Used Mercedes A-Class deals

Starting at less than £185 a month: used Mercedes A-Class deals

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Aug 30, 2018

Mercedes’ A-Class is the best-selling of the posh hatchbacks, and is a direct rival for the likes of the Audi A3 and BMW 1 Series.

These cars are aimed at people who like a touch of premium in their sensible hatchback - and the A-Class certainly captures the imagination of buyers. In fact, the old A-Class (made 2012-2018) even managed to be the 10th best-selling car in the UK in 2017.

This means that there are thousands of cars on the second-hand market, great for second hand buyers. These start at £10,295 from BuyaCar, or around £159 a month for a five-year-old car.

A new A-Class was released at the start of 2018, and they've already started selling on the second-hand market. There aren’t huge savings to be made yet, but watch this space.

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Used Mercedes A-Class (2012-2017) deals

Now five years old, the current A-class has just been replaced by an all-new model. Mercedes hasn’t changed the design too much, so the outgoing car still looks relatively fresh and certainly in terms of value for money, more attractive.

Prices start at £10,490 or £159 a month for one of the most popular versions, the diesel-powered A180 d Sport. If you want more power, consider the larger A200 d or A220 d. Before 2015, these engines were badged CDI.

Diesel-powered A-class models are most common but the engines aren't the quietest or smoothest. You may find the A160 (launched in 2015), A180 or A200 petrol models more appealing, if a little less powerful. Prices for these begin at around £11,250, or £188 per month on BuyaCar. Prices for the more powerful A250 begin at £15,950 or £268 a month.

All engines are available in a wide range of trims including basic SE (climate control, a reversing camera and Bluetooth), Sport (sportier styling, larger wheels and sports seats) and AMG Line (a sports body kit and lowered sports suspension). With its smaller wheels and softer suspension, SE is the most comfortable but AMG Line is easily the most popular, if a little uncomfortable on all but the smoothest roads.

A-class options are expensive but quickly lose their value. Mercedes bundles the best into option packs. For example, Executive, available on SE and AMG Line, brings a sat nav, heated front seats and parking assistance. It cost £1000 when new but that price quickly falls to a premium of around £250 on used cars fitted with it.

Used Mercedes A-Class (2018-present) deals

The latest Mercedes A-Class has had a mild redesign on the outside, and is sporting smaller and sharper front headlights with a slimmer side profile. The boot has also significantly improved over the old car, while comfort levels remain high.

However, the biggest changes have been made on the inside. All models get twin 7-inch screens, and more expensive cars harbour massive 10.5-inch touchscreens that work together to create a widescreen effect. Within these touchscreens lurk many pieces of technology that are so swift, they make the A-Class feel like a junior S-Class. The car’s augmented reality (£495 option) sat nav is also state-of-the-art. It uses a live feed from the front camera to display real-time images of what’s in front of you, while overlapping directions on top of these images.

Despite only being on the market for a matter of months, these new models are beginning to surface. But don’t expect any significant savings just yet. Nearly new 180d models are being advertised at around £25,000 - only offering a saving of around £800 from a new car.

Any reductions for now will be in the hundreds of pounds rather than thousands. However, with these nearly new models, you are looking at cars that are in stock and ready to be driven home. With a new car, you’ll inevitably be put on a waiting list.
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Best used Mercedes A-Class deal for fuel economy

Mercedes A180 d SE

Latest Mercedes A180 d SE deals from £10,295
Finance from £176 per month

Easily the most economical A-class, the 1.5-litre A180 d has an official fuel economy figure of 81mpg, although you should only expect around 50mpg in real-world driving. With official carbon dioxide emissions of 89g/km, cars registered before 31 March 2017 currently pay no road tax.

The older A180 CDI is equally as impressive with official figures of 78.5mpg and 92g/km. In comparison, the most economical petrol version is the 1.6 SE DCT at 54.3mpg.


Best used Mercedes A-class deal for value

Mercedes A180 Sport

Latest Mercedes A180 Sport deals from £11,250
Finance from £188 per month

Prices for a petrol-powered A-Class start at under £15,000 and mean that there's no need to worry about future diesel charges. Sport versions are more common than entry-level SE cars and have a sportier design. Versions built after September 2015 also have larger dashboard screens. Underneath the car, comfort suspension keeps the ride smooth; more recent cars have adjustable modes so you can opt for a comfortable or sporty feel.


Best used Mercedes A-Class deal for gadgets

Mercedes A200 d AMG Line Premium Plus

Latest Mercedes A200 d AMG Line deals from £16,490
Finance from £221 per month

AMG Line is the highest-grade trim (there’s one above it called White Art Edition but that’s essentially a late special edition version). It’s most commonly found with A200 d diesel cars and brings gadgets including a 12-button multifunction steering wheel.

The optional Premium pack adds ambient lighting, Garmin Pilot navigation and LED high-performance headlights with adaptive main beam assist. To this Premium Plus adds electrically adjustable front seats, electrically folding door mirrors, keyless-go and a panoramic sunroof.


Best used Mercedes A-Class deals for young drivers

Mercedes A180d SE

Latest Mercedes A180 d SE deals from £10,295
Finance from £176 per month

No Mercedes A-Class is particularly cheap to insure, but the basic diesel car, (earlier versions were badged A180 CDI) gives young drivers the best chance of driving a Mercedes without breaking the bank. It's in insurance group 15 (the lowest is group 1), two groups below the most basic petrol A160 SE launched in 2015, and three groups below the A180 SE petrol that was, prior to that, the most basic petrol A-class. It's also the cheapest A-Class to buy.

Best used Mercedes A-Class deals for families

Mercedes A200d SE

Admittedly, the A-class isn't the roomiest or most practical family hatchback but those reservations aside, for its blend of price, strong performance, good economy (68.9mpg), this version is the best family buy.

It’s worth looking for one with the Executive pack that brings heated seats, Parking Pilot for assisted parking manoeuvres and a Garmin sat nav.


Best used Mercedes A-Class deal for performance

Mercedes-AMG A45 4MATIC 

This version is not only the most extreme A-class you can buy, it’s about the most powerful hot hatchback of its era full stop. It can go from 0-62mph in just 4.2 seconds. All this performance is available from just £24,000 or just over £300 a month, a huge saving on the model’s £48,000 new list price.


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