What is Ford Vignale?

It's the new name for Ford's top-of-the range cars, promising luxury and personal service. So what do you get with Ford Vignale?

BuyaCar team
Dec 31, 2018

As you can tell by the number of Mercedes, Audi and BMW cars on British roads today, premium brands afre in high demand and Vignale is Ford's answer to the big German brands.

The badge indicates the best-equipped and most luxurious versions of its cars, which include items such as high-grade leather, a raft of electronic gadgets and improved service at dealerships as standard.

The company first launched Vignale on the Mondeo in 2014, after calculating that buyers would be happy to pay more for a higher-specification car, since half of all Mondeo buyers were choosing the Titanium model, which was then top-of-the range.

A Vignale specification is now offered on the S-Max, Edge, Kuga, Fiesta and Focus.

Ford says that sales of Vignale versions account for ten per cent of the total sales of each model that they’re based on. In fact, it says that demand for the cheapest models is falling while sales of more expensive ones are

For example, in response to low demand for the basic Fiesta Studio, Ford has dropped this entry-level trim to give it capacity to respond to demand higher up the model range with Fiesta Vignale

What's included with Ford Vignale?

The most obvious benefit of buying a Vignale model is that Ford has ticked pretty much every option on the list, as well as using upmarket materials that aren't available with the rest of the range.

So Vignale models are available with exclusive exterior colours and alloy wheel designs, plus other cosmetic features, such as a hexagonal upper grille and LED headlights as standard.

Inside, the seats are covered in high-quality leather, with patterns stitched into the surface (as seen above), and there's more leather on the upper surfaces of the dashboard.

In general, you can expect a liberal scattering of electric motors - to adjust the front seats, raise and lower the bootlid, and to fold the side mirrors, to prevent any physical exertion from tainting your premium experience.

The cars typically feature reversing cameras, upgraded sound systems, large alloy wheels and further luxuries, such as a heated sterring wheel.

Ford claims that each Vignale model is individually tailored to customer specification and put together using a process that combines the latest in hi-tech manufacturing techniques and the kinds of traditional craftsmanship employed at luxury carmakers.

Vignale models are also said to undergo 100 additional quality checks at Ford’s production facility in Valencia, Spain. It's too early to tell whether this makes the cars more relioable or durable than non-Vignale versions.

Ford Vignale personal service

The other element of the Vignale package is the personal service that buyers receive.

Vignale customers have a single number to get in touch with their dealership - for whatever enquiry they might have. Ford says that they can expect an answer 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from a specially-trained relationship manager.

They will arrange for your car to be collected when it needs servicing, and will also deliver a loan vehicle if needed. Ford says that they will book travel, event and “lifestyle activities” such as breaks at luxury hotel and spa venues, and offers for theatre, music or sporting events, but it's not clear how expert a Ford dealership employee will be at booking spa breaks, or whether they will be offering anything beyond booking through Expedia.

No service worth its name these days is anything without its own app. The Vignale Service app links to online lifestyle content from the Vignale Magazine, and offers driving tips and information, dealership and fuel station locators, and emergency call services.

What Ford Vignale cars are available?

The first Vignale car was the Ford Mondeo Vignale, but the range now includes the Ford S-Max Vignale, the Ford Edge Vignale, the Ford Fiesta Vignale, and the Ford Kuga Vignale.

All models are very plush, but the Kuga (as seen above) might just be the plushest. It's one of the poshest SUVs (Sport Utility Vehicle) from a maninstream manufacturer on the market, with prices starting from £31,795. That may sound like a lot for a Ford, and it is, but it also means that a used Ford Kuga Vignale makes a very savvy purchase.

Is a Ford Vignale worth the extra money?

The whole premise of the Vignale concept is that owners get a higher-quality product and save time on the odd occasion that their car needs servicing. Whether that's worth between £2,400 and £3,900 is the question. That's the price difference that you'd be paying if you chose a Mondeo Vignale over a high-specification Titanium model.

S-Max buyers, meanwhile, pay an additional £2,700 across the board, while those purchasing an Edge will pay £2,750 over the cost of the Sport variant.

And if you’re in the market for a Kuga Vignale model, you’ll be paying £3,250 over and above the on-the-road price of the next highest specification, the recently added ST-Line.

Will a Ford Vignale lose value quickly?

Will Vignale models still be worth a premium when they are sold second-hand? The concierge benefits will pass onto subsequent owners if they buy a Viganle car from a Ford dealer - including cars sold through BuyaCar, which are sourced from Ford dealers. 

But Ford's own figures suggest that the Vignale range will only be worth a very marginal premium over other high-specificatiom models, according to the company's finance predictions.

Is it worth buying a Ford Vignale?

Buyers will have to decide whether the additional costs for Vignale models constitute value for money. If you really want a high-quality leather interior, and will take full advantage of the concierge and app services, then you might decide to take the plunge and go all in for a Vignale model.

But the high price of the cars means that there are plenty of other upmarket options. Whether the time you save at the dealership is worth the extra money is a moot point: you should only be going to a dealership once a year for a service, with a fully-functioning brand new car, so we can’t see that a few hours saved once a year is worth a hundreds of pounds.

Where does the Vignale name come from?   

If you've been Googling Vignale, you may have stumbled upon some extravagantly styled classic cars. Vignale Carrozzeria was an Italian styling house started by Alfredo Vignale, famed for its exotic Ferrari-based cars. Ford bought the company, along with another Italian coachbuilder-turned posh nameplarte, Ghia, back in 1973.

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