additional performance, Land Rover has given the Defender a few visual tweaks. Having four exhaust pipes sticking out from the rear bumper lets people know the V8 Defender means business, as do the dark grey or black trims dotted around the body and dark grey 22-inch alloy wheels.

If you are sitting there thinking the V8 model sounds good but it isn’t quite Bond villain enough for you, there is an answer to this - the Defender V8 Carpathian edition. Geography lesson alert - the name refers to the Carpathian mountain range located in central and eastern Europe. Changes over the standard V8 include even more black trim (the bonnet and boot door are black), a special satin protective film applied to parts of the bodywork and black 22-inch alloy wheels.

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