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Check all the latest deals on new and used Nissan models with PCP finance deals on everything from the Micra to the X-Trail.

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Oct 29, 2019

Nissan's range might not be enormous, but the company sells some of the best-loved cars on the road: from the country's favourite tall family car - the Nissan Qashqai crossover - to the best-selling electric Leaf.

In general, the cars are sturdy, comfortable and efficient, but they also represent excellent value, whether you're looking for a deal on a brand new vehicle, for large discounts on nearly-new cars, or for a low price on a used Nissan.

You'll find the latest deals on some of the most popular Nissans below.


Read on to find out more about the latest offers available on used Nissan models available right now on BuyaCar.

2019 Nissan PCP offers

Nissan Micra offers

Nissan's latest Micra is a realistic alternative to popular small cars such as the Ford Fiesta and VW Polo. It's spacious in the front and back, has a good-sized 300 litre boot, and delivers an all-round mix of comfort and nimbleness.

In other words, it's a world away from the previous-generation Micra, which wasn't up to modern standards of space and comfort

Nissan Micra versions

  • 2017-present The latest Micra (pictured) is a modern small car, offering space, comfort and technology such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto with most models. Buyers' guide
  • 2010-2017 Buyers with the tightest budgets will appreciate the cheap prices of this Micra version - the bouncy and noisy ride less so. Buyers' guide
Nearly new Nissan Micra

BuyaCar prices from £9,595
Monthly finance from £151

Used Nissan Micra

BuyaCar prices from £5,195
Monthly finance from £92

Nissan Leaf offers


As one of the first mainstream electric cars, the Nissan Leaf made battery-powered motoring a realistic prospect and the latest version (pictured above) requires fewer compromises, thanks to a range of around 140 miles - which increases to more than 200 for the new E+ model with a bigger battery.

It promises smooth and silent motoring, whether you opt for the current model, or the previous-generation car, with a range of around 100 miles. Whatever the case, you'll probably need off-street parking to guarantee the ability to charge it up.

Nissan Leaf versions

  • 2018-present More range, a conventional design and a spacious interior: the latest Leaf is a decent family electric car. Buyers' guide
  • 2010-2017 If you rarely travel across the county, the 80-100 mile range of the first Nissan Leaf should be plenty for everyday use. Buyers' guide
Nearly new Nissan Leaf

BuyaCar prices from £18,000
Monthly finance from £255

Used Nissan Leaf

BuyaCar prices from £8,345
Monthly finance from £136

Nissan Juke offers

On sale for nine years now, the Nissan Juke remains as quirky-looking as it did when it launched, which has done its sales figures no harm. A recent wave of new contenders in the small SUV market means that the Juke is showing its age when it comes to interior technology, comfort and space, but there are fewer rivals on the used market, where prices are competitive.

The all-new Nissan Juke, launched in 2019, brings refreshed styling and an updated interior to what has become a very popular car in an increasingly competitive market sector.

Nissan Juke buyers' guide

Nearly new Nissan Juke

BuyaCar prices from £10,490
Monthly finance from £163

Used Nissan Juke

BuyaCar prices from £5,750
Monthly finance from £100

Nissan Qashqai offers

Designed to make life as simple as possible, the Nissan Qashqai offers excellent visibility from its high driving position, a simple and straightforward dashboard layout, light steering and economical engines.

Small boot aside, it's ideal for families, particularly as the current generation is now six years old, making earlier models a bargain.

Nissan Qashqai buyers' guide

Nearly new Nissan Qashqai

BuyaCar prices from £13,198
Monthly finance from £186

Used Nissan Qashqai

BuyaCar prices from £8,190
Monthly finance from £117

Nissan X-Trail offers

A larger version of the Nissan Qashqai, the X-Trail solves problem of that car's small boot. It's available with an optional third row of rear seats too, allowing seven to travel in the car.

Some versions might look rugged, and four-wheel drive is optional, but this is really a car designed for the road that shares most of the Qashqai's positive points. The engines do have to work harder to deal with the extra weight, so don't expect sensational performance.

Nissan X-Trail buyers' guide

Nearly new Nissan X-Trail

BuyaCar prices from £19,990
Monthly finance from £300

Used Nissan X-Trail

BuyaCar prices from £10,098
Monthly finance from £160

Nissan 370Z offers

Last up is the the Nissan 370Z. It is a touch old fashioned - mostly in a good way, thanks to its large V6 engine which doesn't have the turbochargers that are fitted to most similar modern cars. This means that you need to work hard to get the best performance out of the car - with regular gearchanges and plenty of revving - making you feel entirely involved with the process of driving.

It's fast, responsive and fun to drive, but the price is poor fuel economy. The interior of the car betrays its decade-old design.

Nissan 370Z buyers' guide

Nearly new Nissan 370Z
Used Nissan 370Z

BuyaCar prices from £16,490
Monthly finance from £244


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