Best cars with AEB

AEB automatically applies the brakes if it detects a potential collision to keep you safe. Here are some of our favourite used cars with AEB

Matt Rigby
Oct 15, 2021

Autonomous Emergency Braking - known more generally as AEB - is a system that allows a car to detect and react to obstacles that could potentially cause a collision. It uses technology that’s similar to adaptive cruise control - a combination of lidar, radar and optical cameras - to scan the road ahead of you and help prevent or mitigate a collision.

AEB systems are designed to provide audible and visual warnings if they deem that a collision is likely and, if the situation doesn’t improve or no avoiding action is taken by the driver, then the vehicle can brake automatically to reduce the severity of an impact. If the incident is at a lower speed, many AEB systems will be able to bring the car to a complete stop and avoid a collision completely.

Some systems work only at lower speeds, while more sophisticated versions can provide some AEB protection even at motorway speeds. Many AEB systems also work in collaboration with other safety technology within a car, such as automatically switching on the car’s hazard lights if emergency braking is activated, pre-tensioning seatbelts or activating other tech such as active head restraints.

The very best AEB systems can detect pedestrians, cyclists and large animals as well as cars, and can detect potential hazards coming in from the side of the road such as at junctions or stepping out from the kerbside. Simpler systems fitted to more basic cars will only alert drivers to - and take action against - larger obstacles.

Although all new cars will have to be fitted with AEB as standard from mid-2022, the selection of older models with the technology included as standard is a little more limited. Many older large cars include this safety kit, though you're likely to have to focus on newer versions of cheaper and smaller cars to find this fitted as standard.

Fear not, though, as we've rounded up some of the most appealing affordable used cars that come with AEB systems - from small hatchbacks to SUVs.

Cars with AEB

1. Volvo XC60

Used deals from £12,500
Monthly finance from £391*

Volvo has long been a pioneer when it comes to safety technology. It’s credited with introducing both the three-point seat belt and the side-impact protection system, among many other safety innovations.

So it’s no surprise that Volvo was one of the first manufacturers to market with a sophisticated autonomous emergency braking system. The Volvo version of this system is called City Safety and it was introduced on the 2008 Volvo XC60, though you can also find it on newer versions, like the model pictured above.

City Safety Generation I can avoid traffic accidents at up to 19mph, while the later-generation City Safety II can do this at up to 30mph. All Volvos sold from 2014 onwards have this more sophisticated AEB technology as standard.


2. Volkswagen Golf

Used deals from £7,900
Monthly finance from £253*

Volkswagen was one of the first manufacturers to introduce an AEB system across the range on a mainstream family hatchback, bringing it in with this version of the Golf that was launched in 2013. This was initially a radar-based system and one of its key features is Pre-Crash, which closes open windows or sunroofs and thereby makes the airbags more effective.

An update to the Golf range in 2017 introduced an updated system which added camera technology to the radar-based system, meaning that the AEB could now detect pedestrians, too. VW also claims that this updated system can entirely avoid collisions at closing speeds of up to 25mph.


3. Jaguar XE

Used deals from £13,300
Monthly finance from £0*

As a rival to the BMW 3 Series, Audi A4 and Mercedes C-Class, the Jaguar XE is surprisingly impressive. You may see many of those rival models on every other driveway, but the less common Jaguar is equally as stylish and as good to drive as any of the others.

And because it’s less common, it has to sing for its supper a bit harder. This means that the XE is very well equipped - and in this case that means every model has autonomous emergency braking as standard from the very first car sold back in 2015.


4. Toyota RAV4

Used deals from £24,609
Monthly finance from £402*

It’s easy to see why the Toyota RAV4 is a popular family SUV. The version that went on sale in 2019 offers great fuel economy from its hybrid petrol-electric setup - whether you go for the conventional hybrids that offer a slight electric boost to the petrol engine or the company car tax-friendly plug-in option, which can be extremely economical if you charge it regularly and predominantly cover short journeys.

The RAV4 is also well equipped and benefits from a five-year, 100,000-mile warranty, making it a great car to buy second-hand. It also has AEB as standard that’s able to detect pedestrians and cyclists as well as other cars, which is part of the reason why it was awarded a full five-star crash safety rating by Euro NCAP.


5. Honda Jazz

Used deals from £18,490
Monthly finance from £0*

The Honda Jazz has been pulling TARDIS-style magic tricks since the turn of the millennium. Using a combination of clever design inside and simple people carrier-like lines, this Ford Fiesta-sized car has the carrying capacity - for both luggage and people - of a much larger car.

For the version sold from 2020 onwards, Honda added standard autonomous emergency braking to the package, too, that will recognise other cars and vulnerable road users such as cyclists, making it safer than before.


6. Renault Clio

Used deals from £12,473
Monthly finance from £219*

Renault launched a significantly re-engineered Clio in 2019. Despite being a good value small hatchback, this is a very grown-up and high-tech car, and its AEB systems are an important part of that.

Rather than being part of an options pack or only available on higher trim levels, the AEB system is standard across the range. It’s sophisticated, too, being able to detect pedestrians, cyclists, and operating even on faster ‘interurban’ roads (such as motorways and country roads).


7. Kia Stinger

Used deals from £23,650
Monthly finance from £0*

The Kia Stinger is a sharply styled sporty luxury car that’s great fun to drive, especially the powerful 3.3-litre turbocharged GT S model. Its badge might not be as glamorous as the one on a BMW or Mercedes, but the driving experience and build quality are every bit as good.

The Stinger is also fitted with AEB as standard, which will work at motorway speeds as well as on city streets with lower speed limits, which offers a good degree of additional safety and security.


8. Subaru XV

Used deals Limited stock

The Subaru XV is a rugged-looking small family crossover that pairs durability and surprising off-road ability with all the practicality you'd expect from a medium family hatchback.

Go for models built from 2017 onwards, and you’ll get a full suite of AEB tech that’ll help spot and avoid cars, pedestrians and cyclists. It may not be the most obvious hatchback choice, but if you'd value a capable four-wheel-drive system and decent safety, it's a great option.

*Representative PCP finance - Ford Fiesta:

48 monthly payments of £192
Deposit: £0
Mileage limit: 8,000 per year
Optional final payment to buy car: £2,923
Total amount payable to buy car: £11,926
Total cost of credit: £2,426
Amount borrowed: £9,500
APR: 9.9%

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