Best cars with cream interiors

If you’re looking to brighten up the inside of your next car with a white interior, here is a selection of some of our favourites

Matt Rigby
Sep 30, 2021
BMW 5 Series Touring front

Choosing the right interior trim for your car can be a tricky job. It’s so easy simply to go for dark fabric or leather - in an attempt to choose something easy to live with - but such a choice can feel a bit boring. So why not brighten up your car’s interior by choosing lighter-coloured white or cream upholstery?

It doesn’t have to just be the seats that are light-coloured either, as you can find cars out there with other elements of bright, light trim - even the steering wheel in some cases. Of course, some cars look better with a light-coloured interior than others - here we’ve listed a few of our favourites that are available with appealing light interiors.

Best cars with a white interior

1. Range Rover Velar

The top-spec Windsor leather in a Range Rover Velar is exquisitely made, with a smooth grain and quilted diamond-pattern stitching. If you choose ivory leather, the bases and seatbacks are a gorgeous light cream colour, while the sides and rear surfaces of the seats are a warm brown. It’s an appealing contrast.

The ivory white leather also features extensively on the dashboard, really lifting an already very smart interior, so if you don't want a dark, sombre cabin in your SUV, the Velar is one desirable option.


2. Mazda CX-5

The interior of the second-generation Mazda CX-5 - which was introduced in 2017 - is well built and executed with minimalist style. However, with dark seats it can feel a bit sombre, so going for a lighter colour can be a wise choice here.

If you opt for stone leather, as Mazda calls it, the light-coloured seats plus flashes of light trim on the centre console and the door cards do an awful lot to lift the interior to another level of classiness.


3. BMW 5 Series Touring

Whatever specification you choose, the interior of the BMW 5 Series Touring will impress. It’s well put-together, logically laid out, comfortable and, in the case of the Touring estate model, offers a cavernous load area, making it a very practical family car.

There are a wide variety of interior colour and trim choices, including three different light leather interiors. The basic no-cost option is Ivory White Dakota leather, while you can choose to upgrade to softer Nappa leather (also Ivory White) or even more plush optional Smoke White Merino leather from the BMW Individual range.

If you're shopping for a nearly new or used car, finding a 5 Series with lots of expensive extras fitted can be a wise move, as these normally don't add too much to the second-hand price, though they can make the car feel far more luxurious.


4. Fiat 500

The cutesy retro charm of the Fiat 500 has been winning drivers over since 2008. One of its charms is that there have been almost as many interior combinations over the years as there have been vehicles rolling out of Fiat’s factories.

Cream leather seats are a relatively popular option, but even more common - and very stylish in a retro 1950s way - are the versions with a cream dashboard, ventilation controls and steering wheel. Bellissima!


5. Tesla Model 3

The interiors of Teslas aren’t always the most inspiring design-wise, though if you like a minimalist style they will certainly appeal to you with their simple dashboards. The Model 3 is a case in point. It’s basically little more than a huge touchscreen media system, a steering wheel and some seats.

Fortunately, opting for smooth white leather seats adds a dash of extra panache and can really make the Model 3’s interior sparkle. Well, we say leather - actually Tesla interiors have been vegan-friendly since 2019, so it’s not real leather, but that doesn't detract from the slick, high-tech look.

6. Volkswagen ID.3

The VW ID.3 is Volkswagen first serious attempt at an electric car for the masses. Think of it as an electric VW Golf for the 2020s. This is a bit of a quirky entry to this list as it’s not the seats that are light-coloured here, but the steering wheel.

In fact, on the high-specification 1st Edition models, the steering wheel and the plastic housing shroud for the media system are bright white, creating a very Apple-esque feel. You can ally this to other zingy colour options if you want your car's cabin to be both light and colourful at the same time.


7. Volvo XC90 Inscription

The Volvo XC90 is a large, luxurious and spacious way to transport seven people around in supreme comfort - albeit taller passengers may want to skip the third row of seats.

In Inscription trim with a light-filled, airy cabin thanks to the panoramic sunroof and bright cream-coloured leather seats, the XC90 is a truly fantastic place to while away long motorway journeys.


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