Range Rover Evoque (2011-present)

Designer SUV is stylish with great off-road ability

Strengths & Weaknesses


Stylish looks
Luxurious interior
Comfortable and relaxing to drive


Expensive purchase price
Poor rear visibility
Thirsty petrol engine

It’s small, stylish and carries a big, prominent designer label. The Range Rover Evoque appeals in the same way as a Mulberry bag or Dior sunglasses.

Despite a high price, the Evoque has proved irresistible to more than half a million buyers and continues to sell strongly, even though it's expensive and has been on sale for six years.

That’s partly because there’s little else like the Evoque. Not only is it one of the most distinctive cars of its type, but it also has substance to go with its style and mini-Range Rover image.

If you really wanted to take it off road, then the four-wheel drive models will haul through deep, muddy ruts and across jagged, rocky terrain. A damp grassy field is no challenge.

Even so, the car’s natural home is among the fashion boutiques in town. Compact dimensions, light steering, plus front and rear parking sensors fitted to every model, make it easy to manoeuvre despite the thick pillars that can obscure your vision.

You could almost be in a supermini, rather than a family-size sport utility vehicle (SUV). More and more buyers are opting for these cars instead of a conventional family hatchback, preferring the high driving position, increased headroom and the option of four-wheel drive.

It might be considerably smaller than a Range Rover, but the Evoque feels similarly luxurious. Even the cheapest version comes with heated, electrically-adjustable leather seats, mood lighting and brushed aluminium panels. Higher up the model range, there’s a modern 10.2in super-wide touchscreen, which you can swipe and pinch to zoom like a smartphone, although the best systems from Audi and BMW are easier to use because they use rotary dials.

As the designer label of small SUVs, the Evoque is all about making you feel good. To that end, the Evoque is controlled and smooth on the road, so the driver is relaxed and passengers are comfortable, even if it does lean a little if you go around corners quickly. That lean can be reduced with optional computer-controlled adaptive suspension for a more stable and cosseting ride.

It’s as relaxing to drive as a Mercedes GLC but alternatives, such as the Audi Q5 or BMW X3, are more engaging and fun thanks to their sharper, more precise steering and a faster response when you press the accelerator.

That’s also the case when compared with the Porsche Macan and Jaguar F-Pace, both of which are worth considering instead of a sportier Evoque. They may not be able to go as far off-road as the Range Rover but few owners will want to test them in that way. More importantly, these cars cost roughly the same as the equivalent Evoque models but have noticeably more passenger space.

That’s the cost of the Evoque’s designer looks and Range Rover label. The sloping roof looks sporty but reduces space in the back, where legroom is limited and high windows make the area feel even more restricted - particularly if you opt for a less practical, but more stylish three-door car. Smaller still is the Range Rover Evoque Convertible

Interior space and the 420-litre boot is similar to cars like the BMW X1, Audi Q3 or Mercedes GLA, which are several thousands of pounds cheaper.

Also cheaper are more mainstream models that have improved to compete with the Evoque. Mazda’s new CX-5 has a striking design and the Peugeot 3008 feels hi-tech.

However, the popularity of the Evoque means that it holds its value well, which helps reduce the cost of owning or financing the car. There are some two-wheel drive models in the range, which only send the engine’s power to the front wheels. This improves fuel economy at the expense of off-road ability.

When independently crash tested in 2011, the Range Rover Evoque received a full five-star safety rating from Euro NCAP.

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Wednesday, April 5, 2017 - 15:15

Key facts 

Three years, unlimited mileage
Boot size: 
420 litres
£140-£800 in first year, £140 or £450 thereafter / Pre-April 2017: £20 to £265 per year

Best Land Rover Range Rover Evoque for... 

