Pre-registered Mercedes deals

Save £10,000 or more on a car that's as good as new with the latest Mercedes deals - cars available for immediate delivery

BuyaCar team
Mar 15, 2021

New car dealers are often obliged to buy a certain amount of cars from the manufacturers – which they then have to sell on. If they can’t manage this, they might choose to pre-register the cars, in order to bump up their sales numbers.

These pre-registered cars only have a handful of delivery miles on the clock, but already have a first owner listed on their documentation, and are therefore often much cheaper than their brand-new equivalents. This is normally the car dealership that has registered the vehicle to hit their sales target.

Big discounts are available on popular Mercedes models such as the C-Class, E-Class and CLS cars, all available for immediate delivery. Scroll down for our pick of the best deals or click below to search them all.

Pre-registered Mercedes deals

Pre-registered Mercedes A Class deals

Mercedes A200 Sport Executive Auto list price £30,245
BuyaCar price from £23,838
Monthly finance from £381*

It hasn't taken long for large discounts to appear on the all-new Mercedes A-Class which went on sale in 2018. The list price isn't cheap, but this problem is rectified by deals offering around £8,000 worth of pre-registered discounts.

Pre-registered A-Class models with the Executive Pack include an impressively large 10.3-inch widescreen dashboard display, heated front seats and self-parking ability, in addition to the already-high specification.


Pre-registered Mercedes B-Class deals

Mercedes B-Class Sport Executive Auto list price £31,095
BuyaCar price from £23,838
Monthly finance from £381*

The B-class is a small MPV, which means that even though it’s perhaps not quite as glamorous or on-trend as an SUV, it’s still a Mercedes. So as well as that desirable badge, you’ll get a car that’s classy inside and out and feels very well built.

The best thing of all about the B-Class is that it isn’t all that popular. If that sounds weird, what it actually means is that dealers will often offer big discounts to entice you into buying one. Which means you can pick up a more-or-less brand-new Mercedes for more than £5,000 less than its original list price.


Pre-registered Mercedes C-Class Estate deals

Mercedes-Benz C-Class C200 AMG Line Edition list price £39,005
BuyaCar price Limited stock

With its swooping lines, the Mercedes C-Class is one of the best cars of its type on the market. The most practical estate version has a hugely spacious boot as well as plenty of space for passengers, front and rear.

The petrol-powered C200 has mild hybrid technology to boost fuel economy by shutting down the engine unobtrusively for short bursts when cruising at a steady speed.


Pre-registered Mercedes E-Class deals

Mercedes-Benz E-Class E300de AMG Line list price £51,790
BuyaCar price from £39,990
Monthly finance from £598*

With more space than the C-Class and the option of Mercedes' latest widescreen dashboard display, the Mercedes E-Class is a noticeable step up. It doesn't come at considerable cost, though, thanks to further large savings on pre-registered cars.

AMG Line models come with clever multibeam intelligent LED lights, full leather interior, plus smart and sporty AMG bodystyling.


Pre-registered Mercedes E-Class Cabriolet deals

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet E220d AMG Line Premium list price £50,015
BuyaCar price Limited stock

The insulated fabric roof of the Mercedes E-Class Cabriolet opens in 20 seconds to let the sunshine in and expose the car's sculpted lines. An Airscarf neck heating system that makes winter top-down driving comfortable comes standard. Cars with the Premium package include a larger 12.3-inch dashboard display that's next to another screen of the same size, behind the steering wheel. It gives the impression of a vast digital display stretching across half the car.


Pre-registered Mercedes GLA deals

Mercedes-Benz GLA 200 Amg Line Premium list price £37,835
BuyaCar price Limited stock

It's stylish and high-tech, with the added bling of that big Mercedes badge. But if there is one criticism of the car it's that from new, it can get quite pricey.

Luckily, it's available with nearly £4,000 off the asking price. This is for an AMG Line model too, meaning it has a full leather interior with contrasting stitching and racy looking alloy wheels. A word of warning though - there are very few of these around.



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