Skoda Fabia dimensions

Full details of vital statistics including length, width, height and boot space for the Skoda Fabia

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Sep 30, 2018

From behind the wheel, the Skoda Fabia feels a bit like the previous-generation Volkswagen Polo that was replaced at the beginning of 2018. And that’s because it is. The small car shares its mechanical parts with the Polo and scores consistently high reliability and satisfaction ratings from owners.

The two cars aren’t identical, though - the Fabia's cheaper for a start. You can read more in the Skoda Fabia buying guide, or scroll down for details about the car’s dimensions, boot capacity and ability to manoeuvre.

Skoda Fabia dimensions: exterior

Above average for owner satisfaction it may be but the Fabia is distinctly average when it comes to its exterior dimensions. That’ll be good news if you have an small driveway with restricted space to open and close car doors.

The Fabia’s wheelbase, the length between the front and rear wheels, is only average, too. This measure is relevant because it usually reflects the size of the available passenger space.

Skoda Fabia dimensions: exterior

Compared with similar cars




Width without mirrors



Width with mirrors








Less than average


Skoda Fabia boot space

Again, the Fabia records an average across both measures (seats up and seats down) here.

It doesn’t tell the whole story, though: when it comes to practicality, the Fabia is above average thanks to standard split-fold rear seats that mean you can increase luggage space and still have up to to two rear seats for passengers. It also has a square-shaped boot that can accommodate bulky loads and a small boot lip, so you can slide luggage in. It’s only let down by the back seats that don’t fold flush with the floor but instead leave an awkward step.

Skoda Fabia boot space

Compared with similar cars

Boot space with seats up

305 litres


Boot space with seats down

1125 litres



Skoda Fabia dimensions: interior

Despite its average wheelbase, the Fabia has almost as much interior space as a Ford Focus, which is impressive for a supermini. There’s plenty of headroom in the front and rear of the car, while two six-foot adults will be perfectly comfortable on the back seat, even sitting behind a six-foot driver. It’s no limousine back there but there’s sufficient head and shoulder room and enough space to relax the legs. What’s more, wide-opening doors mean it’s easy to access.

Skoda Fabia dimensions: interior

Compared with similar cars

Front headroom

1021 mm

Rear headroom

963 mm


Skoda Fabia towing capacity

The Fabia’s towing limits are par for this class. The 800kg limit for a trailer or caravan with brakes applies to 1.0-litre models and the higher, 1100kg limit, to the heavier and more powerful 1.2 petrols and 1.4 diesels.

Skoda Fabia towing capacity (smallest to largest)

Towing capacity: braked

800 - 1100kg

Towing capacity: unbraked

520 - 590kg


Skoda Fabia weight

The Fabia is an impressively lightweight car. At its lightest, its 980kg kerbweight (which includes the driver, fuel and some luggage) is not far off superminis of the 1990s which didn't have half the Fabia’s safety equipment and technology. Weight is a major contributor to a vehicle’s economy, emissions and performance so it’s no surprise the Fabia impresses in these areas.

Skoda Fabia weight (lightest to heaviest)


980 - 1111kg


Skoda Fabia fuel tank

The Fabia’s 45-litre fuel tank means the 1.4 TDI model can travel more than 600 miles between fill-ups. The most frugal petrols, the 1.0 MPI 60PS and 1.2 TSI 90PS, can travel around 500 miles – and cost less to fill up.

Skoda Fabia fuel tank capacity

Petrol fuel tank

45 litres

Diesel fuel tank

45 litres


Skoda Fabia turning circle

The Fabia only needs a 9.8m-wide space to turn round in a single move. This tight turning circle is extremely small - even for a supermini, making the Skoda ideal for those quick changes of mind in town centres and full-lock turns out of cramped parking spaces.

Skoda Fabia turning circle

Compared with similar cars

Turning circle


Smaller than average

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