Best used 2013-2020 BMW 4 Series PCP finance deals

The BMW 4 Series offers a good mix of sporty and upmarket features. Read on for more details and to find the ideal 4 Series for you

James Allen
Dec 9, 2021

The BMW 4 Series is a classy car that acts as the sportier alternative to the BMW 3 Series. Under the skin, both cars share a lot of parts with each other, though the 4 Series wraps them up in slinkier bodywork that helps the 4 Series stand out a bit more on the road from its saloon sibling.

If you’d prefer something a bit more practical than the first-generation BMW 4 Series Coupe, then you’ll be pleased to know that BMW offered the car in more than one format. Those after wind-in-the-hair thrills are catered for by the 4 Series Convertible, and potential BMW 4 Series buyers who put versatility high up their priority list will be best catered for by the five-door hatchback 4 Series Gran Coupe version.

Likewise, there were a variety of engine options available for the first-generation BMW 4 Series. Economy-conscious drivers will be best catered for by one of the frugal diesel options, though do bear in mind that the 2.0-litre diesel models aren't as smooth or as refined as the larger diesel engines, and there is also a selection of petrol engines to choose from if you’re up for exchanging fuel economy for a bit more refinement.

If you want an even faster BMW 4 Series, then you also have the high-performance BMW M4 versions to consider. To keep things simple, we’re only considering the regular coupe, convertible and four-door coupe versions of the BMW 4 Series here.

For a full run down of all of the BMW 4 Series specifications, carry on reading.

Best BMW 4 Series finance deals

BMW 4 Series SE deals

Until it was phased out in 2017, SE was the entry-level specification for the BMW 4 Series. As a result, it’s perhaps one to avoid if you want a used 4 Series with lots and bells and whistles, but that doesn’t mean it’s basic inside. Fitted as standard on all SE-spec BMW 4 Series cars were cruise control, automatic air-conditioning, heated front seats, built-in sat-nav and front and rear parking sensors.

Bar the brawny petrol engine reserved for the high performance M4 models, SE versions of the BMW 4 Series were also available with a broad range of engines, from ultra-frugal diesels to more punchy petrols.

Used BMW 4 Series SE

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BMW 4 Series Sport deals

Sport models are the next step up from SE versions of the BMW 4 Series - and, as the name suggests, it’s a specification that makes the car feel a little bit sportier. Features on Sport models that you won’t find as standard on entry-level BMW 4 Series examples include 18-inch alloy wheels, more supportive sports front seats and a redesigned instrument cluster.

Bar those and a few other cosmetic features, though, Sport models come with the same kit and engine options as SE cars. You should have a decent selection of BMW 4 Series Sport examples to choose from, too, as this trim was available right across the first-generation BMW 4 Series’ lifecycle.

BMW 4 Series Sport
Used BMW 4 Series Sport

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BMW 4 Series Modern deals

By and large, Modern versions of the BMW 4 Series come with the same kit you’ll find on SE and Sport cars - standard features include 18-inch alloy wheels, cruise control, heated sports front seats, automatic air-conditioning and built-in sat-nav.

Engine options are identical across the board, as well. In fact, the only noticeable changes Modern models have over less expensive BMW 4 Series examples are predominantly cosmetic, such as the turbine-style alloy wheel design and gloss black interior trim. Finding a used BMW 4 Series in Modern spec may also be a bit tricky, as this trim was removed from sale in 2014.

BMW 4 Series Luxury deals

As its trim name implies, Luxury models are about as plush as things get on the first-generation BMW 4 Series. While it retains the same kit you’ll find on the less expensive versions, the Luxury trim does throw in shiny chrome and glossy trim pieces inside and out, to help make this version of the 4 Series feel a little bit more upmarket than base models.

While the Luxury trim was initially one of the range-topping specs on the BMW 4 Series from launch, that wasn’t always the case throughout the car’s production run. In 2017, the Luxury specification was dropped from the range - meaning there may not be many examples to choose from if your heart is set on a used BMW 4 Series in Luxury form.

Used BMW 4 Series Luxury

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BMW 4 Series M Sport deals

If the Sport trim isn’t quite sporty enough for you, then a used BMW 4 Series M Sport may be more up your street. This is because this car’s performance-oriented credentials go beyond cosmetic upgrades - while this spec does include a more aggressive bodykit over regular models, the changes also consist of an M Sport-specific suspension setup that exchanges a bit of ride comfort for more responsive handling and less body lean when cornering.

If M Sport sounds like the spec for you, finding a used example shouldn’t be too tricky. Not only was this trim available on all of the 4 Series’ engine options, but BMW offered this spec throughout the car’s production run.

BMW 4 Series M Sport
Used BMW 4 Series M Sport

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