Skoda Octavia dimensions

Full details of Skoda Octavia dimensions, including length, width, internal measurements and its giant boot

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Jun 30, 2018

The Skoda Octavia is one of the most spacious family cars on the market, which is great if you've got lots of tall passenegrs or luggage, but does mean that it's a little longer than most alternative vehicles. If you’re wondering whether you can fit it into your garage or if there’s enough space to replace your estate car, then read on.

We rate the Octavia as the best all-round family car you can buy. You can see the excellent alternatives in our guide to the best family cars.

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Skoda Octavia dimensions: exterior

It’s an enormous 40cm (16in) longer than a VW Golf or Mini Clubman, so the Skoda Octavia is not going to be the car of choice if you’re squeezed for space. That said, the car is no wider or higher than the average family car.

The high-performance Skoda Octavia vRS has lower suspension than the rest of the range, which reduces the height, but the sportier bumpers on the car make it even longer.

Skoda Octavia dimensions: exterior

Compared to similar cars


4659mm (vRS: 4685mm)

Longer than average

Width without mirrors







1461mm (vRS: 1449mm)



2686mm (vRS: 2680mm)




Skoda Octavia boot space

Cavernous is the word to use when it comes to the Skoda Octavia’s 580 litre boot. It’s not far off twice the size of the Ford Focus, and 200 litres larger than most other cars in its class. It shouldn’t come as a surprise because the boot sticks out at the back - unlike most family hatchbacks, which are more compact with a near-vertical back.

Fold down the seats in the Octavia and the story is the same: 1,580 litres of space is comfortably the largest in its class.

Skoda Octavia boot space

Compared to similar cars

Boot space with seats up

590 litres

Larger than average

Boot space with seats down

1580 litres

Larger than average



Skoda Octavia dimensions: interior

There’s plenty of space in the front of the Octavia, but it really shines in the back, where there’s more headroom than most of its rivals, so taller passengers won’t be rubbing the top of their heads against the roof. Legroom is good in the back too.

Skoda Octavia dimensions: interior

Compared to similar cars

Front headroom

983mm (vRS: 1031mm)


Rear headroom


More than average



Skoda Octavia towing capacity

On paper, the heaviest Octavias might have the capacity to tow a family-size caravan, but you would be stretching the car to its limit. A larger, heavier car would be more stable.

Skoda Octavia towing capacity (smallest to largest)

Maximum towing capacity: braked

1300 - 1800kg

Maximum towing capacity: unbraked

610 - 750kg



Skoda Octavia weight

A car’s kerbweight gives an indication of how heavy it will be when you’re driving it, because it includes extra weight to take account of the driver, luggage and fuel. Despite its extra length, the Octavia is no heavier than most other family cars.

Skoda Octavia weight (lightest to heaviest)


1150 - 1475kg



Skoda Octavia fuel tank capacity

Combined with the most efficient diesel engines, the Octavia’s 50-litre fuel tank should take you 700 miles between fill-ups. That drops to around 400 miles for the most powerful petrol cars.

Skoda Octavia fuel tank capacity

Petrol fuel tank

50 litres

Diesel fuel tank

50 litres (55l in 4x4 model)



Skoda Octavia turning circle

It might be one of the longest family cars on the market, but it needs less space to turn around than most of its rivals, which will help you manoeuvre in car parks and turn back on yourself in narrow streets.

Skoda Octavia turning circle

Compared to similar cars

Turning circle


Smaller than average


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