Ford Kuga dimensions

Full details on Ford Kuga dimensions, including length, width, height and boot space

BuyaCar team
Sep 30, 2018

Ford’s Kuga is one of Britain’s bestselling crossover cars, combining the fuel economy and responsiveness of a family hatchback with the higher driving position and extra practicality of an off-roader.

You wouldn’t really want to take it on any tough terrain: it’s not designed to bounce over ruts and bumps, although four-wheel drive versions of the Kuga do come in handy on muddy fields or in slippery winter weather, where they are less likely to get stuck than a standard car without four-wheel drive.

This is really a car that’s designed to spend its life on the road, serving families. You can read more in our full buying guide or scroll below to find out whether it’s the right size for you.


Ford Kuga dimensions: exterior

A length of around 4.5 metres is fairly standard for a family crossover, although the way that the Ford Kuga uses that space is slightly unusual. The space between the front and rear wheels - known as the wheelbase - is longer than normal, creating more space for passengers inside the car. A high roof helps to boost headroom too.

The downside is that the interior space reduces the size of the boot. As you’ll see in the next section, the Kuga’s luggage capacity is less than most alternative cars. 

Ford Kuga dimensions: exterior

Compared with similar cars




Width without mirrors



Width with mirrors





Taller than average



Longer than average


Ford Kuga boot space

The price you pay for a spacious interior is a small boot, particularly because the Kuga comes with a mini spare wheel that reduces capacity even further.

Since the current version of the Kuga was launched in 2012, the quality of family crossovers has improved significantly, which means that the 406-litre area in the back of the Kuga is around 100 litres smaller than you’ll find in the Peugeot 3008, Kia Sportage or Mazda CX-5.

The Volkswagen Tiguan allows you to slide the rear seats forward to increase the boot capacity to an enormous 615 litres. However, if you regularly carry bulky loads, the the Kuga redeems itself: fold down the rear seats and you’ll create a large 1600-litre space. 

Ford Kuga boot space

Compared with similar cars

Boot space with seats up

406 litres

Smaller than average

Boot space with seats down

1603 litres

Larger than average



Ford Kuga dimensions: interior

The Kuga is around 5cm taller than the average family crossover, and you can feel the benefit inside, where there’s plenty of headroom for even tall passengers.

The long wheelbase also helps to make the car feel spacious. When the Kuga was first launched, it was one of the best in its class for passenger space. But rivals have caught up, and it’s now average - that still makes it a comfortable place to sit - front and back. 

Ford Kuga dimensions: interior

Compared with similar cars

Front headroom


More than average

Rear headroom


More than average

Front legroom



Rear legroom





Ford Kuga towing capacity

With four-wheel drive and a powerful diesel engine, the Kuga can legally tow more than two tonnes, which makes it a good choice of tow car, with a larger towing capacity than the Nissan Qashqai, Renault Kadjar and the popular Honda CR-V

Ford Kuga towing capacity (smallest to largest)

Towing capacity: braked

1800 - 2100kg

Towing capacity: unbraked




Ford Kuga weight

The lightest version of the new Peugeot 3008 weighs just 1300kg but you can’t get a Kuga that weighs less than 1579kg. Although the car’s weight does help make it a better tow car, it also reduces the Ford’s fuel economy. In theory, heavier cars also feel lethargic and slow to respond - particularly when cornering, although that doesn’t apply to the Kuga. 

Ford Kuga weight (lightest to heaviest)


1579 - 2250kg



Ford Kuga fuel tank

The big 60-litre fuel tank in the Kuga is enough to allow the most frugal diesel cars to travel 600 miles or more between fill-ups. Even the gas-guzzling four-wheel-drive petrol model should be able to make it 400 miles on a single tank. 

Ford Kuga fuel tank capacity

Petrol fuel tank

60 litres

Diesel fuel tank

60 litres



Ford Kuga turning circle

The Kuga’s long wheelbase may mean that nifty manoeuvres are few and far between. It contributes to the car’s large turning circle - the space needed to make a u-turn. It’s a full metre wider than the Renault Kadjar, Peugeot 3008 or Kia Sportage. 

Ford Kuga turning circle

Compared with similar cars

Turning circle


Larger than average



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