Range Rover Evoque eD4 SE Tech manual 3-door
With two-wheel drive, the least powerful engine and a six-speed manual gearbox, the most frugal Evoque returns an official fuel economy of 67mpg and emits 109g/km. on paper, it's better than many VW Golf, but you're only likely to get 46mpg in real-world driving Emissions and tax are higher for five-door models.
Range Rover Evoque TD4 SE Tech automatic 5-door
The most powerful diesel engine gives strong performance even when loaded with passengers and luggage. Four-wheel drive provides excellent ability off road and in snow.
Range Rover Evoque Si4 HSE Dynamic automatic 3-door
With a 0-60mph acceleration time of 7.1sec, the petrol-powered Evoque feels more like a sporty hatchback. Dynamic HSE comes with the sleekest dashboard screen.
Range Rover Evoque Si4 HSE Dynamic Lux 5-door
They may be fun to drive, but petrol Si4 models are expensive to run. A thirsty petrol engine in the practical five-door Evoque makes it a lot less attractive to cost-conscious family buyers.

Land Rover Range Rover Evoque History 

  • September 2011 The Range Rover Evoque goes on sale as a three-door coupe.
  • November 2011 A practical five-door Range Rover Evoque is introduced
  • April 2012 The limited edition Range Rover Evoque Special Edition with Victoria Beckham is launched. The ex-Spice Girl helped design features such as rose gold highlights, tan leather interior and an accompanying wallet, hand-signed by Beckham.
  • March 2013 A nine-speed automatic gearbox replaces the previous six-speed version. It’s smoother and more economical
  • February 2014 The Autobiography Dynamic limited edition becomes the fastest Evoque.
  • August 2015 New, more efficient, 2.0 Ingenium diesel engines are introduced. All new Evoques have a minor redesign, with new bumpers, lights and improved dashboard entertainment software.
  • April 2016 A new 10.2in super-wide touchscreen is fitted to HSE Dynamic models and above. It's sleeker, without any physical buttons, and has advanced software that can find a free parking space.
  • April 2016 Range Rover Evoque Ember Special Edition, based on the Evoque HSE Dynamic, is launched with black paint and a red roof, along with 20in black alloy wheels.
  • July 2016 Range Rover Evoque Convertible goes on sale, offering open-top off-road motoring.

Understanding Land Rover Range Rover Evoque car names 

  • Range Rover Evoque
  • Trim level
  • Engine
    TD4 180PS
  • Gearbox
  • Trim level
    This lets you know what equipment comes as standard. There are five levels: SE, SE Tech, Dynamic HSE, Dynamic HSE Lux and Autobiography, each with more equipment - and a higher price - than the previous one.
  • Engine
    Land Rover’s lower-powered diesel engine is badged ‘eD4’ and the more powerful is called ‘TD4’. The only petrol is called ‘Si4’. The power may be given in horsepower, which can also be written as PS.
  • Gearbox
    There’s either a six-speed manual gearbox or nine-speed automatic available.

Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Engines 

2.0 Si4 (petrol); 2.0 eD4 & 2.0 TD4 Ingenium (diesel)

The cheapest option is the 150 horsepower (hp) diesel engine badged eD4, which is only available in two-wheel drive and a manual gearbox. This is the most efficient engine in the range, returning an official 68mpg fuel economy. Although this sounds impressive, the reality is less so. The Equa Index, which is based on real-world fuel economy testing, estimates that the car will return just 46mpg in normal road driving.

Low CO2 emissions of 109g/km make this Evoque relatively affordable when it comes to company car tax. These emissions rise to 113g/km with the five-door car, so you’ll slightly more as a business user.

The downside to the eD4’s engine’s impressive economy figures is mediocre acceleration: going from 0-60mph takes 10.6sec. If you are looking for something more in keeping with the car’s sporty looks, then the more powerful diesel, named TD4, cuts the acceleration time to 8.5sec when combined with the automatic gearbox. This helps make overtaking manoeuvres quicker. It’s not as cheap to run as the eD4 diesel engine, with official fuel economy of 55.4mpg and a real-world figure of around 40mpg. That's respectable, especially considering that you can only have it with four-wheel drive.

There’s only one petrol engine available, a 2.0-litre turbocharged motor with 240hp. It’s the fastest engine in the range, but it’s only available with the nine-speed automatic gearbox, and on more expensive versions of the car, which have higher levels of standard equipment.

