Honda Jazz dimensions

All the crucial Honda Jazz dimensions, including length, width and boot space. See why it's one of the most spacious superminis on sale

BuyaCar team
Dec 19, 2021

Its ability to pack a substantial amount of space into some compact external dimensions has won the Honda Jazz a legion of fans. They like the small size of superminis such as the Ford Fiesta, Volkswagen Polo and Vauxhall Corsa, but also want to stretch out once inside.

The car has a reputation for attracting older buyers who appreciate its practical touches and comfort on the road, but the latest car is meant to appeal to a younger audience too, with distinctive styling that avoids the boxier design of its roomy rival: the Nissan Note, which is no longer in production.

There’s more information on the Jazz’s dimensions, boot space and manoeuvrability below and you can find out more about the car in our in-depth Honda Jazz buying guide.


Honda Jazz dimensions: exterior

The Jazz is average across most measures including wheelbase (the distance between the front and rear wheels), which is usually key to interior space. It should require no more space in your parking space or driveway than an ordinary supermini.

Honda Jazz dimensions: exterior

Compared with similar cars




Width without mirrors



Width with mirrors





Taller than average





Honda Jazz boot space

This where the Jazz’s qualities come to the fore. With rear seats up its 354-litre boot is around 50 litres larger than what you’ll find in a Skoda Fabia or Renault Clio, which are average for the class.

Even so, it’s beaten by the Nissan Note, but that car doesn’t have the Jazz’s so-called magic seats. The base of the rear seats fold up - like in the cinema - so there’s more space in the footwells, allowing you to increase luggage capacity without folding the seats down.

Meanwhile, the boot opening is wide and clear with a shallow lip so you can slide bulky loads in fairly easily.

Honda Jazz boot space

Compared with similar cars

Boot space with seats up

354 litres

Above average

Boot space with seats down

1314 litres

Above average


Honda Jazz towing capacity

Large and heavy cars are best for towing because they are more stable, so you’re unlikely to want to tow anything with a Jazz. Should the need take you, however, it’s got a maximum limit of 1000kg, which is typical for a supermini.

Honda Jazz towing capacity (smallest to largest)

Towing capacity: braked


Towing capacity: unbraked



Honda Jazz weight

Despite its space and versatility, the Jazz is no heavier than many other superminis. The kerbweight - which includes the weight of a driver, luggage and fuel - isn’t quite under 1000kg but it is light enough to return good fuel economy.

Honda Jazz weight (lightest to heaviest)


1066 - 1132kg


Honda Jazz fuel tank

Maximising interior space has meant that there’s less room for the Jazz’s fuel tank, which is just 40 litres in size. That means that you may just stretch it to 400 miles between fill-ups, but no further.

Honda Jazz fuel tank capacity

Petrol fuel tank

40 litres


Honda Jazz turning circle

U-turns can become three-point turns in the Jazz, which has a large turning circle for a car of its size. It needs a space that’s 10.8m wide to turn around in one go, which is a whole metre more than the Skoda Fabia.

Honda Jazz turning circle

Compared with similar cars

Turning circle




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