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Looking for a dark, handsome car that can pull off deep black paintwork? Here is the black pack – our favourite black cars

James Wilson
Mar 30, 2022

Some people want bright, zingy cars - whether that's something yellow, red or even turquoise - but what if you want something altogether more subtle. Pick the right model and the best black cars are some of the sexiest, most desirable models available. At the same time, some black cars are more under the radar and even very affordable. This is not to say all black cars are great; some can look more like a hearse than the kind of car you'd want your friends to see you in on a Friday night.

Style is undoubtedly one of the biggest benefits of a black car. Manufacturers know this, which is why on higher-specification trims black paint is often paired with sporty alloy wheels and dark trim for elements such as grilles and wing mirrors. There is a price to pay for good looks though, and that is keeping it clean. Black paint can look dirty very quickly and in direct sunlight may show imperfections such as scratches very easily. That said, a good polish can easily remedy small imperfections in many cases.

Additionally, black cars are very popular, so they should be relatively easy to sell when you are going to change cars - or a business should be happy to take it as part exchange if you opt for that route. We say that black cars are popular, but there are some exceptions. Metallic and flat black paint are desirable shades but matte black is less so, largely due to matte paint being harder to look after.

Below we have focused on flat and metallic black cars, with a range of makes and models and various car types. Below you will find affordable crossovers, desirable upmarket estate cars and supersized SUVs to name a few. Keep reading to find the best black car for you.

Black cars for sale

1. Audi A6

Best black car for classy looks

Used deals from £15,300
Monthly finance from £367*

Audi has become known for producing cars with some of the best interiors money can buy and the A6 Saloon and A6 Avant estate are no exceptions. The high-quality feel of the A6's cabin can make boring everyday journeys more calming - whether you're stuck in traffic or cruising along the motorway. Largely, this is thanks to plush materials, a clutter-free dashboard design and the inclusion of several crisp digital screens.

Happily, if you want the inside of your car to be just as dark as the outside, the A6's cabin can be made incredibly dark - with black carpets, seats and even black headlining for a cosier feel.

As the A6 is a large, comfortable car, it is a great option if you need to cover lots of motorway miles - especially models that come with a diesel engine and an automatic gearbox. The diesel engines offer strong fuel economy, while the automatic gearbox makes the A6 even more stress-free to drive.

If you expect to do lots of town driving, then a plug-in hybrid A6 could be a good option as the battery pack and electric motor should reduce your fuel consumption dramatically, provided you charge the car regularly. These are badged as ‘50 TFSI e’ but they do tend to be more expensive than non-hybrids.


2. Range Rover Evoque

Best black car for driving in snow

Used deals from £13,159
Monthly finance from £0*

Available until 2018, the first-generation Evoque was something of a revelation for Range Rover - so much so it is one of the most popular Range Rover models of all time. Part of the success is due to the stylish looks and black models can look both classy (with silver alloy wheels) or menacing (with black alloy wheels). For the ultimate fashion statement, there are even convertible Evoque models, but if you don't want a car with a retractable roof these don’t offer any other benefits and are more expensive and less practical.

One thing the Range Rover can promise that few of its rivals can is genuine off-road ability. If you live in a place that can be brought to a standstill by snow and rain, the Evoque is a great option. Being that the Evoque is much smaller than many large four-wheel-drive cars, it is much easier to use for run-of-the-mill tasks like the weekly shop or the school run. Range Rover updated the Evoque in 2015 and it is these newer models we recommend searching for, not least for the more efficient engines that came as part of the updates.


3. Mini Hatchback

Best black car for fun

Used deals from £7,380
Monthly finance from £0*

Minis are often cars that are bought with the heart rather than the head. This is because there are rivals that are more affordable, rivals that are more practical and rivals that should cost less to run. Why bother with a Mini then? Simple - the Mini Hatchback is great fun to drive. Get behind the wheel of a Mini and before starting the engine the funky yet stylish cabin makes it obvious that these models are refreshingly different to the competition.

Turn the engine on and things get even more fun as the petrol engines are powerful enough to make for brisk acceleration and the suspension keeps the car stuck to the road when zipping around corners. The slight downside to this sporty handling is that the car doesn't smooth out lumps and bumps in the road as well as some rivals. As for exterior styling, new models are offered with a long list of styling options. This means that second-hand black cars can be found with a range of different colour roofs, alloy wheels and trims.


4. Renault Captur

Best black car for easy access

Used deals from £7,998
Monthly finance from £0*

The Captur is the smallest crossover in the Renault model range. It is based on the same mechanical platform as the Clio hatchback, albeit slightly higher from the ground. Some drivers like this as it can make getting in and out easier, while giving a good view of the road ahead - handy for parking. All of the controls in a Captur are nicely weighted, so operating the steering and changing gear is very easy - perfect for those who want a stress-free drive.

