Latest Dacia offers and finance deals 2020

Making Britain's cheapest cars even better value: the latest Dacia offers on new and used vehicles

BuyaCar team
Feb 24, 2020

Dacia has established itself as the definitive cheap car brand in the UK. With new car prices substantially below the £10,000 mark, cars like the Dacia Sandero have brought the idea of car ownership to a whole new demographic.

The Sandero has a list price starting at just £6,995 - which buys a very basic, entry-level model, but you can still get Comfort models with much more tech including parking sensors and cruise control for just £8,995. But that's for a brand new model. Take a turn towards the used car market and you'll see those prices drop even further. A used PCP finance deal on a Dacia Sandero will see monthly payments drop below £100 per month for a four-year-old model.

That trend continues throughout Dacia's range, which includes the high-riding Sandero Stepway, the rugged Dacia Duster, which has added off-road capability and the big-booted Dacia Logan Estate. But just because they're cheap doesn't mean these are all duds when you actually come to drive them. The Duster has proven itself a peppy and capable small off-roader, while the Sandero Stepway and Logan MCV are both practical family cars of growing popularity.

Read on for more details on some of the excellent PCP finance deals available for Dacia models across the range right here on BuyaCar.

2020 Dacia PCP offers

Dacia Sandero offers

In truth, the cheapest Dacia Sandero is a marketing gimmick: the £6,995 Access version may qualify as Britain's cheapest car but as it lacks a radio, air-conditioning and electric windows, few drivers will want one. Most customers choose either the Essential or Comfort models (which used to be called Ambiance and Laureate). These are much better specified and only slightly pricier, which makes them better value overall and much easier to live with.

As long as you're not expecting the smoothest ride and a plush, high-tech interior, these higher specification models offer strong value for money.


Nearly new Dacia Sandero
Used Dacia Sandero

Buyacar prices from £4,000
Monthly finance from £75

Dacia Sandero Stepway offers

A taller version of the Dacia Sandero, the Sandero Stepway looks more rugged, thanks to extra plastic cladding but this isn't an off-road version of the car. Instead, the extra height between the bottom of the car and the ground gives you a higher driving position and should mean that you're less likely to scrape the ground on rough surfaces. More importantly it also makes it easier to get in and out of the car, as you step in, rather than lowering yourself down, as you do in the Sandero.

If anything, it's slightly more comfortable than the standard Sandero, too, and there's no budget version to avoid either.


Nearly new Dacia Sandero Stepway

Buyacar prices from £8,475
Monthly finance from £146

Used Dacia Sandero Stepway

Buyacar prices from £5,225
Monthly finance from £95

Dacia Duster offers

Objectively, the Dacia Duster may be the best-value car on the road. New car prices start at £9,995 for a vehicle that's virtually as big as a Nissan Qashqai, with a high driving position, basic but spacious interior, and comfortable, if sometimes bouncy, ride.

As with the Sandero, you're better off with a mid-range Essential or Comfort car (rather than the super-basic entry-level Access), which includes air-conditioning and a digital radio which don't come with the Access model. Four-wheel drive is available, too, for competent performance on muddy or loose surfaces. For truly budget motoring, pick the previous-generation car, which is built to the same formula.

Dacia Duster versions
  • 2018-present The current version of the Duster looks more modern inside than the previous version, thanks to a dashboard designed around a seven-inch touchscreen media system. Cheaper models fill this space with a radio and buttons though. BUYERS' GUIDE
  • 2012-2018 Earlier Dusters are little different to drive compared with the current car, and look similar from outside too. BUYERS' GUIDE
Nearly new Dacia Duster

Buyacar prices from £11,980
Monthly finance from £176

Used Dacia Duster

Buyacar prices from £5,299
Monthly finance from £88

Dacia Logan offers

Most of the attention on Dacia's range focuses on the Sandero and Duster, but the Logan is a very strong value option, too: an estate version of the Sandero with a large 573-litre boot, it combines a low price with masses of space. Low insurance groups should mean that it's cheap to run too.


Nearly new Dacia Logan

Buyacar prices Limited stock

Used Dacia Logan

Buyacar prices Limited stock


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