Best used 7-seater cars

Seven seats and space for luggage – whether a people carrier or flashy SUV, the best used seven-seaters take family life in their stride

BuyaCar team
Oct 1, 2021

Finding a car with space for you and more than four passengers is easier and more affordable than you might think, especially if you're looking at used cars, with numerous cheap seven-seater cars available from as little as £200* per month on PCP finance with BuyaCar.

If you need a car with seven seats, there are plenty of options available to you, and there's a lot of variety on offer, too. You could opt for a safe and sensible people carrier for comfortable cruising, or a high-riding seven-seat SUV if you're looking for something more stylish.

Driving a larger car can be intimidating if you're not used to it, but whether you opt for a lower-sitting people carrier or a taller SUV, many seven-seaters don't feel that big from behind the wheel. They can be easy to park, too, if you find a model with a reversing camera or parking sensors - many seven seaters such as the Citroen Grand C4 SpaceTourer come with this kind equipment as standard.

Aside from all that, though, you're likely to be looking for a seven-seater because you need more seats. More seats means more people, and more people means more stuff to carry in the boot, so with each of these cars we've made sure there's plenty of on-board luggage space available, while some of these models also feature plenty of adaptability with folding and sliding seats to make the most of all of the interior space on offer.

Best used seven-seater cars

1. Citroen Grand C4 SpaceTourer

Used deals from £10,000
Monthly finance from £189*

The Citroen Grand C4 Picasso - which was renamed the Grand C4 SpaceTourer in 2018 - is a great value practical and comfortable seven-seater. Regardless of the name, both models make appealing family cars, with decent room for passengers and a reasonable size boot.

There are other affordable seven-seat people carriers including the Renault Grand Scenic, but the Grand C4 SpaceTourer is a more appealing option for drivers and passengers with its mix of funky styling and family-friendly practicality, plus a comfy ride and economical diesel engines. The rear seats are cramped for adults but children should be happy enough. Fold them away and you have a substantial 600 litres of luggage space too.

If you're working to a tight budget, the big seven-seat Citroen is likely to be your cheapest option. Used versions of the Grand C4 Picasso are available from outstandingly low prices right now on BuyaCar.


2. Skoda Kodiaq

Skoda Kodiaq front three quarters view

Used deals from £20,900
Monthly finance from £333*

Seven-seaters don't only come in the form of people carriers. The Skoda Kodiaq is one of a number of larger SUVs that also offer seven seats. The Kodiaq is best described as a hugely spacious family car with enough space in the back for another two seats. The fact it's also a tall and practical SUV with a comfortable ride and high driving position may well appeal to your tastes.

The rearmost two seats are perfect for children, but tolerable for adults if you're only travelling for a short time. Boot space with all seven-seats with use is 231 litres which should be enough for a pushchair, the rear two seats fold away completely flat to open up a whopping 720 litres of space.

There's also the option of four-wheel drive for some added off-road capability, which makes it an ideal companion for camping holidays or adventurous mountain biking trips. A selection of economical yet powerful diesel engines is likely to offer the best all round performance.


3. Ford Galaxy

Used deals from £15,985
Monthly finance from £282*

The Ford Galaxy is the largest of three people carriers in the Ford range. The Grand C-Max and S-Max are both cheaper and more compact, but the Galaxy is the ultimate in terms of interior space.

Even the two rear seats have plenty of head and leg room, and the 300-litre boot is equal to that of a standard family hatchback. Those rear seats fold down, too, for a very plentiful 1,301 litres of space in the back if you need to shift some large furniture.

Despite its immense size, the Galaxy is still easy to drive. It's comfortable and refined inside, and there's plenty of safety tech included to keep the family protected. It's best fitted with a punchy and economical diesel engine, but there is a turbocharged 2.0-litre EcoBoost petrol engine in the range if you'd rather stick with petrol.


4. Volvo XC90

Used deals from £29,970
Monthly finance from £457*

The big Volvo XC90 is one of the more spacious seven-seaters on this list. The third row of seats is easily capable of accommodating a couple of grown-ups. That said, taller passengers may prefer the extra space available in the middle row.

The XC90 is another big and practical SUV that's comfortable regardless of where you drive it. It's just as much at home cruising on the motorway as it is winding along the countryside. It's also packed full of safety tech as per the standard Volvo approach - the XC90 has long been revered as one of the safest cars on the road.

If you were looking for a comparison between the XC90 and other seven-seater SUVs, the boot space on offer here is a massive 451 litres even with all seven seats in position. That's about as big as you'll get from this style of car, and it only gets better when you fold those seats down to open up a 1,951-litre cavern.


5. Kia Sorento

Used deals from £20,548
Monthly finance from £343*

The Kia Sorento is sold with a seven-year warranty, meaning that even older models will still have plenty of warranty remaining. A new model was released in 2020, but the version sold from 2015 to 2020 is still a great car and represents excellent value for money.

Unlike those in many rivals, the rearmost seats can actually accommodate grown-ups. The only problem is getting into them. It’s a bit of squeeze because the middle-row seats don't tip and fold far enough, and the door apertures are quite narrow.

Considering its size (the boot stretches from 660 to 1,732 litres) and its impressive interior quality however, the Sorento is a great-value option if you're looking for the best seven-seater at a low price.


6. Land Rover Discovery Sport

Used deals from £23,575
Monthly finance from £364*

Seven seats are available in all but the cheapest Land Rover Discovery Sport model. It’s a genuinely versatile car: an upmarket SUV, mud-plugging off-roader and people carrier in one.

It’s also very comfortable on-road with good body control in corners, so no one should get travel sick. It’s not perfect, though. Those rear seats are only big enough for small children. Also, look for a model with a reversing camera because the rear window is quite small.


7. Hyundai Santa Fe

Used deals from £17,952
Monthly finance from £322*

You can't talk about a Hyundai without first mentioning its generous five-year new car warranty. It means that used Santa Fe models are still likely to have some degree of cover left. The model we are recommending here was recently replaced with a new one, which, if anything, should help you scoop up a bargain.

That’s just one of the model’s attractions. Another is its seven-seat versatility, although in common with many others of its type, those rearmost seats are fit only for small children. They’re difficult to access, too.

If it’s to be pressed into service as a caravan tow car it’s good to know it can tow up to 2,500kg. Look for a model with the optional Trailer Stability Assist fitted for extra-safe towing. All models are four-wheel drive but it’s a part-time system so there’s no real economy penalty, but there is reassuringly better grip when you need it.


8. BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer

Used deals from £15,890
Monthly finance from £290*

The BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer seems to fit well with the type of people who have retired. It’s upmarket enough to fit in at the bowls club but practical enough to cram the latest additions to your family in from time to time.

The rearmost seats are best suited to younger children, but by fiddling with the middle row’s positioning you can create enough space for the average adult to fit in the back (albeit for shorter journeys). At its maximum there is 1,820 litres of boot space to play with and with all the seats in the upright position you will still have a decent 560 litres to play with.


*Representative PCP finance - Ford Fiesta:

48 monthly payments of £192
Deposit: £0
Mileage limit: 8,000 per year
Optional final payment to buy car: £2,923
Total amount payable to buy car: £11,926
Total cost of credit: £2,426
Amount borrowed: £9,500
APR: 9.9%

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