In 2017, Renault introduced a revised Captur which was the same car under the skin but with some subtle tweaks to the exterior styling and revisions to the standard equipment. Post-2017 models do look more modern but the difference is not all that obvious at first glance. As for trims, well-equipped models such as Dynamique S and Iconic would be our recommendation as these include tech such as automatically folding mirrors, a touchscreen media system and rear parking sensors.


5. Peugeot 308

Best black car for small families

Used deals from £6,990
Monthly finance from £0*

If you need a practical, comfortable and affordable-to-run family car, then the 308 is a great option. That said, it isn’t only family drivers who will value the 308, as the frugal petrol and diesel engines, smooth ride and low used prices should appeal to all manner of people. There is also a sporty version, badged as ‘GTI’. GTI Models are available with ‘Coupe Franche’ paintwork, which is half black and half another colour (red in most cases). This is a sure-fire way to stand out with a part-black car, but it isn’t to all tastes.

One of the negatives to purchasing a brand new 308 is that it loses value relatively quickly. Go for a second-hand model, however, and you can use this to your advantage by getting more car for your money than if you went for a model like the Audi A3, which is a pricey used buy. Pick of the engine range is the 130hp 1.2-litre petrol, thanks to its blend of performance and economy. Peugeot has designed the 308 to cope with bumpy UK roads, so motorway and town journeys should be comfortable affairs.


6. Vauxhall Insignia Grand Sport

Best black car for motorway cruises

Used deals from £9,500
Monthly finance from £0*

For drivers who regularly find themselves cruising the mean motorways of the UK, a Vauxhall Insignia is a fine companion. The three main reasons for this are; comfort, refinement and fuel economy. For the greatest comfort, Vauxhall offers something called ‘FlexRide’ on certain petrol models, and at the press of a button the driver can alter how soft or firm the suspension is. Soft is great for town and motorway cruising, while firmer settings are better for faster driving on country roads with lots of turns.

When it comes to rivals, the Vauxhall has very few - it is a middle ground between upmarket cars like the BMW 3 Series and more affordable models such as the Kia Optima. The build quality reflects this, with it being a match for cars such as the Skoda Superb. From an exterior point of view, the Insignia is very sleek and stylish made all the more impressive when you consider how much better value the Insignia is compared with similarly sleek alternatives from Mercedes and Audi.


7. Seat Ateca

Best black car for off-roader style on a budget

Used deals from £12,995
Monthly finance from £0*

The Ateca was the first SUV Seat launched and proof of its popularity is the fact that Seat now makes three SUVs. The Ateca is an appealing family car, offering a high driving position, plenty of space and strong value. It was awarded a full five-star safety rating by crash test experts Euro NCAP. For those with kids, it scored 84% for child occupant protection, which was the joint fourth-highest score in 2016 when the Ateca was tested. Yes, there are newer and safer cars available, but the Ateca still makes a very safe second-hand purchase.

The Ateca is also surprisingly fun to drive on 60mph backroads. This is impressive as this type of tall car often doesn't handle corners very well, either rolling around a lot or needing firm suspension to control the car. The interior is also well-built, sharing much of the in-car kit with models such as the VW Polo and Skoda Octavia, as these brands are all part of the same parent company. As for practicality, front space is great and so is the size of the boot. Long-legged passengers might struggle in the back on long journeys but there is plenty of headroom.


8. Volvo XC90

Best black car for a family-friendly seven-seat interior

Used deals from £28,652
Monthly finance from £689*

The second-generation Volvo XC90 still manages to look fresh as a daisy despite having been first revealed back in 2014. The interior hasn’t dated much either, thanks to its minimalist design that oozes class. Ultimately, the Volvo XC90 is a direct competitor for the Audi Q7, Land Rover Discovery and BMW X5, and depending on your needs, the Volvo is arguably the best in class - offering a stylish and comfy cabin, a smooth ride and plenty of standard equipment.

Drivers shopping for a comfortable seven-seater to get from A to B in will find this Volvo very, very impressive. Despite being so large, the XC90 can be relatively low-emission thanks to the availability of plug-in hybrid versions. These are badged ‘T8’ and are surprisingly powerful - so much so they are just as fast from 0 to 62mph as many sports cars. As with all plug-in hybrids, though, if you don’t regularly charge the battery, fuel economy and emissions will likely be much worse than the official figures and possibly worse than a non-hybrid.


*Representative PCP finance - Ford Fiesta:

48 monthly payments of £192
Deposit: £0
Mileage limit: 8,000 per year
Optional final payment to buy car: £2,923
Total amount payable to buy car: £11,926
Total cost of credit: £2,426
Amount borrowed: £9,500
APR: 9.9%

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