Best cars from 2018

Interested in buying a used car from 2018? We’ve rounded up some of the best cars of all shapes and sizes for you to consider

James Allen
Feb 28, 2022

If you like the idea of getting more car for your money, but don't want anything so old that it looks and feels outdated inside and out, a used car from 2018 could work for you. Many cars sold in 2018 are still on sale today, so they should give you much of the same satisfaction of driving a brand new car, but cost far less to purchase or finance.

As cars from 2018 are four years old at the time of writing, they likely won’t look or feel quite as fresh as a brand new or a newer used version of the same car, unless they’ve been meticulously looked after. However, there are a number of upsides to going for a used car from 2018. The main one is that, as cars lose value fastest when new, a four-year-old model should be considerably more affordable to buy than a brand new equivalent in 2022; many four-year-old cars will be worth half - or even less - of the original price.

2018 is also an important year for cars sold in the UK, as cars produced in this year were among some of the earliest to have their fuel economy and CO2 emissions verified using the current WLTP testing method. This replaced the now-outdated NEDC regime, as a far more accurate way of calculating a car’s efficiency in real-world driving. As a result, the fuel economy figures cited for 2018 cars will generally be more easily achievable in day-to-day driving than the more optimistic figures quoted for cars built in 2017 and earlier.

If you’re interested in buying a used car from 2018, we’ve pored through the listings here on BuyaCar to find some of the best cars that first went on sale in this year. We’ve included a variety of different car types, ranging from nippy superminis, practical family cars and SUVs and even a fully electric five-door hatchback. Keep on reading for our picks of some of the best used cars from 2018.

Best cars from 2018

1. Audi A1

Best supermini 2018

Used deals from £16,395
Monthly finance from £0*

It’s not hard to see why the recipe of the Audi A1 has plenty of appeal. After all, it takes the classy interior and upmarket image of larger Audi models, and condenses it down into a more compact and affordable car. As a result, the second-generation version of the Audi A1 is an appealing pick if you’re after a desirable used supermini.

As this version of the Audi A1 retains its value well as a used car, expect to pay a bit more for a used example - if you're paying cash - than you would for a more mainstream alternative like a Ford Fiesta, Vauxhall Corsa or VW Polo. PCP finance costs, however, are more competitive, as the value of the car at the end of the contract is just as important in shaping the monthly payments.

While an array of trim levels were offered on these early examples, the only engine fitted to 2018 Audi A1s was a 115hp 1.0-litre petrol. This engine is both economical and offers reasonably strong performance, though, making it a good fit for the A1.


2. BMW X3

Best small SUV 2018

Used deals from £28,299
Monthly finance from £0*

The BMW X3 is been a popular pick as an upmarket family SUV, thanks to its well-rounded combination of luxury, practicality, good handling around corners, comfort and technology. Those qualities also make the third-gen BMW X3 an appealing ownership prospect as a used buy, with the added bonus that it will be more affordable now than it was as a factory-fresh car.

As the third version of the BMW X3 was a popular car when new, a good number have now filtered onto the used market, so there is a decent selection of examples to choose from. For the first time ever for the BMW X3, a selection of petrol engines could be specified on the third-gen model, though the diesels make the most sense for a majority of drivers, as they suit the car's character more and are noticeably more economical.


3. Dacia Duster

Best crossover 2018

Used deals from £10,050
Monthly finance from £219*

When it was new, the Dacia Duster was already a good value proposition; with prices starting at £9,995 when the car went on sale in mid-2018, it offered family car practicality for supermini prices. Four years later, you can now pick up a used early example of the second-gen Duster SUV for even less money than what the car originally cost. Considering that new models now cost from £14,495, used models are very good value in comparison.

If you’re seriously considering a used Dacia Duster as your next car, we'd recommend that you steer clear of the entry-level Access models if your budget stretches far enough. While they should be the most affordable versions, they go without creature comforts like air-conditioning, Bluetooth connectivity and safety assists like curtain airbags that you’ll find in slightly plusher Essential spec. Avoid Access models, however, and the Duster is an affordable and appealing family car, with more than enough standard kit for most drivers.


4. Ford Focus

Best hatchback 2018

Used deals from £12,239
Monthly finance from £244*

The current iteration of the Ford Focus family hatchback has recently been given a comprehensive update, though if you can’t afford the newer version, you can easily pick up early examples of the pre-update fourth-generation Focus second-hand. While you’ll forgo some creature comforts over the latest models, going used will get you a Ford Focus that can do most of what the latest version does at a fraction of the price.

