Seat Leon dimensions

Check length, width, height, boot size and internal measurements in a round-up of the Seat Leon's dimensions

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Jun 30, 2018

The Seat Leon uses the mechanical parts from the VW Golf (Seat is part of the Volkswagen Group) but there's no price premium for having a VW badge on the grille, so it's a cheaper option - and a great choice of family car. Just like the Golf, it's a bit shorter than the average family car, but reasonably spacious inside. You can see full details of its dimensions, boot size and towing limits of the five-door hatchback below.

If you're looking at a three-door Leon, called SC, or the estate version called ST, then bear in mind that these cars have different dimensions. There’s more detail on the car in the Seat Leon buying guide.

Seat Leon dimensions: exterior

With similar dimensions to the VW Golf, the Leon is shorter than most family cars by about 8cm - which could work to your advantage and make the difference between squeezing into a tight parallel parking bay or looking for somewhere else to stop.

Small side mirrors also make the Leon narrower than average. Most family cars are a little over two metres wide; the Seat is 2.5cm less. It may not sound much on paper, but all helps when negotiating tricky car parks and crowded streets.

Seat Leon dimensions: exterior

Compared to similar cars


(FR & Cupra: 4271mm)

Shorter than average

Width without mirrors



Width with mirrors


Narrower than average


(FR: 1444mm, Cupra: 1434mm)



(FR & Cupra: 2631mm)




Seat Leon boot space

The size of the Leon’s boot is standard for a family car: 380 litres is plenty for most types of day-to-day use. It is a bit less usable than many rival cars, though, because the boot floor isn’t level with the bottom of the opening. This prevents you from sliding heavy items in. Instead, you have to lift them over the large lip before dropping them into the boot. The rear seats can be lowered to boost luggage capacity, but they don’t fold flat, so you can’t slide items through even when you have got them into the boot.

Seat Leon boot space

Comparison to rivals

Boot space with seats up

380 litres


Boot space with seats down

1210 litres




Seat Leon towing capacity

There are dozens of cars better suited to towing than the Seat Leon, but if needs must, it has the capability of towing a trailer or small caravan - particularly if you opt for the heavier diesel models.

Seat Leon towing capacity (smallest to largest)

Towing capacity: braked

1000 - 1600kg

Towing capacity: unbraked

600 - 690kg



Seat Leon weight

Modern family cars typically weigh over a tonne because scoring well in crash tests requires hefty materials and equipment. Starting at just over 1.2 tonnes, the Leon's weight range is standard for its class,

The kerbweight includes the weight of a driver, fuel and luggage to give an indication of how heavy the car will be on the road.

Seat Leon weight (lightest to heaviest)


1213 - 1421kg



Seat Leon fuel tank

Most Leons have an official fuel economy figure of over 50mpg - the diesels considerably more. Even allowing for 10mpg less in real-world driving, this means that the fuel tank will give you a range of at least 450 miles between fill-ups. 

Seat Leon fuel tank capacity

Petrol fuel tank

50 litres

Diesel fuel tank

50 litres



Seat Leon turning circle

The Leon can carry out a u-turn without reversing with just 10.1m of space, which is exceptionally small for a family car: the average is almost a metre more. This helps make the Leon especially manouevrable, which will help you drive out of tight parking spaces, and around narrow car parks more easily.

Seat Leon turning circle

Compared to similar cars

Turning circle

10.1m (Cupra: 10.5m)

Less than average


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