Renault Megane dimensions

See how the Renault Megane measures up with length, width, boot and interior dimensions

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Jun 30, 2018

The latest Renault Megane is a vast improvement over the previous model, with a more modern design and better technology. It's longer, wider and larger inside too. So if you're thinking of upgrading from the previous model, or wondering if it's worth a closer look, you cab check its vital statistics below, where you'll find dimensions, boot size and towing information.

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Renault Megane dimensions: exterior

The Renault Megane isn’t enormously wider than most of its family car rivals such as the VW Golf and Ford Focus but every centimetre counts when you’re trying to slot into a narrow parking space, or negotiate a tight turn off a multi-storey car park ramp. At 2058mm, including the side mirrors, the Megane is almost 4cm wider than the average family car, which will mean that you have to pay a bit more attention in tight situations.

The rest of the Renault is standard size for a modern family car, with a good size 2.7m-long wheelbase. Normally, the bigger this measurement between the front and rear wheels of the car, the more interior space you’ll have.

Renault Megane dimensions: exterior

Compared to similar cars




Width without mirrors



Width with mirrors


Wider than average









Renault Megane boot space

The amount of boot space in the Megane doesn’t stand out, but it’s an average-size boot for a reason: most families will find that there’s enough capacity to handle all of the equipment that they can throw in it. 

Renault Megane boot space

Comparison to rivals

Boot space with seats up

384 litres


Boot space with seats down

1247 litres




Renault Megane dimensions: interior

The Renault Megane feels spacious inside, but the curving roof reduces headroom for passengers in the back, making it more likely that taller occupants will brush their head on the roof lining. 

Renault Megane dimensions: interior

Compared to similar cars

Front headroom


Smaller than average

Rear headroom


Smaller than average



Renault Megane towing capacity

Should you want to use your Renault Megane for towing, its weight limits are fairly standard for a family car, with enough allowance to pull a small trailer or caravan. 

Renault Megane towing capacity (smallest to largest)

Maximum towing capacity: braked

1300 - 1600kg

Maximum towing capacity: unbraked

640 - 730kg



Renault Megane weight

Manufacturers have been focused on cutting weight, which helps improve fuel economy, this makes the latest Megane look a little porky. While the lightest Peugeot 308 weighs 1075kg, the Megane starts at 1340kg. That extra weight affects fuel economy, and makes the car feel less agile when cornering. 

Renault Megane weight (lightest to heaviest)


1340 - 1448kg


Renault Megane fuel tank

The 47-litre fuel tank in the Megane is big enough for diesel-powered cars to travel the 534 miles from Cornwall to Edinburgh without having to fill up. The tank is the same size for all models, but even those that use most fuel should manage 400 miles before needing to refuel. 

Renault Megane fuel tank capacity

Petrol fuel tank

47 litres

Diesel fuel tank

47 litres



Renault Megane turning circle

The Megane needs an area that’s 11.2 metres wide to turn in the opposite direction in a single move. On most roads, you’ll still have to carry out a three-point turn.

Renault Megane turning circle

Compared to similar cars

Turning circle




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