It’s also by far the least efficient engine in the range, with CO2 emissions of 191g/km and fuel economy of 36mpg. The official figure is not far off what you can expect on the road, but it still means you’ll be making friends with the attendant at your local petrol station.

Fuel economy


Acceleration (0-62mph)

Top speed

2.0 eD4 150PS





2.0 TD4 180PS





2.0 Si4 240PS





Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Trims 

SE, SE Tech, Dynamic HSE, Dynamic HSE Lux, Autobiography

The entry-level Range Rover Evoque SE is far from basic. It comes with heated leather seats, DAB digital radio, 18-inch alloy wheels, front and rear parking sensors, headlights and windscreen wipers that operate automatically, cruise control and a system that warns you if you stray out of your lane on the motorway. Most dashboard functions are controlled by a touchscreen with dated software. Land Rover's latest system - standard on HSE Dynamic trim and above - is improved and looks much more stylish but requires an expensive series of options on cheaper Evoques, costing around £2,000.

Move up to SE Tech for an extra £2,000 and you'll get sat-nav, voice  front foglights, 12-way electrically-adjustable front seats and a heated windscreen. Headlights that automatically switch on main beam when the road is clear are included, as is some extra gloss black trim outside.

You’ll pay almost £6,000 more to upgrade to HSE Dynamic trim, which gives the Evoque a sportier exterior look. There are more aggressive-looking bumpers at the front and rear of the car, as well as larger 20-inch alloy wheels. Inside, the interior looks far more modern with a 10.2in touchscreen without any physical buttons. You use it like a smartphone - swiping and pinching to zoom. It has Land Rover's latest InControl Touch Pro software, which includes a wifi hotspot and advanced navigation that can find you a free parking space in some areas, and then continue directing you to the door of your destination via public transport or on foot by using your phone. A rear parking camera is also included. This is the cheapest version of the Evoque available with the petrol engine.

As the name suggests, HSE Dynamic Lux adds a few luxuries over and above the Dynamic HSE, including surround-sound stereo, a large panoramic glass roof, all-round cameras which can also help you reverse while towing, an automatic parking system and an electric bootlid, which can be opened by waving your foot underneath the back bumper. By now, the price bears little resemblance to the cheapest model: this level is another £5,500 over HSE Dynamic.

The Evoque Autobiography sits at the top of the range and has unique silver exterior trim, higher-quality leather trim with seats that can be heated and cooled, plus on-board Wi-Fi. It’s only available with the most powerful diesel engine and an automatic gearbox, and has a list price of more than £50,000.

Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Reliability and warranty 

Land Rover doesn’t have a glowing reliability record - Range Rover models included, despite its ability to build cars that look and feel classy and solid.

The Evoque has performed better than other models in the range in the Auto Express Driver Power customer satisfaction survey, but there's still room for improvement. It finished 114 out of 150 models for reliability in the latest 2016 findings, with owners reporting a series of electrical problems that required attention from dealers. Owners are critical of the Evoque’s running costs, but are impressed with its comfort and in-car technology.

The Evoque comes with a three-year, unlimited mileage warranty which can be extended if you want more peace of mind.

Used Land Rover Range Rover Evoque 

Buying a new or nearly new Range Rover Evoque makes a lot of sense, as it holds its value well. After three years, experts predict that a diesel model will be worth around 55% of its value after three years or 60,000 miles.

That's considerably better than a BMW X3, which is likely to fetch only 45%. It does mean that second-hand Range Rover Evoque deals are not as cheap as you might expect, but the car’s strong values may help to reduce the costs of Evoque finance offers.

The latest models, fitted with a type of engine known as Ingenium, are much smoother and quieter than the motors fitted to Evoques before August 2015. If they are within your budget, then they are worth seeking out.

To date, the Evoque has been the subject of six recalls and most cars should have been rectified. For example, just over 9,000 cars built between June and October 2015 required work to engine mountings which could fail and cause the engine to cut out.

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Range Rover Evoque eD4 SE Tech 3-door manual






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