As well as being fun to drive, the Ford Focus appeals with its comfortable ride and roomy cabin, though the boot is a bit on the small side for this size of car. A good range of engine options was available from launch, which in conjunction with the car’s popularity when new means there should be a borad range of used examples to choose from.

The entry-level Style trim level was nicely equipped, too, though you may want to consider Zetec spec as your starting point as this trim comes with more future-proofed features like a digital radio and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone connectivity. Meanwhile, if you want a bit more luxury, upmarket Vignale versions are also available.


5. Nissan Leaf

Best electric car 2018

Nissan Leaf driving

Used deals from £18,980
Monthly finance from £308*

2018 was around the time modern electric cars were beginning to get into their stride and become genuinely worthy alternatives to conventional petrol and diesel cars. Of the selection of electric cars on sale at that time, one of the best was the second-gen Nissan Leaf, which is a credible option to consider if you’re shopping around for a used family hatchback.

The maximum claimed range of up to 177 miles per charge admittedly isn’t that impressive nowadays, though it should mean the Nissan Leaf can cover decent distances between charges in real-world conditions, especially if you do lots of journeys around town. Being a fully electric car, it’s also very easy to drive in built-up areas, especially if you can master the car’s one-pedal driving system that allows you to effectively just use the throttle pedal to drive the car - lifting off sharply to cause the car to brake.

You do still have the brake pedal for when heavy braking is needed, and you can switch this mode off completely if it doesn't work for you, allowing you tailor the driving experience to suit the way you want to drive.


6. Peugeot 508

Best saloon car 2018

Used deals from £19,495
Monthly finance from £0*

Large SUVs seem to have taken over as the preferred pick for those after a family car, though that doesn’t necessarily mean there aren’t great options out there in more conventional car formats. The second-generation Peugeot 508 saloon from 2018 is one example that could catch your eye - quite literally, as it’s one of the most distinctive and strikingly styled cars of this type that you’ll find on UK roads.

Beyond the bold looks, the Peugeot 508 appeals with its nicely designed interior, good practicality and decent handling. One handy attribute of these early examples is that they were available in an initial First Edition spec, so they came fitted with higher-end features like an upmarket sound system, a 10-inch touchscreen media system, leather upholstery and a wireless charging tray for your smartphone.


7. Volvo V60

Best estate car 2018

Used deals from £21,995
Monthly finance from £468*

If you like the idea of the comfortable and stylish Volvo S60 that launched in early 2018, but would prefer it to be a bit more practical, there is an alternative available. An estate variant called the Volvo V60 joined the Swedish car maker’s lineup later that same year - and it features similarly attention-grabbing styling and an equally sumptuous interior.

This second-generation Volvo V60 shares a lot of the attributes that made its saloon sibling a well-rounded upmarket car. A good selection of engines was available from launch, with the punchy diesels being good fits, thanks to their decent performance and good fuel consumption.

Equipment levels across the board are pretty good, so the trim level to go for will depend on preference and your budget, though you may want to steer clear of the firmer-riding R Design models if you’re after the most comfortable Volvo V60 possible.


8. Volkswagen Touareg

Best large SUV 2018

Used deals from £32,300
Monthly finance from £645*

The Volkswagen Touareg has long been a versatile family SUV, and the third-generation version that arrived in 2018 very much kept that tradition going. It was also by far the most upmarket Touareg to date, which in combination with the strong Volkswagen brand image has helped keep values up in comparison with more mainstream alternatives, though four-year-old models are drastically more affordable than they were new and come with cheaper finance costs than a number of upmarket rivals.

All the trim levels came well equipped, so there’s no harm in going for the entry-level SEL model if your budget can’t stretch to the higher-spec trims. Likewise, the 231hp and 286hp diesel engines that were available on 2018 VW Touaregs make strong cases for themselves, as they’re capable of returning good fuel economy, offer lots of muscle from low engine speeds and are great when it comes to towing, as both engines have an identical maximum towing capacity of 3,500kg, which is very high for any car.


*Representative PCP finance - Ford Fiesta:

48 monthly payments of £192
Deposit: £0
Mileage limit: 8,000 per year
Optional final payment to buy car: £2,923
Total amount payable to buy car: £11,926
Total cost of credit: £2,426
Amount borrowed: £9,500
APR: 9.9%

BuyaCar is a credit broker, not a lender. Our rates start from 6.9% APR. The rate you are offered will depend on your individual circumstances.


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