New 2018 Mercedes A-Class

With the latest technology and stacks of equipment, the 2018 Mercedes A-Class has moved further upmarket

Dominic Tobin
Mar 6, 2018

Even now, as it’s about to be replaced, the Mercedes A-Class is one of the five best-selling new cars in Britain, and the new model promises to be a big leap forward.

With gleaming screens running halfway along the dashboard, high-end materials and a long list of standard equipment, the new A-Class is being pitched as a hi-tech, luxury car, even though it’s no larger than a Ford Focus.

It’s considerably more expensive than a Focus, with the list price of the entry-level A-Class starting at more than £25,000, but this will reduce as cheaper models are introduced later this year and new car discounts emerge.

Now is also an excellent time to look for nearly new and pre-registered models of the outgoing Mercedes A-Class, which are likely to be reduced to clear stocks ahead of the new car.

Highlights include:

• Dual-screen dashboard comes as standard, along with sat-nav
• No manual gearbox available until later this year
• An app allows you to share the car with family or friends when you’re not using it
• Augmented reality sat-nav overlays directions onto a video of the road ahead
• Larger boot and more interior space than the outgoing car

Key facts

2018 Mercedes A-Class price from £25,800
2018 Mercedes A-Class on sale Now
2018 Mercedes A-Class first deliveries June, 2018

2018 Mercedes A-Class interior

The interior of the Mercedes A-Class is dominated by a double-screen dashboard running from behind the steering wheel to the middle of the car and this comes as standard on every model, although the screens are only 7in as standard: you’ll pay to upgrade to the 10.25in screens shown in these pictures.
Also standard on entry-level cars are seats partially trimmed with Mercedes’ Artico artificial leather, which comes close to the real thing.

Combined with optional extras such as massage seats, it does make for an interior that feels expensive - a good thing given the car’s price.

Owners of the current car are unlikely to notice much extra legroom in the new A-Class because there isn’t much. There’s more elbow- and headroom, though, which should make taller passengers more comfortable, particularly in the back.

Mercedes is at pains to emphasise the car’s extra practicality, from the larger boot (that now matches the Vauxhall Astra) to a larger storage area between the front seats. The pillars that support the roof have also been made narrower, improving visibility.


2018 Mercedes A-Class technology

The Mercedes A-Class introduces some genuinely cutting-edge technology, including a sat-nav, which can be overlaid onto a video feed from the front camera. This means that the directions are based on exactly what you are seeing, making it much less likely that you’ll overshoot and need to “make a u-turn where possible”.
Also available is a head-up display and cruise control that will automatically slow down when approaching tight bends.
All of the above are optional extras, but every car comes with voice-recognition, which is claimed to understand normal speech, and which you can activate by saying “Hey, Mercedes”.
The dual-screen display can be configured in different ways: you can replace the digital rev counter with a clock, for example. The central display is also a touchscreen, but it can also be controlled with a dial by the driver’s knee.
Every A-Class can also be shared with family or friends, using an app, which they can use to unlock the car when you’re not using it.


2018 Mercedes A-Class review

BuyaCar has not yet driven the new Mercedes A-Class, so we can’t comment on how the car compares to the competition.

2018 Mercedes A-Class design

Given the previous model’s success, it’s no surprise that Mercedes hasn’t changed too much about the A-Class’ design. The lights are narrower, and the bonnet is slightly more angled to make the car look a bit sportier, but the chances are that if you liked the old model, then you’ll be happy about the new one too.


2018 Mercedes A-Class specifications

With prices starting at more than £25,000, it’s no wonder that even the entry-level Mercedes A-Class has a long list of standard equipment, including those two touchscreens. The cheapest A-Class SE also comes with sat-nav, voice control, 16in alloy wheels, a digital radio, Artico artificial leather upholstery, keyless start, and air conditioning.

The car is also capable of steering itself back into a motorway lane if it starts to drift into the next one without the driver indicating.

Mid-range Sport cars come with brighter LED headlights, 17in alloy wheels and climate control, while the top-of-the-range AMG Line models have even larger 18in alloy wheels, chunkier bumpers to make the car look sportier, and a three-spoke sports steering wheel.


2018 Mercedes A-Class engines

For now, Mercedes is only offering three engines with the A-Class: one diesel and two petrol options. You can only order them with an automatic gearbox at the moment.

A manual gearbox, and other engine options, will go on sale later this year, which should reduce the price of the entry-level Mercedes A-Class.

The diesel engine is fitted to the Mercedes A180 d. It’s the cheapest car and has the most economical engine, with an official fuel economy rating of 68.9mpg, but it’s likely that will be closer to 55mpg in real-world driving. Performance is fairly average, with a 0-62mph acceleration time of 10.5 seconds.

Petrol-powered versions of the A-Class are faster. The A200 takes 8 seconds to accelerate to 62mph, but can also shut down half the engine when full power isn’t needed, which helps to save petrol. Official fuel economy is 51.4mpg but, again, this is expected to be around 40mpg in the real-world.

The most powerful Mercedes A-Class will initially be the A250, with a 0-62mph acceleration time of just 6.2 seconds and a top speed of 155mph. Official fuel economy is 45.6mpg.

In time, there’s likely to be a replacement for the rapid Mercedes-AMG A45 hot hatchback, which should offer sports car performance, with the practicality of the standard A-Class.


2018 Mercedes A-Class dimensions

At 4,419mm long, the new Mercedes A-Class is 12cm longer than the car it replaces. Most of this extra length has gone into expanding the boot, which can now carry 370 litres with the seats up: that’s 29 litres more than the old car and the same size as a Vauxhall Astra.

The interior is slightly larger too, but Mercedes says that extra head, shoulder and elbow room is more noticeable. Those gains have been made with only a tiny increase in the car’s height and width.


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