Cheapest Euro 6 diesel van deals

Better for the environment, and for your wallet. These are the cheapest Euro 6 diesel van deals

Murray Scullion
Mar 26, 2019

If you need a van and you're on a tight budget, your cheapest option might be to steer clear of older vehicles and opt for a nearly new model.

Despite the higher purchase or finance cost, the decision could save you £3,000 or more each year, as cities prepare to set up low emissions zones that will impose hefty charges on older and more polluting vehicles.

This month welcomes new rules that sees most vans that are over two years old subject to a £12.50 daily charge to drive in central London, as the capital's ultra-low emissions zone begins operating. It will expand across most of the city in 2021.

Birmingham is also planning to begin a clean air zone covering most of the city, which will involve similar charges, and several other towns and cities are expected to do the same. 

Only diesel vans that meet the latest emissions standards, known as Euro 6, will be exempt from the charges and free to drive through the zones. Rules are less strict for petrol vehicles, so petrol vans registered since 2006 should avoid the charges. Electric vans are free to enter the zones too.

What is Euro 6 for vans?

Euro 6 standards set limits for toxic exhaust compounds that are harmful to health. Every new van sold since September 2016 has had to comply with the regulations, and most earlier models don't (they only meet Euro 5 standards), which means that there's only a limited choice of used Euro 6 diesel vans.

Some industry experts expect that increased demand for Euro 6 vans will cause prices to rise - although not everyone agrees with that prediction.

If you're travelling into a low emission zone regularly, then a van that's exempt from charges may well be a necessity. Fortunately, there are some models that won't break the bank. We've listed the cheapest below.


Cheapest Euro 6 van deals

 Ford Fiesta van

Best cheap Euro 6 van for fitting in tight spaces

Euro 6 diesel Ford Fiesta Van deals from £6,495
Finance from £161 per month

If you don’t regularly haul huge loads, a car-based van might just do you. These types of vans are as easy to park, are great for nipping in and out of traffic, and are generally more economical than larger vans.

The Ford Fiesta is the best of this bunch, and is much the same as the excellent Ford Fiesta supermini, albeit with the rear seats ripped out.

There’s an all-new Fiesta van based on the new Fiesta out later this year. This means that old Fiesta vans are getting cheap, and will only become cheaper once the new van hits the showrooms.

Loadspace 1,000 litres Payload 500kg Fuel economy 76.4mpg


Fiat Doblo

Best cheap Euro 6 van for adaptability

Euro 6 diesel Fiat Doblo deals from £6,995
Finance from £173 per month

The Fiat Doblo is almost mechanically identical to the Vauxhall Combo found further down this list. However, the Fiat does have adaptability on its side.

There are two choices of body lengths and two choices of roof height. This results in four versions. The Cargo Van (standard length and height), the Cargo Max (longer), the Cargo High Roof (taller), and the Cargo XL, which combines the longest height and length.

Four trim levels are also on offer, and there are four engines too - one petrol and three diesels.

Loadspace 3,400 litres Payload 750kg Fuel economy 58.9mpg


Renault Kangoo

Best cheap Euro 6 van for bargain hunters

Euro 6 diesel Renault Kangoo deals from £8,161
Finance from £198 per month

The no-frills Kangoo was updated in 2016 to meet Euro 6 emissions standards, and there are two body styles to choose from; standard and Maxi.

There are three diesel engines on offer; the 75, the 90, and the 110. Each number denotes the BHP figure of each engine. The 75 is not available with the Maxi model, presumably because it would be epically slow.

It’s massively popular with fleet buyers, and its ubiquity ensures there a plenty of example on the used market to hoover up.

And if you’re really keen on reducing your carbon footprint, it’s also available as an electric van called the Z.E. This has a real-world range of around 75 miles, certainly enough for delivery drivers in cities.

Loadspace 3,000 litres Payload 650kg Fuel economy 61.4mpg


 Citroen Berlingo

Best cheap Euro 6 van for clever interiors

Euro 6 diesel Citroen Berlingo deals from £7,995
Finance from £184 per month

An all-new Berlingo has just hit the showrooms, which means the old one (pictured) is a bit of a bargain at the moment.

Although it is feeling a bit dated, models from 2016 onwards are Euro 6 compliant, and are definitely worthy of your consideration.

The Berlingo has a clever interior, which is most welcome if you spend the majority of your working day in one. It also has a service interval of every 20,000 miles - a gargantuan mileage, minimising the down-time of a business.

Loadspace 3,300 litres Payload 636kg Fuel economy 68.9mpg


 Vauxhall Combo

Best cheap Euro 6 van for all-round ability

Euro 6 diesel Vauxhall Combo deals from £8,161
Finance from £175 per month

There’s an all-new Combo out which is mechanically identical to the all-new Citroen Berlingo out at the moment too. But while the new vans are nigh-on-the-same, the older versions, are not. It's the previous generaton Combo we're talking about here.

Engine options include a 1.4-litre petrol, a 1.3-litre diesel, and a 1.6-litre diesel. There is also a 2.0-litre diesel engine available on the used market, but this is not Euro 6 compliant.

Sportive spec is the trim to go for, as it gets air conditioning, an overhead shelf, load floor covering, and a soundproofed bulkhead.

Loadspace 3,400 Payload 750kg Fuel economy 56.5mpg


Renault Trafic

Best cheap Euro 6 van for size

Euro 6 diesel Renault Trafic deals from £13,161
Finance from £299 per month

If you think the Trafic looks surprisingly similar to some other vans, then you’ll find it easy to understand that it actually shares mechanical bits and body panels with the Vauxhall Vivaro, Nissan NV300, and Fiat Talento.

The good news is that it is cheaper than the others by and large on the used market, while it comes is a variety of shapes and sizes, all of which have plenty of space in the rear for equipment.

Business trim level is the pick - you get a fold down middle passenger seat, perfect for whipping out your laptop and using it as a mobile office.

Loadspace up to 8,600 litre Payload up to 1,459 litres Fuel economy up to 47.2mpg


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