Best used Nissan Juke deals and finance offers 2020

This bombastic mini-SUV has proven hugely popular; check out the latest Nissan Juke deals with finance offers from less than £115 per month

James Mills
Jan 29, 2020

If you think the Nissan Juke looks wacky now, imagine how it appeared in 2010, when it first hit the road. At the time, it was the first supermini-size car to offer the high-riding attitude of an SUV or crossover, and boy did Nissan’s designers have some fun with it.

It has proved a huge success, selling in big numbers as people were drawn to a compact car with a plenty of personality and that raised driving position. Many drivers switched out of hatchbacks like the Ford Fiesta, Volkswagen Polo and Vauxhall Corsa to get into one. Today, there are plenty of comparable ‘mini SUVs’ that drivers should also consider, including the Ford EcoSport, Honda HR-V, Vauxhall Mokka X and Renault Captur.

There are plenty of competitive deals available on both new and used Nissan Jukes. Remember, this is a car that’s approaching the end of its life and faces more competition than ever, so dealers are having to work hard to sell them. As a result, big discounts are available.

Through BuyaCar, new Nissan Jukes are available with savings of up to £2,800 - a substantial discount on a car that costs less than £20,000. At the same time, the volume of used models means buyers can find plenty of second-hand bargains, too – there are currently 938 for sale on BuyaCar. We’ve rounded up some of the best deals you’ll find.

Nissan Juke at a glance

Aside from its stand-out-of-the-crowd-styling, one of the benefits of choosing a car like the Juke is that you get a relatively high driving position. For some drivers, this makes it more comfortable to sit in and more reassuring to drive, thanks to the improved view of the road.

Four trim levels are currently available; Visia, Acenta, Bose Personal Edition and Tekna. It’s possible to further personalise the Juke (on certain trim levels) by choosing from three exterior trim packs, which finish parts of the wing mirrors, wheels, bumpers and side sills in either orange, blue or black. The same three finishes can be applied to the cabin.

However, anyone wanting to use a Juke as a family car should carefully compare its cabin space with rival models. The back seat and 354-litre boot are far from generous, and fitting a pair of high-backed child seats will be a tight squeeze. Also, because the roof slopes down at the back and the rear doors have small windows, it tends to exaggerate the feeling that it’s cramped in the back seat.

The engine choice is simple, with a 1.2-litre petrol, 1.6-litre petrols and a 1.5-litre diesel, with all driving the front wheels. (If you want four-wheel drive in a new model, you’ll have to shop elsewhere, though all-wheel drive used models are available). The petrol versions are offered with the option of an automatic gearbox.

The Juke feels its age on the road. The ride comfort, levels of noise on the move and road holding are far from class-leading compared with brand new rivals, but at least the car is effortless to drive. You’ll rely heavily on parking sensors, though, as it is difficult to judge the ends of the car because of the shape of the body.

Used Nissan Juke PCP offers

Nissan Juke Visia offers

With the entry-level Visia version, there is a choice of two engines, both with a manual gearbox. The petrol is a 1.6-litre, four-cylinder unit but it isn’t turbocharged, which means that you have to work it quite hard to get the Juke shifting along in the outside lane of a motorway.

In contrast, the 1.5-litre diesel engine develops more oomph low in the rev range which makes it more relaxing to drive, as more muscle is available more of the time.

Visia trim comes with remote central locking and an engine immobiliser, anti-lock brakes and stability control, six airbags (the front passenger airbag can be deactivated, such as when attaching a child seat), two Isofix mounting points in the back for child seats, an old-fashioned AM/FM radio and CD player with MP3 input, alloy wheels and manually operated air-conditioning.

There are also electric windows all-round, tilt adjustment for the steering column and height adjustment for the driver’s seat, plus a system that monitors the air pressure of the tyres.

nissan juke
Used Nissan Juke Visia

Buyacar prices from £5,995
Monthly finance from £120

Nissan Juke Acenta offers

By moving up one trim level, to Acenta, you have the possibility of ordering an automatic gearbox with the 1.6-litre, petrol-powered Nissan Juke.

However, it isn’t a conventional automatic; the Xtronic unit is a 'continuously variable transmission' (CVT) that can be something of an acquired taste to drive as it doesn't feature physical gears, but instead varies the length of its one gear when accelerating, holding the engine at set speeds. The good thing about a CVT is it’s fuel efficient, slightly better even than the manual gearbox, and Nissan has tried hard to improve the way Xtronic behaves, by introducing artificial ‘gearchanges’ to it to make it feel more familiar.

Compared with Visia, Acenta trim also brings more standard equipment. It adds Bluetooth connectivity for your phone, a USB port and an uprated audio system. The back windows are tinted, and the driver gets a leather steering wheel with controls for the audio system. Other features include cruise control and a climate control system.

nissan juke
Nearly new Nissan Juke Acenta

Buyacar prices from £17,032
Monthly finance from £256

nissan juke
Used Nissan Juke Acenta

Buyacar prices from £5,995
Monthly finance from £119

Nissan Juke Bose Personal Edition offers

As the name suggests, upgrading to the Bose Personal Edition gets you an upgraded audio system from Bose that is great for a spot of car karaoke.

There are other good reasons to consider the Bose version of the Juke, though. It also brings a 5.8-inch touchscreen media system, which is on the small side these days but it’s better than nothing. That controls the navigation and audio systems.

In addition, the Bose version comes with a reversing camera, electric heated and folding wing mirrors, automatic lights and rain-sensing wipers, a keyless ignition system and sports seats. Nissan also throws in a personalisation pack for both the exterior and interior, allowing you to choose from one of three coloured finishes for parts of the car.

Nearly new Nissan Juke Bose Personal Edition
nissan juke
Used Nissan Juke Bose Personal Edition

Buyacar prices from £9,987
Monthly finance from £156

Nissan Juke Tekna offers

The flagship trim level for the Juke range introduces a host of gadgets and gizmos that are aimed at keeping you safe on the road. It calls these Safety Shield Technologies. That means you get cameras on all sides of the car, which provide a 360-degree view that makes parking easier. There is also a lane-departure warning system, a blind-spot warning system and, finally, another feature that can detect anything approaching the back of the car as you reverse – handy when backing out of a parking space.

In addition, there's upgraded 17-inch wheels, the seats are trimmed in leather and the front chairs are heated.

nissan juke
Nearly new Nissan Juke Tekna

Buyacar prices from £18,990
Monthly finance from £302

nissan juke
Used Nissan Juke Tekna

Buyacar prices from £7,399
Monthly finance from £135


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